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Which is the best way to lace up Doc Martens?
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>inb4 "around you neck"
I got you, op :) Don't do that autistic wrap around the ankle shit though
This Op
Will it fuck up the laces?
I just tie mine normally then tuck them in

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He looks a bit like the retarded freak I used to live next to as a kid. This takes me back to my most disturbing childhood memory.

>be 8/9 years old
>to the right of my house lives a divorced prick whose kids visit once every few months
>his FAS daughter is sort of friendly but kind of dumb
>his 10 year old son is a mentally challenged chubby midget and super violent (although he very much wanted to be my friend. I mostly acted friendly towards him and that kept him from biting me like he did with most kids on the street)
>to my left lives another divorced guy whose kids come over more often
>he has a son of about 11, a daughter of 9, and some disfigured 7 year old boy who was only physically challenged
>go over to the house on my house's left one day
>the 7 year old and FAS girl are playing in the living room
>dad is nowhere to be seen
>ask where the others are (the 11 year old was my best friend of the bunch)
>"they're upstairs"
>go upstairs
>hear crying
>enter the kids's bedroom
>the retarded freak is somehow raping the 9 year old girl with his 10 year old penis
>the 11 year old guy is sitting in a chair and is watching his sister getting raped
>the 11 year old is giving the retard directions
>walk away without them noticing me
>stop hanging out with those kids
>never mention it to anyone until this post
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Are you certain it wasn't him?
File: 09-02-01.44.07.jpg (107KB, 650x650px)Image search: [Google]
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It all makes sense now seimanpie

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is he /fa/ ???
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hes a human being that deserves dignity

OK I need to know when you are fit 1m77-1m80 and are bulking up, how much can you weigh until you no longer fit in pants 32?
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No, you actually need to know if you have autism.
Protip: you have.
i am 186 cm and 75 kg. Been squating like madman and 31-32 fits me.
>186 cm and 75 kg
that's way too skinny

i'm 75 kg and 6 cm shorter

What can I do to get this aesthetic?
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How does it feel to know you will never be a effay chad like me?

Also post effay bald goys
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what about Meeks, he looks better without hair

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I have very thick curly hair and often straighten it to make it more manageable. However, after about two days it ends up all fluffy and looks like pic related. How can I keep my hair pin straight? What products should I use or techniques I can do?

t. Blasian female
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why even do anything, let it go
Nice try Guadalupe
:/ I look better with straight hair.
I think that is pic related's name. I passed by her insta one day and saw we have similar hair texture. She's qt

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Looking at consumerism from the eyes of a corporation. You start to realize that you guys are being played.

Majority of sneaker companies pay less than a dollar to produce their pairs of sneakers but then charge you over 200 or more because of hype.

I can't see how people can justify being played like this.
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200 is not much for a nice pair of sneakers that you enjoy wearing
200 dollars is not much for a pair of sneakers...in what world is it ok to spend that much for more than likely less quality or money's worth of the sneakers.
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Decided to buy de meme watch.Which version, though?

Left is 169
Right is 158
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If you can't decide, please do not fall for the meme.
I'm getting the fake ones anyway for USD 10, literally
I just bought the one on the right, which is real for £12 off Amazon. £12 is $16, so please don't buy a fake watch for $6 less anon.

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/fit/ here. can you buy thin and tight shirts like this just about anywhere, or is it a certain brand?
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Yes no
wha's the point? just go shirtless
t. thinspo

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Where can I find the jacket this ebil fascist is wearing? Or something very similar, preferably unbranded.
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You mean a fucking black hoodie?

come on, man.
That's not a fucking hoody you melt, it's a jacket.

I'm not searching through countless links for "Black hooded Jackets" when one of you /fa/ggots obviously knows the exact fucking thing I'm looking for.
You're going to have to ask his mom, he didn't buy it

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what do you ozfags think about ck? yeah or nah
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unless youre a chubby fuck boy with tree trunk legs or a rat or a kiwi
streetwear is shit but aus streetwear is even worse
It's okay for certain stuff.

Overrated really.

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Who is the next FTP? I'm tired of paying highass ass prices for ill clothes because there's only 20 of each.

Anyone know of any really dope clothing companies that make street apparel?
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Good to know.

By the way, kys.
well to be on par with FTP it needs to be high qual and nobody makes clothes to make a loss so what price do you want to pay for:

t shirt

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What are you guys going to wear in the autumn/fall-winter?

It doesn't really get that cold where I'm from, so I don't really know what kind of outfit to go with.
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lots and lots of wool
lots of patterns and textured stuff too like mohair, corduroy, velvet
Probably a light coat and shirts with thin jumpers

Live in southern England. Pretty much one of the worst places in terms of weather if you want to be /fa/. It's never extreme hot or extreme cold. Always just stuck in the middle, being utter shit rainy weather and then 'sunny' an hour later.
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Без име 9.png
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the only inspo I have for now
I like how to boots fit with the jeans
and the coat

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It's not streetwear and it's not preppy either

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> Some autistic version of a bomber jacket
> Skinny jeans
> Sneakers
> "not streetwear"

Sure anon
This is way more plain and minimal than anything considered streetwear
File: 4164413407_1_1_1.jpg (82KB, 1024x1269px)Image search: [Google]
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If memory serves me correct, I remember ppl used to call this "norm-core"?
Just basic minimal fits you can wear everyday and look "normal"

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