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Our Lady edition
Post summer inspo, ask summer questions
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>Our Lady
Ew. Step aside, the queen is coming through...

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>tfw growing out a buzzcut
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Dumb frogposter.

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>“From my understanding, it’s a logo from a piece of candy or candy bar, some sort of snack, from the first movie; this space candy, maybe like these little gummy drops or something,” Pratt told the Huffington Post. “James [Gunn] really loved the font, this made up alien font, and they ended up using that image on the shirt … I pictured it as a guy who would wear a Reese’s Pieces shirt ironically. He’s like wearing space candy on his shirt. He knows that other people know what it is and think it’s funny.”

What does he mean when he says people wear candy shirts ironically? I definitely have seen people doing that but I'm not sure why. What is ironic about it?
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He means that Reeses pieces are garbage
No, I don't think that's what he means.
You have to remember that the new-age millennial does everything "ironically"

Nothing matters to them

it's why things like goth died out and just became the "I am in greater pain than you" wave that was emo

dedication is dead, unless you're a jihadist, but fuck those guys

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I have 2 day transit in Tokyo, what stores should I look up for unique clothes?
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Is it ok to wear women jackets if your a guy? I'm 5'7 and find that women xs fit me a lot better then most guys jackets. Guys jackets are always way too long on me, especially leather jackets. I'm just hoping nobody actually can tell the difference in silhouette.
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most likely they can, most womens jackets are cut to take tits, waist and hips to account
also the buttons are on different side
Why are you wearing such small clothing??
I noticed this on female peacoats , but still nobody in the past 3 years have called me out on them yet.

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any1 knows where i can get this sweatshirt or maybe something similar?

video references: https://youtu.be/oWbTcGQGAI8?t=70
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Like definitely remove them I want to be inexistent is it possible ? I want to wear dresses and top but I can't because of them it's very hot I'm always with a coat on me...
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apply scarring cream, and if you start gaining or losing weight do it slowly, not suddenly. if it happens suddenly the skin won't have time to adjust and poof! stretch marks or loose skin appears. it's gonna take time, you can't get rid of stretch marks overnight, but they do fade. pics would be helpful to judge the severity of them
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But I head about laser I hope that in the future they will find a way to remove stretch mark
I had stretch marks on my chest and I used a product called bioil, it worked very well. Of course they didn't disappear but they went from white and purple lines to very thin pinkish lines that you can't really distinguish from skin. And I'm thankful because I couldn't wear v necks before or bikinis.

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pretty /fa/ related... wtf happened to mugler?
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him younger
steriod abuse, lip injections.
Horrible plastic surgery, by the looks of it. Why do people still do this?

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will dirt and grime ever be effay /fa/?
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theres a difference between your cheeto dust and skid mark stains and stains from changing oil or fixing machines
worn clothes look better than crisp new clothes every single time.

no your mtn dew stains are not fa. talking dirt and scuff marks and honey combs

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anything that can cover up your arms without getting too much attention

easy during winter but once summer hits the only cover up is genuine confidence
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Try this
you might disagree with me, but this is peak performance

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are you actually gonna get a pair?
Eurofag here, I hate that there's no way to buy a pair on the interwebz. Fug.
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looks like dollar store club cees

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How to come to his level
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reroll life

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w2c boots?
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Rick owens geobasket
bast shoes

Delfin is kill and there is no tribute thread
what the fuck, guise

>good night sweet prince
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Can't you just hem the back of a shirt shorter so that it actually looks somewhat like it does on the model/mannequin?
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unless you have that body type it is not going to fit like that

and those photoshopped cuffs piss me off so much
Entire shirt is photoshopped, my dude.

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