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Got a job interview as a part times sales assistant in a tile store. I think a suit & tie would be overkill. What should I wear instead?

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Shirt and sensible tie would do. Don't wear a blazer.

Business casual. I'd wear the suit but ditch the tie.
Why not just a shirt, nice pants and leather shoes. That is what I would wear. Casual business is what you are looking for.

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W2C this neck tie? I have looked everywhere but couldn't find one of this effay neck bow tie by Gucci. Will I have to spend 125 USD just for this or can anybody find a similar one?
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Idk, I think KFC had something similar
This. Ask Col. Sanders.
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col sanders portrait.jpg
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Top Kek

I am fucking serious.

I wanna wear this with my suit

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Is this the GOAT store if you're broke as fuck?

How do the shoes hold up btw? Thinking about copping the all white sneaks.
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HM is overrated as fuck for poorfags honestly, they're always outclassed by someone else.
Uniqlo has better tees
Zara has better outerwear (sale)
Jeans might be alright I'd you're seriously strapped for cash
Shoes are not worth bothering with
I don't think HnM's shoes are good shoes. If you are looking for cheap sneakers go to a place that does exclusively sneakers and buy cheap ones from there.
The prices in HnM are too high for the quality (I am from Europe and it's not too cheap here)
They have decent women's shorts, but almost everything else is shite.
Also I can't not mention - all of their cosmetics are complete rubbish.
Honestly the tees at HM fit me weird as fuck so I'll check out Uniqlo.

Were any of the Beatles /fa/ in your opinions?
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they couldn't pull on turtlenecks like the stones
John had it in him.
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what kind of question is that

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2MB, 1500x1500px
I will (try to) start

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Goodnight sweet prince.
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How do you react to someone wearing Youtube merch? Can fanmerch ever be effay?
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that colour scheme is so cringey
>he doesn't dress in pastelcore
Heh. Casuals...

it's called kid-core and it's gunna be huge

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TMNT cosplay.jpg
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Show me whatchu got
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Not really cringe when it's someone obviously taking the piss (not that it's funny)
For good cringe the person needs to have no self awareness
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how's this?
it's a shame really, if he sized up the shirt and sized down the shoes it would make for a really good fit

So I guess this is why women think Johnny Depp is hot?
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Go back to your friends
File: C-C-023XcAgaeOc.jpg (96KB, 1199x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Because he was stylish af when he was Young you dumb faggot. kys.
You are the dumb cunt.
This is supose to be a fashion board, dumb threads get bait responses. Go to /soc/

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why are Russian girls so fuckin aesthetic?
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This is ugly mongoloid roundfaced trash, lol.
then what does /fa/ consider aesthetic?
As a Russian guy they are not. Why do Americans obsess over them?

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What are some /fa/ milsurp items
>Pic semi-related
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M88 Belgian Parka
Flecktarn parka meme you fags started.
Milsurp boots
Also BW Feldblusen in Flecktarn if you're into actual outdoor shit.
>tfw I live on a military base
>can't wear boots like OP's without looking like a dork

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Is big curly hair effay? Could I rock a style like pic related or is it too much?
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assuming you're a girl it's fucking hot
Yeah I'm a girl. I'm Scottish/Jamaican so I have huge curly hair that I've been straightening for the past 8 years. I'm trying to embrace my natural curls now before I damage them any further.

Idk. I'm always worried I look "unprofessional" or "wild" as opposed to my quiet nature. Maybe I should learn not to give a shit.

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What's a good shoe for working in a grocery store?
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Depends on where. I hear in the US that shit is easy going depending on where the store is located.

Here in Germany you better bring high comfort running shoes.

t. worked in a food discounter for a year
Considering every dumb fuck teenager within a 50 mile radius of me seems to own a pair of oldschools, I'd say you'd fit right in wearing them to work at something as starter-position as a grocery store
Honestly, anything with decent support (you're gonna be standing for hours a day).

I personally wear NMDs (work in a grocery store deli) and never get any sort of foot strain / aching.

Vans are probably a poor choice

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fa meetup.jpg
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I like the fit of the one in the pink hat
some of them look lame but some have good looking
Anyone got the version with "character descriptions"?

File: lol.png (2MB, 1123x1414px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1123x1414px
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File: bruh.jpg (173KB, 1024x766px)Image search: [Google]
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Second pic.
ill date him
Man... what I would do just for a quick whiff of his asshole.

File: mall.jpg (683KB, 2000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm going to the mall.

Recommend me some stores, brands, and styles.

Finally going to change clothes after 4 years.
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>not being so crippled by social anxiety from being the unpopular weird kid that you HAVE to order online because the idea of sales associates talking to you makes you panic

you belong on malefashionadvice not here

OK calm down relax... just deep breaths
We are not your personal shoppers. Lurk more

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