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Anyone know what kind of hair this is called? Not concerned about the hair colour.
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>File: undercut.jpg
LOl its dyed white wtf
It's a texturized bowlcut.

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>Canada goose is played out
>its too expensive
oh lmao
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i dont get it?
he's saying poorfags justify not getting canada goose because they tell themselves its played out but really they just cant afford it
I don't care. I love my Chateau, warmest jacket I've ever tried and it looks decent.

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How old were you when you realized dressing in trendy clothing is for nu-male small souled bugmen, and that your body and face are the only things that actually matter?
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>calls others small-souled bugmen
>obsessed with looks
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A true patrician admires beauty and works on increasing his own.
So your going to put zero thought into what your wearing? Whats wrong with having a sense of style?

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I read the goddamn sticky and the list of stores hasn't been updated since 2015

Where do my fellow poorfags shop?
I've heard good things about Uniqlo
What about JoS. A. Bank? Their clearance sweaters and cardigans look legit
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>JoS. A. Bank
Jos A Bank sells napkins in the shape of suits. Decent quality paper towels or toilet tissue but I wouldn't consider their fare "clothing"
Unironically thrift stores.
I've been getting pretty much everything except underwear and shoes at thrift stores since I was a small child.

Sup /fa/

Autism post incoming.

Is there any fashion subculture that embraces or is at least inspired by traditional pagan/celtic/Nordic dress? I'm going to use the cliché example of the costumes in the tv show Vikings but this is something I've been interested in for a long time.

I.e. mostly woollen and leather rough-sewn garments and designs. I dont want costumes, i want genuine tribal styled clothing that I could somewhat modernise in some cases and incorporate into my dress. I know there has to be some LARPers or something out there that do this.
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images (34).jpg
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Here are a couple of base examples. Where would one find like-minded people or a source for these kinds of things? All i can find commercially are shitty looking foam costume outfits
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images (33).jpg
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Also note that I'm a /fit/fag and have a body type that could definitely pull off this style of clothing without looking like a leather stick or an oversized football.
>All I can find commercially are shitty foam looking costume outfits
Gee I wonder why. Definitely not cause everything medieval is completely outdated both fashionably and functionally. No, people still want to wrap themselves in layers of bulky armor and corsets.
>inb4 nords/celts didn't wear armor
That just means they're even more outdated

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I want a pair of somewhat nice black sneakers. Do you guys think these look alright?
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1007970-0000V1 (1).jpg
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just got these, pretty cheap and pretty good looking

k swiss forest
Fuck no.
When will people realise that wearing low-top black sneakers with fucking obnoxious ass white soles makes you look like a 14-year old?

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Im working a minimum wage job but I'm not only working because my parents won't give me my trust fund unless I work 20 hours a week somewhere. The uniform is black jeans black shoes and uniform shirt. Is it weird wearing Pirate Black Yeezys $1500, Saint Laurent Jeans $1000, and an iced out Rolex and necklaces $75k to work?
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No OP, that's not weird at all. What makes you ask?
What do you wish to accomplish with this thread?

Where do you work? What route do you take to work? Do you pass through any alleyways as a shortcut - maybe any dark enough that identifying somebody would be difficult? Thanks in advance.

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How old is too old to wear sneakers?
What shoes replace sneakers?
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My grandfather is almost 90 and I have him rolling around town in NMDs and Ultra Boosts. You're never too old for comfy fun kicks.

shit taste

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Is there a forum for high end fashion like pic related? you guys are poor and have awful fashion sense. seriously haven't seen a single good fit on here and each outfit is like 40 dollars if that. I honestly feel gross even browsing this board
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oh no that man is touching his raff xD
literally you

/fa/ before 2013. Just lurk the archive, there are NO good fashion forums on the Internet anymore. Wait like 10 years so fashion can fall off or not cool anymore. This bubble has to burst eventually.

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Is phenibut fa?

I really like the name
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It's not /fa/ if you can buy it over the counter in your country bit other than that, yeah pretty effay druf
Phenibut is amazing just don't do it more than 2x per week
Fuck I took a couple Benadryl (received some chink wrist wraps and got allergic as fuck. eyes itchy as fuck) and now I feel like I'm tipsy on some wine. Not good idea Bendaryl before training.

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Putin casual.jpg
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What size are his jeans you reckon? Srs question.
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32? or 33? 34?
33x32 his actual waist is 34.75"
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>32 inseam

File: brah.jpg (592KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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What do we think of his style
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Organic and allegorical
as much as i love him you should stop making threads about him
he needs a belt and to take the tie off his dick and get a different one. other than that its ok i guess.

What the fuck is the point of being /fa/ if you ain't /fit/.

All /fit/ people look better than /fa/ people who aren't /fit/.
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its a reciprocal effect. the better you take care of your body, the more fit you are, the more you like to wear nicer clothes that fit you and look good.
>look mom I posted it again!

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Is hunting /fa/?
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Depends what game you're killing
only if u are hunting on people
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File: lemaire-men-ah1718_02.jpg (417KB, 680x1020px)Image search: [Google]
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i wanna look like these qt french boys but how to do it for less than $1000 french money
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File: U5A1492-web.jpg (641KB, 741x1146px)Image search: [Google]
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File: lemaire-men-ah1718_38.jpg (417KB, 680x1020px)Image search: [Google]
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Difficult. Lemaire's strength is in the patterns and cuts of his pieces, which are deceptively simple but create nuanced drapes and fits. You could draw a parallel with Yohji's tailoring, which is exactingly oversized. Just like Yohji, it seems like it'd be difficult to do Lemaire without buying Lemaire.

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