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What core is this?
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always cop
Waiting for one in the mail as we speak
fuckig know so many art hoes who think they're unique for wearing these
''hahahah a dude once called me a lesbian for wearing this BUT I'M GONNA KEEP WEARING IT LOL!!! BIIIINCH!!!''

/rant but you should have posted in the c/n. also cop i actually think they're pretty cool
you have a point, but don't hate, at that price whoever browse this should have one or don't care. I like mine, enjoi

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What do you think of my watch? What fits would work? I've only ever worn it with a suit.
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Are these Rick Owens Geobaskets real. I really need to know.

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That's just a picture of Rick Owens
I can't tell

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Do you guys know any good vegan leather jackets?
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Vegan leather is plastic, which is worse for the environment than you pretend meat to be.

>INB4 that "methane is worse than oil tankers rupturing mid-ocean" bullshit gets posted by Igor again.
honestly op if you're going to buy a plastic jacket just go to h&m or zara or something. don't spend more than like 100 bucks at most
no such thing as vegan leather

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let's face it, guys. you're not as cool as the kids at the skatepark and you never will be.
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how to into skating
what kind of fucking retard are you? don't waste my time with this slop.
not a fit without a shirt desu

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what do you think guys? new brand me and friends started called mahalo brother. spread the love!
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This looks like some shit out the cosby show
did yall suck each others meats too
thats pretty tight bro, how does it look with sperrys and my dads old vineyard vines cap?

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I let my facial hair grow out for a month to see if I could grow a beard and I got a pretty respectable short beard before I started trimming it a little, messing up, trying to fix it and ended up having to shave the whole thing off

I want to grow another beard out but know fuck all about styling it

tl;dr what are some /fa/ approved beard styles?
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My beard doesn't connect with my mustache. Is it pointless to attempt a beard or is it effay to have one that doesn't connect? I'm clearly insecure about this so let's keep it constructive.

Also now ITT, post beard pics and let's figure this shit out.
Piece if shit posted sideways pictures. Go fuck yourself.
really great thread, guys.

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Camila Klein 20170903_195648.jpg
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Tomorrow I will do a rinoplasty to fix my potato nose. What you guys think?
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Waste of money.
just use the dog filter

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So I ordered my first thing on here nearly 2 weeks ago and it still hasnt shipped? Is this common? I used a superbuy agent and he said he urged the seller to ship but about 4 days later and theres still nothing. Should I keep waiting or get a refund?
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It takes a month to 2 months to get shit shot from taobao
a week max

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Post all those cool hats

I suddenly have a deep love for "dad hats" especially these pastel pink ones.

Am just I old?
Am I gay?
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no its a trend
i tried on a hat one day and like how it felt, usually i stick to hoodies or something
its just a nice accessory.
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Are you going to post more than one pic OP?
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why does everyone on this board look like pic related?
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Because Japanese cartoon image board
i don't
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only a little worried.jpg
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>trying to vaguely emulate that look

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Middle school fashion thread
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File: ach.jpg (29KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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for some reason every fag had this same exact type of hoodie at my school
are you 16
Wouldn't 16 be highschool, anon?

How does your ideal girl dress ?
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Like a woman instead of like a butch dyke trying to pass as a man.
Nailed it, tbqh /fa/m.

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Is «no poo» a meme? Wouldn't my hair get too greasy if I use Argan oil or would washing them with cold water enough?
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No it's not a meme, but it depends entirely on your hair type and current washing technique what your experience will be and there's a lot of pitfalls to avoid.

What I did is buzz my hair to avoid the initial oiliness, it's been about 4 months since then and my hair is fine, and even a little dry so I don't see why Argan oil would make it greasy.

For comparison, I have straight hair and all I do is wash it with warm water then finish with cold and pat it dry.
yes it is a meme
just poo your hair when it starts to get greasy
unless you find an alternative that you like which is great :^)
I use conditioner and coconut oil sparingly, like every 3rd day or so. Its no meme brah

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