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w2c pants?

Favorite pair of Yeezys?
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>people think that shit looks good
since the attractiveness of yeezys is directly dependent on their rarity, i'd have to say v1s or the red stripe v2s

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unnamed (1).jpg
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im 18. am i finished?
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can it be saved in anyway? certain vitamins, hair products? all my brothers and my dad have a fucked up hairline

You're 18

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How many models are there on /fa/? How many beautiful people are there on 4chan in general?
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im a model but im pretty weird looking. to me most models are more pretty than beautiful.
Are you a girl or a boy?
Post face pls
Cara here

File: black marble tattoo.jpg (570KB, 1440x1440px)Image search: [Google]
black marble tattoo.jpg
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designed this the other day, thoughts ?
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based off of this black marble cover
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Got this done last friday, it's still healing
>getting a tattoo of an album with 2 good songs
portland U and iron heart do not a good album make

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how do i get in /fa/
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only wear black
I got in when I was 18 and I dressed like shit.

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One of these, it's been a while
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ain't got any, but this one is funny as fuck
W2C GF like this
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>that person you know who really wants to be a model
Tell us about him/her.
(Telling about yourself is ok)
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I want to be a model, but I'm average height and not skinny enough. Although I've been told by multiple people I totally could be a model, I know with my body type I wouldn't really get anywhere.
Post face.
I want to be a model. I'm pretty tall, even if I'd use a few centimeters, like two. Pretty skinny too. In fact I'm already signed into a local agency but it isn't that big, and I got a contest in September that could be VERY big thing.

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w2c shoes like the ones in this picture? Also, w2c general.
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That's some top tier shit
Except for the cigs of course
W2c gats that attend hundreds of dollars?

Violet in the incredibles was effay af
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George Soros
File: B6sEz8NIQAMqWrN.jpg (107KB, 600x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Does that means that she is effay too? since she kinda looks like her
File: IMG_3607.gif (1MB, 400x280px)Image search: [Google]
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Please go back to pol, shill

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>tfw 5ft 5
>119 pounds (8 and a half stone, 7 pounds off from my minimum healthy weight)
>STILL got a chubby look

fucking kill me /fa/, how much more weight do I need to lose?
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>still looks pudgy at 119 lbs

You need to work out and lose the skinnyfat look
Sleep on your back, do mewing exercises, lift weights, read about water retention.

why would you be at a disadvantage sleeping on your front/ sides. Genuinely curious.

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My birthday is in a week and I want to treat myself to piece <$150 that will last me a long time and will be worth the investment. Ideas?
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Dragon dildo.

Happy bday anon.
>treating yourself
are you like 15 or something?
If I had $150, I'd probably sell something and find a pair of boots for $200.00.

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/fa general inescurity thread
How to deal with short n stubby legs? This is the bane of my existance
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Get over it. Find something you like about yourself and build confidence. Are you good at something? Do you have a kind and warm personality? Lead with that, don't worry about height. Kinda people make fun of your height don't deserve attention, unless you're a soulless fag with a terrible personality, then you deserve it.

I'm short too, but I'm very nice to people, I make friends easily this way, I worry about my own goals, I don't look for girls, and yet they've found me.

Also: if you're short, nice, and "cute" (non threatening, but nice to look at), tall girls will actually flock to you because they feel freakish and gross too. The loyal ones tend to like short guys with odd hobbies or interests.
more testosterone=relatively shorter legs
Ever notice girls have belly buttons the same height as guys 4+ inches taller than them
>more testosterone=relatively shorter legs

holy fuck manlets use any type of coping mechanism to feel better about their height good lord

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How do you feel about how your parents dress(ed)? How do they feel about your style? What are some effay children's clothes? I'll be a father soon and need to prep. Any other parents here?
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When I was very young my mum didn't care at all really, we didn't have much money so I'd basically be dressed in supermarket clothing and my brother's hand me downs. Once I got a bit older and entered my teens she tried to dress me more preppy to look nicer and richer than we maybe were, also to get me in good social circles. I honestly don't blame her and appreciate all that she did, although I was never cool I was always dressed warm and well. Once I started university I had the freedom with my own money to start dressing in what I liked but never could.
Don't worry too much about how your child dresses. If they dress too flashy it looks like you're projecting yourself onto them. Just make sure they don't dress like a sperg.
Just let them dress in what they think looks nice and you'll be dad of the year. They don't understand fashion so don't worry about it too much. When they hit their teenage years maybe give them a few pointers here and there if you can though.

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If you don't dress for women then literally what in the fuck are you doing?
>heh, I don't dress for anybody kid
>I dress for MYSELF
Does anyone else laugh when they see people say this?
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I only care about anime bitches
i mean i most people dress both to impress/receive validation from others and to express/present themselves. it's pretty gay to be just one or the other

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