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why do i look weird in everything i wear? i dress pretty basic and yet still everything seems off. i pretty much exclusively wear dark or neutral colors and somehow i look in the mirror and feel like my clothes don't match. everyone else's outfits seem to blend seamless, whereas for me something always stands out and looks out of place. is this some sort of delusion driven by insecurity or am i literally too autistic to dress myself?
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post a fit and i'll tell you.
not gonna post a pic, but i look and dress more or less exactly like pic related (virgin walk guy, not elliot), only i know just enough to avoid those white new balance.

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why did NMDs die out so fast?
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NMD's died out? Since when?
Nice try Nike

last time i bought nikes was in 2014

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any movement that originates from 4chan or reddit is automatically cringy by default
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these are the alpha males of /pol/ and thedonald folks, pathetic.

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Anyone have a clue what high end company made this jacket?

Artist is G Dragon, a korean singer who only wears $1,000+ jackets/shirts/pants
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What makes you think we don't know G Dragon ?
I mean I only found out about him 30 mins ago so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Are guns effay?
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yeah nigga
no u redneck
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Is too poor /fa/?
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Here are some references:
she's basic and could be easily replaced, nothing original

that being said I would fuck if the situation presented itself
of course you would. fucking monkey

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>The picture that destroyed /fa
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nah i think /fa/ is 1 steap ahead of this desu. this is 100% r streetwear tho
This is a great picture. If anyone can even faintly relate to this picture, they should right away acknowledge that they don't belong on /fa/.

>1 step ahead

/fa/ wasn't even on the same tier as this in the past. There was no way 2011-2014 /fa/ would even come close to this at all. The quality of this board went downhill violently.
AKA everyone on the west coast

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that's a weird fucking question but now that I think about it, a good one. So obviously you have the neck question (v neck, crew neck, etc) but you can do solid colors, heathered, stripes, and those shirts with the little multicolored dots that europeans and thugs always wear
What's a good place to get decent plain tees that aren't too expensive?
V Necks are hella gay.

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Alright guys I'm wearing a dark brown leather jacket out tonight with matching boots. What shirt and pants should I wear?
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don't use matching boots. use other tone of brown if wearing brown
By matching I mean brown, they're a little darker
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brown leather shirt + brown leather pants

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Gonna attend University as a freshman next month. What clothes do I need.
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whatever you like to wear
Get some Polo Custom Fit button downs to wear out on weekends. Girls love that shit
i fucking hate these threads lol

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Post fits and I will sketch them
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(feel free to repost shit from it to bump this thread)

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Which one looks more redneck and suitable for a confederate flag?
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Kill yourself
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Left or middle, redneck camo is hunting camo, which is different from military camo - it's sublimation printed images of forest litter. Like this hat you can get at Walmart.

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needing some inspo
(pic unrelated)
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Let's talk eyebrows /fa/. What are the most effay eyebrows on a girl? What are the most effay eyebrows on a guy?
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the only effay eyebrows I can think of is Cara Delevingne
straight eyebrows are /fa/ 2 me
How does that look like without make-up?

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is this too edgy.png
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Is this too edgy?
Idk the bucket hat looks kinda stupid.
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I would shit on the fit becuse of the nike (supreme collab?) and the NMDs, the fuckthepopulation bucket had is edgy by itself, but otherwise is an ok fit for streetwear standars
This does not deserve it's own thread but since you already made it:

You will look like a trendhopping hypebeast walki ng billboard.
what's wrong withe the Nike collab, I think It's dope.

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