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File: aphex twin longsleeve.jpg (42KB, 570x760px)Image search: [Google]
aphex twin longsleeve.jpg
42KB, 570x760px
I love when the sleeves have something on them. Doesn't have to be writing.

Bonus points for band tees/music related.
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I got this exact shirt, soft and nice quality.
why would you treat this album as some dumb fuccboi shit by plastering it with shitty sleeve text and moon runes
because it looks nice but the moon runes are pretty gay yeah

File: naughty.jpg (113KB, 596x612px)Image search: [Google]
113KB, 596x612px
Thoughts /fa/?
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an old meme style that is dying fast
File: LESTAT.jpg (122KB, 1420x1065px)Image search: [Google]
122KB, 1420x1065px
pointed toes make your feet look longer, looks really bad if you don't have very long legs with slim pants. the heel-toe combo is especially unflattering and makes your toes look like they're 4 inches long or something
Chelsea boots are a classic menswear staple that's not going anywhere.

File: sCIrnoc.jpg (1MB, 1819x2481px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1819x2481px
how the fuck are they so much better than us? Why do you let teenagers dress better than us? Our WAYWT thread is a joke compared to theirs

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inb4 WAYWT circlejerk defense force calling this all shit
fresh jacket
Because all /fa/ does is insult each other and make fun of fits instead of helping people improve, which leads to shit tier fits.

File: stick.jpg (121KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
121KB, 1024x768px
what does /fa/ think of stick n poke tattoos?
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It very pretentious
i like them..
i like trashy tattoos.. i more then once started a stick n poke but allways endet up tattooing myself with a tattoo machine.
Learn to throw a fucking line, people who tattoo like this are just not talented enough to do regular tattoos.

I propose a name for an emerging style that appears to be a merging of Nu-Males and Fuccbois

Behold the nu-bois
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Post more nu-boi inspo, and stop typing retarded shit. You wouldn't kill anyone 10 ply.
File: NSDAP wallpaper 2.png (2MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
NSDAP wallpaper 2.png
2MB, 1920x1080px
I would support such a war on either side that needed it if it ended with white ethnostates including Rhodesia, South Africa (the white part only ofc) Argentina etc and a free African American nation-state as well as a few Native American ones. Self respect, ethno-chic and edgy separatism is all very effay.
>fucks a black girl once

File: image.jpg (2MB, 2061x2223px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2061x2223px
Anyone here conceal carry? What do you wear? I don't want to look like fags that only shop at bass pro.
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Small hands and large dose of paranoia.
polester athletic shirt that's heather printed so it looks like a normal cotton shirt

less likely to print than cotton


carry a glock 19 gen 3

looking for a used gen 4 that's under $1500 in california (can't buy new...not on roster, i have to buy it from a cop who doesn't want it anymore)

File: Gook Feet.jpg (607KB, 1000x854px)Image search: [Google]
Gook Feet.jpg
607KB, 1000x854px
What's the best length of shorts for guys and girls?
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Guys:Just above the knee
Girls:Like your pic
Are longer shorts a no go for girls?
If you want to look feminine, yes. Mid-thigh are mom shorts, lower than that is androgynous territory.

If more leg coverage is desired, go skirt or capris/yoga pants.

File: Goodwill_2color_SmilingG.jpg (184KB, 1377x1928px)Image search: [Google]
184KB, 1377x1928px
>go to nearest goodwill or similar thrift store.
>pickup entire outfit.

Additional rules:
Shoes, socks, and underwear can come from your existing wardrobe.
Anything in the store is a valid accessory.
Timestamp or it doesn't count.
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>leaving your house, going to a store, picking out clothes, paying for them, putting them on, and taking a picture with proof, posting it
>because some faggot on 4chan told you to
Or you could just put them on in the changing room and take a pic.
Goodwill marketing shill plz gtfo

File: IMG_1494.png (1MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 750x1334px
My girlfriend is looking for a new style and she recommended this. I basically told her it has "Tumblr slut" written all over it. Then she accused me always calling her a slut just because I value modesty. Why can't women be decent anymore? Anyways, could anyone give me recommendations for women?

