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What are some good looking rings for men, also good places to get them?
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bumping cuz interested

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any crewnecks like this?
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I think Cav Empt sell some similar ones
try Cav Empt
i know its a cav empt, i just like the fade thing

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Why do cumskins steal black fashion?
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why do blackskins steal?
The blacks that steal are dumb and poor, so that's just how they make money. Elite cumskin fashion designers don't have that same excuse.
that's just how elite fashion designers make money

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I know how you do, /fa/..

But I swear to god if you guys start wearing these
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Its clearly for a fucking sport you dumb cunt or a art piece that isn't supposed to be worn as leisure
Africa has Bionicles?
It's an art piece from that dude who makes sneakers into masks and shit. They're kinda cool but yeah not really for wearing I don't think. Some of them are gas masks for smoking in though iirc

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Quit acting like you guys know fashion. You'll never dress or look at superior as us.
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File: IMG_1812.jpg (128KB, 735x735px)Image search: [Google]
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>trying to make gtb look bad
kys loser
w2c spongebob cap?
i got one from seaworld in aus years and years ago if that helps you

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wtf why can't nike make sneakers like these
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they do
When was the turning point for adidas > nike?

I think it was right after huaraches and when kanye joined shit changed (a lot of collabs with everyone)
So that's how that sock thing looks

File: steve-buscemi-450x600.jpg (15KB, 300x409px)Image search: [Google]
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I literally look like Steve Buschemi

Do I have any hope left?
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There is a point on the ugly scale when it becomes okay again.

what should I do.?
get as thin as possible, ugly becomes interesting when your face is gaunt.

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Palladiums are objectively the best shoes, without question. Low price, sturdy enough to hike in, and can be worn with everything.
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>sturdy enough to hike in
Maybe if you stay on the trails, turbofag.
sadly, they look awful
like the gay twinky brother of an actual boot

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Fashion doesn't only extend to clothing. What are some /fa/ tools?
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Snapon and Milwaukee
Those screwdrivers look like they would be absolute shit to use. Wood grips fuck your hands up beyond belief and they get trashed very easily from chemical and oil exposure

Me and the squad. How fay are we?
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what the fuck did you do to tyrones legs
ybh the only issue with this is that the world isn't ready for flared pants quite yet. Everything else works though.
black guy is my uncle believe it or not, he was gay and did a lot of modeling for Jet and other mags also commercials in the 60s-70s

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I love how comfortable joggers and will probably be sad if everyone hates on them. I wont stop wearing them though.

I'll be just like that old person that still wears bell bottom jeans, but with joggers.
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Joggers can be fashionable yes, but not in your pic
i fell for the meme and bought some shitty ones from jcpenney

feels bad man

I'd say get some higher quality joggers, because everything from companies like Macys, JCP, American Eagle etc. are all just garbage produced so they can jump on that joggers money when they boomed in popularity for a bit.

However I dont have enough responses to justify telling you to because they could be shit in general.

I've lost a lot of weight, it's time to refresh all my underwear with new ones
What should I buy?

I always used to wear boxers, but they're not that effay are they?
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briefs always for me
unless you already wear loose pants
Tried thongs recently
They're a lot more comfortable than I thought they'd be, and more practical for warm weather
I prefer briefs. They support you just right and show off dat ass.

File: _8463349.jpg (343KB, 1100x1687px)Image search: [Google]
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So what are some not shit non sperg bags out there. something i can fit a camera and film and some clothes, cigs etc.

Pic kinda related but not something that takes an age to open
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>but not something that takes an age to open
just get something with a zipper, leave those old school bags to high-school show-offs
just grabbed the photo of google.

That bag is good, found the black version of it probably gunna cop
been using it for about a year. quality is decent, no problems for now

File: 20170117_151213.jpg (696KB, 1159x1074px)Image search: [Google]
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Yo am I balding or do I just have a 5 head?
I'm 20
Please be honest
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yep you're fucked
What to do now?
I don't want too spend too much money (monthly rogaine or fin)
Are there any home remedies or shit?
>Are there any home remedies or shit?

just shave your head when it gets noticeably bad

File: waywt.jpg (125KB, 800x298px)Image search: [Google]
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Last one's 3 days old and approaching trehunnid

>if you wearing a wool u get one free sheep pic from yours truly(me).
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to start off, one of my more /comfy/ fits featuring a beautiful pair of Italian merino wool pants which i may or may not need a belt for. looking forward to seeing more wool pants from you guys
File: IMG_20170116_211708_01.jpg (165KB, 768x1230px)Image search: [Google]
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Yay or nay?

I'm not sure if the colours are good.
>v neck
colors are fine

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