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If I grow out my hair I look like a geico caveman, if I grow out my beard I look like a terrorist, if I grow out neither I look like an evil gypsy rapist (because of my eyebrows/eyes), which is the most aesthetically pleasing of the three
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Keep eyebrows and beard, shave head.
>the numale look
Yeah, no thanks.
Go for terrorist look. Osama was pretty effay back in the 60's anyways.

Are me and my boys effay?
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faculty fucker core
The guy in the blue windbreaker has a tough fit id say, other than that looks like a bunch of teachers at a high school
If my boy in blue cuffed his pants, he'd be looking fly

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What's a good pair of frames that won't make me look like an art hoe?
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get some warby parkers and call it a day
That means nothing.
Warby Parker is a brand, not a style. WP has so many frames that are SJW as fuck to frames that are classic and clean and some that are retro.
You gotta be more specific than just say get some WPs.

Militarism, """fascism""", """nazism""" (no LARPing please), neo-militaristic techwear, Dylan Roof etc.

AKA how to scare your mom general.
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Other one nearing 300

Maison Margiela
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Cop, but depends on the price.
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>$1000 boots that look like K-Mart shit

How do I into labcoat core?
I need help
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look at margiela staff
Go to med school. I highly recommend it
way ahead of you

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bump again
faggot ass good for nothing board
bro it hasnt even been an hour lmao. you bumped your thread twice in less than 20 minutes. We have a W2C thread. Go back to wherever you came

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Why does my hair overreact to wind?
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Use more conditioner.
Stop washing your hair.
And especially stop using conditioner.
what the hell, that's the worst advise for this.

anyways OP it literally doesn't matter, don't let memes delude you. I have pretty thick hair and I wish my long hair would blow in the wind. Just take your vitamins, no poo, and use some Suave biotin serum.

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Hey /fa/, I'm looking to buy some trainers. I usually wear docs and other leather shoes and haven't bought anything like this in a while.

What does /fa/ think of training shoes like this? Basically looking for a casual shoe that can be worn with almost anything.
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I would buy the bottom ones but main brands usually charge a lot so if anyone has any suggestions for shoe brands that dont rip people off
Pretty much any old Adidas Original (Blue or black box)
Superstar / Gazelle / Samba / Stan Smith / Busenitz / GAT
Avoid the Adidas Neo line (green boxes)

Nike SB are hit or miss. Vans are an unfortunate meme.
Don't listen to the other guy, vans are good, you get more than what you pay for, and vans age well and can take a beating

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Best leather jackets for people 5'7 to 5'9?

I want to get the perfect mid stomach length like pic related but most brands I try are too long and go to my waist line instead. Help needed.
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Buy a biker or something that Hedi did at slp. Those jackets are cropped, that's what you need.
File: leethacker.png (612KB, 812x668px)Image search: [Google]
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5'9" my friend. Go trench or go home
No way, only tall people can pull off trench coats.
Exception:super well tailored trench code, basically custom made, but no one here is going to do that.

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Are braces the only option for my teeth? Should I tell a dentist about how misaligned they are?
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File: NBW28fnnEV0.jpg (10KB, 383x175px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw spend 2000$ on braces
>nothing changed
thx mr shekelstein
that thread is creepy
>Should I tell a dentist about how misaligned they are?
In Soviet Russia, you tell dentist how misaligned your teeth are

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hey /fa/ can you id what theyre wearing?
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Full new balence, are you blind?
ohhhhh so those clothes are NB too? thanks

What is smart casual?
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Just dressing normally but not overly done. You should know yourself
I have no idea. maybe that you wear stuff you would wear because you're going on a trip, an adventure or stuff that works in pretty much every social situation or clothes that can be utilized outdoors and indoors properly.

you should not mix it up with business casual because that would be totally different.
Think of what you might want to wear when attending lunch at a nice restaurant or a date. You wear smart clothes (shirts, trousers and shoes) but dress them down with casual jackets, jeans or sneakers.

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What basics are Uniqlo good for? any good recommendations, looking to try something out from them.
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I only buy short sleeve and long sleeve supima t-shirts from them.
their lounge shorts are cheap and nice
Flannel shirts are pretty good quality. Supima t shirts are also good.

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dressing properly -> high conscientiousness -> success. so fashionable people are mostly successful people?
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I'm a fucking looser piece of shit but at least I think I dress pretty nicely. Not sure that's enough to make me successful though
There's difference between hypebeasts and actual classical menswear guys
dressing well is a sign of social intelligence

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