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What is your go to chelsea boot? Thinking about getting some bottega venetas because size 46 common projects were to small for me.
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Are you a coke dealer in a French night club?
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I wear these and like them a lot
Was looking at a black version of these actually. Hows comfort?

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Rate dem fits fa
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Maxmoefoe, idubbbz, and filthy frank?
Are these dudes like 40 and still dress like this?

How do I incorporate a Christian horror/Black Spain/Catholic surrealism aesthetic into my wardrobe?
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Become a priest
Wear pointy hats.
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goya witches flight.jpg
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Pointy hats truly are where it's at huh

Does anyone know where I could get more inspo for this? Any paintings/movies/games/books/etc that have these themes? Right now I've only got a few Goya paintings

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Is this style of jacket exclusive to Saint Laurent?
I found one that looks exactly the same for a lot less made out of fake leather (I try to avoid using real leather it's a bit disgusting and disturbing to use another being skin to cover mine also I won't spend 5k dollars on a fucking jacket) I like the style of the jacket my only concern is that I don't want to look like someone who is wearing a fake. That's why I want to know if Saint Laurent is the only brand that makes jackets that look like this
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It's a perfecto jacket, there are loads of 'em, or are you looking one with exactly the same pocket arrangement?

Good thing about leather is that it will outlast any fake leather jacket
may be wrong but didn't schott popularize the perfectos
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a perfecto looks like this the one im talking about lloks exactly like the one I posted above

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thread over
>ios default interface

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How can I dress to let people know I listen to Jazz (but not freeform jazz)?
>discuss clothing trends
>post inspo (pic related is Max Roach)
>bump with favorite jazz songs, albums, and musicians

I'll start by posting one of my favorite albums– Scenery, by Ryo Fukui
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Wow another poser who pretends he "likes jazz" because YouTube reccomended him a meme album by an untalented gook.
Formal, Causal, but relaxed
First for Thelonious Monk
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/fa/ work boots?
Any manual labourers here?
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Pic related. Have a pair of Justin work boots I got from a thrift store; great buy.

I'm also looking for ankle work boots , any suggestions?
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Effaiest music artist in your country?
My vote in spain

Please try not to turn this into a Bowie inspo thread
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kanye west
He got some nice fits, I only dislike his 808s Era outfits

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Hey, I posted here when sikkkk fadeZ, hitler youth, dressing like your grandpa, aldens indy boots, put this on and blah's tits were the in-thing.

what's the general consenus now?
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a noose it seems
i fucking hate gingers

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fuck pastel colors in pretty much any context

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This thread is for discussing glasses styles and fits and asking for ratings and recommendations.
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Thin frames have to come back but the fucking tumblr girls don't want to let go of the classic black frame ''bold'' hipster look.

Thin frames are coming back. Posts like yours make me wonder why I even come here.
I need the frames you just posted.

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Post your usernames and stuff. Y'all know the drill.
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Here's mine if you wanna check it out. Graphic design and some fits.



>not /fa/ fite me irl
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never. not serious about. being serious.

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Any other bros with shovelfeet got some recommendations? What are some nice sneakers that fit you
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new balances
I should have said ones that don't look like orthopedic grandpa shoes preferably

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Questions, haircuts, tips, suggestions
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how the fuck do I fix this
That's probably just your hairline, gotta learn to live with it, if you notice further significant thinning and, see a doctor.
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Are female buzzcuts fah?

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So /fa/ is this to formal to wear to college / university?
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If you're going for that vibe at least tone the shoes down to desert boots or boat shoes.
Is this what Americans typically wear to university?
yes, change the shoes. also are those dress pants/slacks? if so change to chinos

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