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I need help with my fashion sense so i don't look like a 12 year old. my twitch is cucked_chuck and i just need help with the shit i got.

anyone want to spend the night talking about fashion?
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Oh fuck that's me, but with Vans
>this board
>talking about genuine fashion

found that out the hard way, back to /fit/ i go

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Show me your best SLP and your Best Rick fits. Which are better, and why? Which is more timeless? Which is easier to wear?
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slp looks terrible and isn't comfortable. rick looks terrible and is incredibly comfortable. you decide.
>slp looks terrible
alright fattie
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slp looks faggy
>130 lbs

most /fa/ backpack for non /fa/ gf? $150 max
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Ill tell you that bag in particular is horribly designed. Very bad weight dustribution so you have to hunch forward
>$150 max
>effay bag
>$150 max
>non-effay gf
>$150 max

>having a g2g that isn't effay
>being poor
>$150 max
>the embodiment of autism


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ID on frank's tee?
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>sold out

fucking end me good lord

thank you though
you would've looked like a manchild anyhow. looks awful on frank.

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any sites/companies you guys can recommend to print higher quality clothes with (t-shirts and hoodies mainly)?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

so /fa/ gunna need some help lads

moving to israel soon from northern USA, and all I have is heavy long sleeved clothing for colder end of weather.

i have no idea what to get to wear there, but i sure as hell know it's too hot for what I own
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good time to buy. All the ss17 stuff is on sale. Buy button downs and chinos. Light denim. It's not too complicated my dude. Gl
>ss17 on sale
alright sick, had no idea. thanks

Only good sales I know atm

I have a question /fa/

My hair pretty much looks like this right now in terms of my balding, im only 21 and iv'e got no idea what to do with it, any ideas? Its only in my widows peaks, ive got no balding anywhere else
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ayyy lmao.jpg
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Get on fin right now unless you want to look like pic related in a few years.
Get a cap with a popular brand on it that fits with the rest of your outfit?
good of example of 'buzzing' it being a bad idea.

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Looking for more hoodies like the Agora ones
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Where can I find an effay condom for my big stinky pacific islander penis?

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Also general hair advice thread
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Your hair isn't technically living so I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here
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dumb Chan
dyeing oh yh

technically it is living tho no??

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what's a good trusted website where i could purchase threads, /fa/?
i've been wanting to buy clothing for weeks now but don't have the time to go to the mall
i like fashionable/trendy clothing
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asos probably ur speed

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Is online shopping any good? What are some good online clothing stores with reasonable prices? Preferably with sales on items.
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Shoes stores as well
bump xD

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Anyone know where I can get some plain khaki boots? Similar to pic but just plain sides and a less tactical look.
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No Instagram Shill Thread?
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Just stop

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>picks a real flower at a park and puts in shirts pocket
>fit improves 100% and for free

Why you didn't tell me before? I have some job interviews next semesters and fuck it, I'm going with flowers and leaves in my pocket.
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i bet you think doing acid is a genuinely intellectual experience
No, dont do drugs.

Today I learned to pay attention and appreciate the green in the city. You can always find weird looking plants and flowers that you never noticed before.
Now I'm going spend some time choosing plants before I go to some special event. I even can chat with neighboors and ask for flowers, this way they probably teach me a bit about the plants.
Nobody wants to hire a dweeb with weeds in his shirt pocket. Not even a boutonnière baka

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I've been looking for some comfy sneaker boots, and just found out that Nike made the footscapes into boots. Guess they've been sold out for awhile...

Nothing in my size on eBay. Does anyone have some alternate sources or a hookup?

Nikelab Footscape Route Snkrbt Sp 728746001 Sneaker Boot Shoes
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>hey anon those r cool are they Jeremy scott
I looked for these exact boots a couple years ago nonstop for a period of about 2 months and I never found anything. I could never find the black colorway in anything remotely big enough for me, everything was around a 7 or 8. I didn't have any luck with the blue colorway either even though I'd never wear them. I don't think they were ever restocked on any site. I'd just give up if I were you, I don't think you're going to have a better time than I did.
Nike Sneakerboots were a cool idea (i live in a rainy area and loved them). i dont think they sold well though as they seem to be discontinuing most of them. they even made a couple of converse 'winterized' that were cool - as mentioned though it was all in '15 ish and hasnt really taken off

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