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Hello /fa/, I don't come here often, but I had a question that I figure you guys might be able to help with.

I've got a connective tissue disorder, causes nasty flat feet and similar problems, so I need shoes with really good support. I own some certain basketball shoes that work very well for me, but recently I got a job that will require me to dress formally.

Where can I find formal shoes that won't make me want to saw my legs off at the knee? Most of my experience with them in the past has been awful, since I'm not sure where to find functional ones.
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fuck off flat foots
Just get inserts (obviously) speak to someone at like goodfeet or a doctor or something you dolt
I have inserts from a qualified professional.
But if you don't have decent support in your shoes, inserts don't hardly do fuck all.

what does /fa/ think of silver/white dyed hair?
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Expensive, painful but worth it if you can pull it off. I got mine for 2 months until it starts growing out again and couldn't bother to have it toned every other week.
Had tons of compliments and questions, dudes were hitting on me but it was fun pretending to be somebody else for a while.
I bet you just dreamed of getting your sweet honeysuckle pillaged by those dudes.

Grow up man.
Only for homosexual faggits

Most fa jeans size/post yours. 30x34
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life is suffering
32x36 you mirin

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Is it an inaccurate poster or is he slouching or have we all been trolled and he's barely 6'?
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He is 179cm without his hair
if hes wearing normal shoes then hes like 5'8
He usually looks tall and at least normal height compared to other models. So there is no way he would be under 6' surely. Also what kind of normal shoes give 2-3" height

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I got these for 40

Did I fuck up?
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i think... those look like my shoes and i'm not cool
where the fuck did you get docs for 40 bucks
I found the same type of doc in near new condition at goodwill for 7 bucks. I guess you just have to get lucky

No matter how /fa/ or /fit/ you are, posture trumps all.
Good posture make you look healthier, taller and more confident, while bad posture will nuke any fit or look you're trying to achieve
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truth. fix that anterior pelvic tilt, you plebeian ingrates
I've actually been working on this the past few days. I'm already in my mid 20s and I'm worried that it's irreversible. While I look cute from the front, I have rounded shoulders and my posture looks like shit from the side.

Any tips on how to make sure you're standing up straight through out the day?
I have really good posture that I think hinders me from looking /fa/

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I'm going to Vietnam for a couple of months and I want a suitable wardrobe.

What kinds of clothes should I get for the climate in SEA?
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You're letting me down, /fa ;_:
Just wear shorts and a t-shirt/singlet/airy shirt during the day. Then pack some clothes for going out.

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how obsessively do you tuck?
no tuck 2017

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Is it worth the money? Are there better ones for that price?

It costs 1,800€


I really like it. Canada Goose is plebtier. Anyone got other good winter jackets?
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No, friend. It's a very respectable brand and will be an amazing jacket. But that is an insane price for a parka. I'd say 700eu max for any jacket.
Where do you live that you need this?
Get moncler but you probably live in SF or somewhere else where this is ridiculous overkill
Nigga I lived in Quebec (-40 C) and I had a 100 euro jacket and it was fine. My mate had a Canada Goose because he's a massive hypebeast and it was nice and a lot warmer but fuck me that's stupid expensive. Save money and buy another one in a few years, you'll be happier and won't get bored as fast

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>there are people who browse this forum and wear these shits

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They look pretty good
Shut up and step in line sheep
Follow the herd
they look no better than roshes

inb4 it's not fashion related, how you carry yourself and your mannerisms is 100% related to fashion.

Ok /fa/ lets approach his topic.

How do you deal with vapid normies in a way that isn't obnoxiously condescending?

For example, all of my coworkers are dull basic bitches or normies, they have vapid non conversations, conventional interests and make unfunny jokes with a clearly observable social power dynamic with some almost worshiping others. How does one deal with this without openly declaring that they're above it all and alienating themselves or going insane and losing their personality?
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Just act aloof and don't engage them. Don't start conversations but be polite in passing. Never ever take a side or express an opinion. Don't hang around anywhere outside your office. That's how I survive in my office full of normies. Basically make yourself seem boring to the boring people and they'll ignore you.
Also don't really express any kind of emotion besides clipped politeness. Like you'd want them to treat you. Nice but not familiar.

But it's not a particularly healthy environment to be in when you're regarded as the quiet yet polite weirdo that everyone pities. In fact it opens it up for office politics and bitching.

You guys realize that to really look good you have to lift, right?
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All depends on what aesthetic youre aiming for
Um no only beta males lift
just be fit, tall, full heda hair, and be kind

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Im a newbie when it comes to supreme and im struggeling to find an up to date time on when Supreme drops in the UK. I have heard it drops at 11am in EST, but last week it dropped for me at 11am GMT? If anyone would be able to tell me what time Supreme drops in the UK that would be great, thanks.
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It's every Friday at 1200 for UK
Supreme drops at 11 am in London, just count the time difference to wear you live.
Btw, stop buying supreme.
don't listen to this guy, that's the wrong info.

the anon is correct. it different for us as opposed to Burgers.

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how should the modern pa/secretary dress?
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depends on your employer.
dress like those two in my office ill sack you.
they just said business professional.

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Is putting patches and embroidery on your shoes effay?
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Depends on the patch, I guess.
>patches and embroidery done right
wow nice
>patches and embroidery done wrong
wtf so tacky
>implying any CAM embroidery isn't tacky

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