She's petite, blonde, tan, short, and wears glasses. I wear a lot of Supreme, she likes that as reference.
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explain her that the issue isn't sluttiness, it's tumblrism.

There are elegant sluts. Tumblr sluts are very inelegant, gross and obnoxious. Make her question her dubious tastes, explain her why it's gross.
burka Tbh
Pro tip: don't call your girlfriend a slut (outside of the bedroom). Seriously, there was a better way to phrase that retard. Prepare for a month of passive aggressive bullshit now.

File: IMG_0519.jpg (30KB, 358x411px)Image search: [Google]
30KB, 358x411px
skinny 5'10" manlet here, having serious problems finding the correct trousers/jeans to wear. recent cops:
>Maison Margiela black trousers circa 2005
really nice but loose and formless perhaps accentuating my shortness? idk
>Pure Blue Japan xx-013
really nice but after a while I grew to dislike the stupidly low rise
>Levi's 510
bought online, was expecting skinny fit but they're almost as loose as 501s for some reason. love the rise though
>sta-prest trousers
nice and slim and go well with my Tricker's brogues but make wearing them is like cosplaying as a mod

Help me out anon, what fits are good for a manlet? Or should I just neck myself?
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it's just a 4 inch difference the whole 8 foot or your a manlet thing is made by ugly lanklets to boost their self esteem

just get your pants tailored????

File: 8zsjvq-i.jpg (150KB, 785x1000px)Image search: [Google]
150KB, 785x1000px
Post your best thrift store/garage sale finds. Got a jacket like this in perfect condition for $10 last week
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I also got a wool pendleton flannel that looks very similar to this for $5 last year. It is comfy as hell and probably my most worn shirt in the winter.
Fuck that's cheap
Just bought the same for a hundred bucks
The St Vincent De Pauls in my area is cheap as hell. The same jacket would have been $30 at the local Salvation Army

File: diorCombatBootsAW07.jpg (46KB, 922x880px)Image search: [Google]
46KB, 922x880px
Boot General.
For the discussion of boots and boot related topics

>Last Thread Summary/News:
Anon ordered some cherry red DM's
Anons iron rangers came
Anons meme boots came
Childish commie cringe
Two separate anons learn how to tie boots
Anons DM's fall apart
Kocky /k/ kunt btfo'd on milsurp knowledge by /fa/
You can't order from K.S. without a credit card

>all boot related faggotry belongs in the designated boot thread

Previous thread >>12694939
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Bootfag fucked up the OP edition
File: a-01.jpg (137KB, 640x427px)Image search: [Google]
137KB, 640x427px
File: a-02.jpg (119KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
119KB, 640x640px

Would love to see some more fits with a relaxed silhouette to them.
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File: Gramicci_NN-pants black.jpg (88KB, 480x640px)Image search: [Google]
Gramicci_NN-pants black.jpg
88KB, 480x640px
File: PyjamaClothing_Monkeytop_black.jpg (855KB, 1200x1600px)Image search: [Google]
855KB, 1200x1600px

File: mSEqs81.jpg (129KB, 840x1147px)Image search: [Google]
129KB, 840x1147px
Winter is coming and I'm looking for some brands that makes comfy hoodies that don't look like shit.
Any anons can help me out?
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Reigning Champ

Also, the hoodie you posted makes it look like your head is popping out of a vagina
Size down for redwing postman?
Okay guys, I'm starting to feel like a retard trying to figure this out.
My hair goes to the left over my forehead and it looks alright to me in the mirror, but since mirror images are flipped, it looks different for people looking at it, and whenever I look at a photo, it looks awful.
Is it just that I'm used to the orientation in the mirror and I'm not used to the correct orientation, or can flipped/unflipped images make hair look better/worse?

Is the outfit on the left considered classy? For example could I wear it to a family member's funeral or a friend's wedding?
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Never wear a cap to funerals
>friend's wedding
wear what you're asked to
if they say "jeans and sneakers" then wear jeans and sneakers; every couple has a different vision for what they want, just play ball
What if the person is being buried whilst wearing a snapback? Better yet: What if I open their casket at the funeral to place the cap from my head upon their head, as per their will?

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