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On a scale 1 to 10, what would you rate this delusional incel? I would rate him a 8.9/10
He claims he's 5ft10(which is still considered pretty average.)
but has no friends whatsoever and thinks no women would find him physically attractive just because he's not 6'2".(Sure it is,it's definitely not your insecurity.)
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remember that thats all facial surgery
>Incels should get monthly payments from the government for prostitutes, it's the only way to cure us of our sadness

LOL what a bunch of cucks.
dude looks okay but dress really, and I mean this literally, gay. also judging by the devote he still live with his folks, nothing wrong with it but just looks to old for it.

he has chance at Chad life but his tastes and characteristics are holding him up.

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LAST THREAD>>12523866
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...
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Is this as good as everyone says it is lads?
Im just looking for compliments and projection
It can be offensive for the first 30 minutes. After that, compliment fucking beast. Girls do love it, and it performs well. Dry down is identical to aventus dry down.

reposting from last thread
What is parfums de marly herod like? Sounds amazing
Do people like it when they smell it on you or is it one of those niche fragrances that's hard to appreciate for the general population

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4chan inpo.jpg
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Post your Inspo!
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4chan inspo 19.jpg
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4chan inspo 4.png
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4chan inspo 18.jpg
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Sale thread

Any good summer sales going on at the moment worth taking a look at (besides end and ssense)?
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they are in UK, expect crazy duty charges

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Probably I'm the ugliest guy in this board.
I'm black, manlet and my face is ugly.

I'd like to be a normal guy.
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why do you want to be normal?
at least you're not a normie. welcome to the memeclub.
Who cares? Just dress the way you want who gives a fuck?

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Me. 21. 5'10".

Tips to improve myself?

Haircut that'll suit my face shape?

Colours that match my complexion?
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Am I so ugly I'm not even worth replying to?
Are you pajeet? What a disgusting skin,
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poo in loo

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Are there any good over the ear wireless headphones that don't look autistic? Is pic related effay?
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No, beats by Dr dick rider are cancer.
Then what's a good alternative?

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Is this a common trend across the whole fashion industry now? Black models outnumbering white ones?

No offence, but clothes look completely different on blacks than they do on whites. I can't tell if something is going to look good on me when its modelled by a black man. Is it the same with female models?

Anyone would think this was a conspiracy or something...
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black people can fashion too
Nah that's just asos. They seem to have over dosed on it

I'm not even racist or nothing but when I browse that catalog I find myself wondering where this world is headed

It's not that it even bothers me it just kinda confuses me more than anything
I think you know where it's headed but liberal brainwashing makes you keep your mouth shut.

Why are undercuts so fucking cancerous? and what's the sudden obsession with them since 2015?

why do they spread like a disease? 99 percent of males have them

why won't this crappy fad just go away?
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I think they're pretty neat but I'm non-ironically a totalitarian conservative.

>I'm non-ironically a totalitarian conservative

grow up.
>nazi like faggot haircuts
checks out

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blue adi.jpg
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Cop or Not: Other one is nipping at 300
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yellow adi.png
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or should i get this color?
I like it, this summer its all mustard
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cop blue

Can anyone tell me some good stores in melbourne and or online australian stores? (no asos)
seems like everywhere i go is either cheap fuckboy tier or 600 dollar pair of pants goth ninja shit and no nice inbetween, pic related, looking for somewhere like olive(uk)
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acne, apc, incu, harrolds, marais, assin, eastern market
all gook clothing
Do faggots still line up for an hour to buy jeans from Dejour?


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If /mu/'s userbase are /mu/tants, and /b/'s userbase are /b/tards, are we /fa/ggots?
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Only the poorbois, rest are /fa/scists
fucking newfag summerposters
fascists are pretty /fa/

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What are you /fa/ggots' opinions on ponchos like pic related? The kind that completely cover the upper body, with or without side slits.
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cringey if you're not a brown manlet
the next big trend for sure, they've just never really been woven properly into an outfit

when a designer gets it right they'll blow up
good game man

Daily reminder that these are the type of people who tell you to throw out your entire wardrobe
This is the guy who calls your shoes "gay" an your fit trash

Honestly if you lift and are white /fit/ and even misc has better fashion advice that this board of anime loving weebs
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that picture really isnt helping your case since that guy actually looks nice.
the fact that some wankers look bad in full designer doesn't make your shitty, basic outfits less trash
this board is for fashion, if you just want to look like a functioning, non-stylish adult you shouldn't even be here
point and case lads

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So I just came out from an instagrm binge that lasted somewhere between 5-6 hours, in which I also somehow got my account banned from liking pictures and commenting for at least another 9 hours apparently.

Anyways I stumbled upon this designer and omg I instantly fell in love, probably one of the main reasons for the block lmfao.

Im considering ordering a couple of pairs next payday, but his website redirects to another website so I am not sure, what do you guys think?

Anyone ever ordered from him? Actually is he even a thing?

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nice pic
what's the online store, I'm good at telling which are legit and which are not
Link ti website ora store pls
Jeez dude... Put some effort into your posts I know this is 4chan but Godddaaamnnn.

www.danieletagliabue.shoes, its on the insta I posted in the OP


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