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would you?
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tfw it's the only colorway on sale. Just close the tab, do a 360, and walk away.
yes, I like it
>adidas neo

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ITT: Fashion rules that should never be broken
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>not tucking in your shirt
who the fuck wears a t-shir at crotch level?
this thread already sucks
What are some rules for socks

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raw fa.png
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What are you favorite brands?
How are they wearing in?
Where do you buy your raw denim at?

[spoiler]You DO wear Raw Denim right?[/spoiler]
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Most /fa/gs are way too poor to afford Momotaro.
Myself included.

I have been digging Naked and Famous.
Fantastic quality for the price...
They are doing an official Street Fighter 2 collaboration with Capcom soon.
Have had a couple of pairs so far, most notable being higher-end Lee 101s (very nice, but I've fucked them up), Unbranded tight fits (their best fit, but unfortunately had a bit of elastan) and now I'm waiting for autumn to wear my Edwin (the ones from a bit higher ranger). Very nice pair of jeans, can't say I'm unsatisfied, I have worn them for quite some time and they are hard to break in, but I like it.
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pu gang.png
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My Ironhearts will get here on tuesday and I'm currently wearing some Strike Gold SG009's on the daily.
I started with some APC New Standards and then copped some Nudie Regular Alfs. I got soem Petit Standards and then some 3Sixteen SL100x's. My SL's were my daily drivers through high school. SUCH great jeans!

My city had a few brick and mortars to try jeans, but since they closed, I've been ordering from selfedge. Kiya is a straight ass dude. Always quick to email back whenever you size down too much and need to send them back and shit. 10 bucks shipping to get the different size, but when you're already above 300, what the fuck is 10 dollars anyway?

Anyone remember Levi's imprint? I used their 514 denim to patch my knees of my 511s when I blew those sluts out.

I'll post some shitty pics when the sun's out.

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Lmao adidas is such a goddamn motherfuckin meme
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everything is a meme m8

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whats a /fa/ wallet
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Slp or margiela.

Just a classic leather one, no point in going over the top cause you'll get sick of it after a while. They're supposed to last you a while
one with hella funds

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what is this style call
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Yarn hair
twisties white boy
what has gone so terribly wrong in the black community

theyre really reaching new levels of embarassment

i pity the black rave

Why are college asians so effay?
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i actually don't know
Literally 90 percent of every Asian I've seen at my school dresses like some variation of that.
>bulls jersey
>yankees hat

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Are these actually worth the retail price? Can get them for £300. Normally just wear vans/converses. I know I will be able to pair them with a lot but I just don't know if I can justify that price.
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cuck shoes
Wait for a sale on them. You get what you pay for with these shoes. Ive used them as beaters and theyve held up for a really really long time and why not spend more money on a nice pair of shoes that will complement many fits

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What kind of music is cool enough for /fa/?
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Bodak Yellow on repeat for at least 10 hours straight a day.
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File: XXXTentacion-17-Album-Cover.jpg (132KB, 630x630px)Image search: [Google]
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One of theses...

Judge and be judged.
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jake vision board v2.jpg
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i like this
posting mine with the "new" template

Post 'em
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File: 1492993814791.jpg (54KB, 940x660px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT :10/10 sneakers
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ayy just copped these barely worn at half retail

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Title says all. The hoodie is made and sold in Korea and I can't seem to get one shipped to me. Any suggestions for similar ones? Specifically the color arrangement with the white block in the middle of the sleeve.
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This is just derivative of Adidas' NMD line
Which is trash, in my opinion
>Adidas' NMD
What do you mean?
They made shoes with that custom taped seams, fuccbois think it's super cool, shit is really hyped, now other brands are doing the same thing

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I'm sewing a zoot suit (Vogue 2367) for Halloween and it recommends Gabardine, Wool Crepe, or Wool Flannel. I need to order the fabrics online (nowhere has orange with green stripes) and need to know the least shitty replacement fabric from this list or another website. Also less than 2 months of prep left whatre youre plans for 'ween?
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anon just buy one from a costume store. You're never gonna wear it again so why invest so much money and time
OP where do you live? Where I am, Halloween is still generally warm, not yet Winter cold.

If you were to wear and old style zoot suit it might get pretty hot (especially if you're drinking/drugs). Maybe choose a fabric you'd like to wear more.

I'd recommend Jersey; but if you really need a wool substitute go for a cotton twill (again, lightweight would be better, trust)
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cuz its gotta be orange with green stripes

so, ignoring this fool's haircut (not effay, i know i know) - can anyone identify his denim jacket?
OR, ignoring the price, any suggestions on a denim jacket like it? Looking for a high quality black one.
To me, it looks like givenchy becuase of the gold buttons, but i'm not sure.
thx goys
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forgot to include video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH5ROxbKig4
i think his hair looks dope OP
me too lol

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