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Can we have one of these again? I'll start with a small dump.
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>calling this simplistic minimalist bullshit art
no wonder today's art is such cancer
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Proud to be Pueblo Edition

Last thread: >>12113484

Answers to these questions and more in our handy pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hTiigudJ

Remember to ask questions for the FAQ!
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The fuck, whyd prev thread get archived so quick?
new to patches. do you guys buy individual custom patches from anywhere in particular? i want one for my backpack

would cop
Not anywhere in particular. You gotta hunt a little for gems or ones you like. I suggest going on IG and checking out PatchGame and other patch accounts for a catalog.

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Help what are these called
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Closest thing I could find is Jordan 2 infrared

This belongs in a fuccboi general

Is it worth getting earlobe piercings if I have attached earlobes? I feel like they'll be barely visible from the front
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/fa/ is just gonna tell you pierced ears are horrible

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millenial silhouette.jpg
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what -core is this?
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post malone
Art school slut core.

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All you fags do is talk about cloths all day yet you still all look fucking boring whenever you post one of your epik rate my style or does this look good breads.

You are ment to be social rejects who have less social autism then most normies and should not be scared to wear something avanguard.

Do any of you faggots not dress so fucking dull prove me wrong.

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Talk shit post fit
Right. These losers talk about how they spend thousands on outfits and then on WAYWT threads they look like they get their shit second hand from the thrift shop. Hive mind styles and the emperor's new pajamas. Have sex.
Rick Owens is watching you

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>never seen a single piece of clothing i liked
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don't know that feel
It just all feels the same and looks the same if that makes any sense, nothing looks good or bad. Its like just looking at any piece of clothing im indifferent, it doesnt invoke any reaction. probably why i dress in a way that others think is bad.

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What are your thoughts on these?

I think the heel may be too large
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for the price, they look alright. I wouldn't buy them, though.
The souls and heel look overall bad and the leather looks like pretty bad quality (if it even is leather)
Shoes on eBay. You're crazy.

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sick cap bro where to cop B

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w2c this hoodie
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yeezy season 1 i believe. looks like the one he wore at the first show.

if i remember correctly the nigger store
gildan have similar fit

jeffrey dahmer was one of the most effay men to ever walk this earth
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... dude he killed boys. Don't forget who we're talking about here.

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What are these?
>inb4 shoes
>inb4 Jordan's
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How about you use google you dumb fuck when you have this much info already
I already tried reverse image search you dingus.
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jordan eclipse dumbfuck.jpg
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"We tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!"

bruh just google the characteristics of the shoe, 2 seconds on google with "jordans 2016 mesh" and I found the eclipses

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Post shitty shoes
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someone already did

What goes well with polos in terms of footwear and shorts?
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rolex sub, boat shoes, daddy's a lawyer, golf clubs and white privilege
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What shorts would go with these?
polo is owned by nestle

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Is this too small
How do I tell if it's too small. I have autism and usually wear hoodies
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looks fine
When I sit down it goes above my belt. Is that normal?
its fine. but for comfy reasons you should take a number larger even when fa is literally shaking then

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