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May I get a fast legit check pls, /fa/?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend
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can't you read? it even says authentic.
>Made in England

Looks legit going off very little I used to own a few jackets from them

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Do you spend more money on clothing to appeal to women? Do ladies really know the difference between a $20 pair of jeans vs a $200 pair of jeans? I don't. I'm not really into the hobby

It's weird because it doesn't seem like there are very many gay people on this board (Conpared to my main boards) who seem like the only people who would notice. I dress pretty "gay" for my area and and everytime I post shit on here everyone shits on me and says "those jeans aren't tight enough" and shit like that, it's really strange because I would expect you guys to be a bunch of fags. I guess I am curoius of how you spend so much on brand name shit like that.

It seems like people who enjoy the hobby can tell, but others don't notice.
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>Appeal to women
Maybe some. I dress nicely for myself. Look good feel good y'know.
I just wear what I like. I get attention from women regardless of what I wear because of my face and body, so it doesn't matter.

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How do i deal with cowlicks such as this one? I can´t style my hair for shit with this huge ass cowlick, what do?
the pic isn´t me btw
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Grow your hair out and get a proper haircut.
such as?
Buzzcut for the rest of your life

A$AP Rocky stopped wearing AF1s in 2013
so why the fuck does /fa/ still recommend them?
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maybe because it's a staple regardless of what that chimp wears or does not wear?
If your fashion sense is dependent of a specific person you can just leave this board
I'm taking everyone's asses with me too then you uninformed fuck

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Rate Melania.
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i wish i could fuck her
russian spy/10

I wanna cop a pair of DMs or at least some nice boots, but I'm not sure where to start. What kind of colours etc do I go for and how do I wear them without looking like a dumbass?
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I was thinking something like these, the 1460 Arcadias, but im not sure what the red colour would go with
DMs have become shit ever since they are made by Chinks.
If you really like the silhouette, get Solovairs.
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only acceptable docs

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I've kind of been getting into this aesthetic recently. Maybe it's my inner Kingdom Hearts fanboy 11-year-old self.
Post favorite bulky shoes, post inspo, post tips on how to make it look good and not like clown shoes
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The best way to make big shoes look good is by being tall, having feet <12 size, and not wearing skin tight tops or bottoms.
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this is now a rick thread

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Can sport jerseys be considered /fa/ on their own?

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there's a select few international teams like Roma & PSG that have /fa/ jerseys but the best are conference league/league two teams or 80s-90s era shirts

they're shirts mate, not jerseys
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Anything GAA related generally works well
yeah if youre a muckarse

Every night I put on a very nice outfit, like I really go all out with it. I do my hair and my face, make sure I look good. Then I sit down next to my computer, either get high or smoke a cigarette, and I stare at pictures of beautiful girls and cry. Good music has to be playing, usually soft rock or anything depressing. I usually get really deep in my thoughts and start imaging us together, traveling, making out, and just being in love. Am I the only one?

I dont cry everytime btw
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whats stopping you?
from what?
you're pretty ugly

you look sort of like a cavewoman

like not a hot cavewoman

just like a female ape

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Why did people settle for belts when suspenders are so much more comfy?
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I really don't know, maybe it's because it's less apparent or something.
>"After losing popularity during World War I, when men became accustomed to uniform belts, suspenders were still regular attire throughout the 1920s. Because of their image as 'underwear',[4] some men switched to belts during the 1930s as the vests which had hidden suspenders became worn less often. This also signaled the switch in position of securing buttons from the outside of the waistband to the inside. Life magazine stated in 1938 that 60% of American men chose belts over suspenders. Though the return of fuller-cut trousers in the 1940s revived suspenders, they did not dominate over belts again to the same extent."
Your pants should have side straps, fuccboi

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Are your friends /fa/? Post pics
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is this a girl, pls be a girl i hope im not gay
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i hate how outfits that look nice on animated characters would probably look bad on real life humans
I need that feelsome song set to the Akira video

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Post pics of your hands. Judge and be judged. Also, how do you care for your nails? What is the longest acceptable nail lenght for a guy?
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File: 15043791952041252228073.jpg (4MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
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Complete with drunken hand tattoos
File: IMG_3626.jpg (2MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4032x3024px

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I unironically want Christian Bales haircut from American Psycho, and I'm wondering how long it is in the movie, what hair products he uses, etc. Any advice is appreciated.
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I'd say about 10 inches, I would use a pomade with high shine just to keep everything neet
If you really want it to grow evenly get a buzz cut first, but that's only if you have the balls desu
so If I have an undercut, should I just grow it out, or keep trimming the top until it matches the sides?

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How many friends on average does a person on this board have? Just curious.. to be interested in fashion you must go out and wear it. Like what do you people do besides browse this board/work?
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I have some friends, but non of them care about fashion, even though one of them is a model, he only does it to get some money in a side gig.
0. AS friends is somebody you go out now and then. Have 2 guys from childhood I talk on whatsapp and rarely see. Cant consider them as friends. Pretty pathetic, I know.
0. There are people around who share hobbies I see frequently but I don't want anything to do with them desu.

Friends with benefits aren't real friends just girls I call up occasionally

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