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What kind of pants do I wear with a long coat ?
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not those
black pants

that's some harry potter shit bro

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How gay is this pattern for a shirt?
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reddit gay
On a scale of 0 to 10 to Andy Cohen, you're about a 9

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https://mdfashionco.com/ Don't claim to know fashion if you don't know MD
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good lord
>Comfortable, Bold and Expressive, MD is a streetwear Brand which focuses on creating pieces which break away from trends confidently while still making wearable everyday clothes. Created by Malcolm Dennis in Melbourne Australia, the brand transcends traditional ideologies such as masculinity and gender to create a vision which expresses a progressive ideal of what it means to be a member of modern day society.
It's just so terrible. Shitty logo slapped on everything (even the basics) and the only decent product is $400 fucking dollars. Fuck me.

why do all qt instagram art girls all date slight variations of the "beard, tattoos, black craft cult, raised by wolves, baseball hat" chad?
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this dude's not a chad lol i hate this wack pose all instafags do yugh
"chads" have morphed. They're no longer super preppy football athletes
agreed, but this cat is weak as shit. i know what you're talking about with ig/tumblr art girls going for a specific look though. it's all so manufactured

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how can i have the haircut of the guy of the left?

i have long hair btw
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ask for the greasy white trash with shitty moustache look.

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any examples of those species?
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just google techno interests me

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I was always wearing shit like black hoodies and flannel grandpa shirts and sneakers like huaraches or tubulars or instapump fury.

Now because of my job I need to look a lil bit more mature.

Business casual in the streets skaterboi in the sheets thread?

Is it even possible to somehow combine these two?
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Full Rick
Lol how are your fuxking pathetic nigger shoes "skaterboi"? go kill yourself right fucking now
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Thank you for your input, i don't know how to call my style.

Anyway, anybody got more inspo for something like that?

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Pics, recs, questions.
This looks nice but I need to go test one.

Also desktop speakers, related sound things that aren't earbuds, I guess?
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It sounds decent, but you can definitely get more bang for your buck.

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Looking for some non-flip flop sandals that don't look like I'm about to go metal detecting on a public beach

help appreciated
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I'm lumping those in with flip flops fuck you
Birkenstock's my dude.

They're trendy right now, but in all reality they're comfy as fuck. I'll never wear a different type of sandal. Fuck the thong, and fuck the slide.

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40k commissar.png
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Alright you white supremacist cucks, post the most beautiful uniforms you have saved. Obviously I am talking about nazi officer/conjuntant uniforms.
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I have straight chink hair and I want to grow it out and go for the messy clean look but my hair is just too straight. I've been using wax but by the end of the day my hair just falls down and ends up looking like an emo hitler.

How do I achieve this? I've trying to grow my hair out so I've been asking for a 1 and a half on the sides and to leave the top long but so far I just end up looking like a trap because my hair wants to fall down.
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salt water (google it, I used a bit of cocconut oil and salt) and wearing a beanie half an hour before going out worked for me. Maybe add clay or wax.
Bump because I'm suffering from the same problem

How often should I shampoo? I think it's aggravated because i shampoo too often

Washing hair with saltwater?

Will you:

a) wear the male romper
b) be left behind in the fashion world forever, with your grandchildren asking "pop-pop, why in photos of the late 2010s are all the men wearing cool clothes besides you?"
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I'd wear a dress if I was muscle enough
Romper meme was boring the day it started. I bet you post fidget spinner memes on your facebook too.
you've gotta take the whole thing off to take a shit. It's just not convenient.

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How do I dress shoegaze?
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>wear what you like
>listen to shoegaze
thats it
Do you mean "How do I dress in a way that screams I LISTEN TO SHOEGAZE"? Is boring your friends to death with it not enough anymore?
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File: Amy_Winehouse_tribute_concert.jpg (32KB, 629x471px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi, /fa/. I have the exact face shape than Amy Winehouse. What do you think? Is it /fa/? If not, is there any way of improving it without surgery?
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Are you male or female? give us a pic
Obviously Amy looked good as she was a successful musician and celebrity, and I assume you are neither. So you're naturally going to look different, even though you supposedly have the "exact" same face shape
File: IMG_20170602_212733.jpg (3MB, 1920x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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Is not the same but similar. The difference is that I have a weaker chin
Just tell them about working at your Uncle's firm, Chaim.

All I've managed to gather is that its an olive straight leg chino pant with one side pocket with one button on the side pocket.

Obviously hand cropped.

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post the video dummy
skaters are faggy man child scum

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