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Are cigarettes and/or cigars /fa/? What brands do you smoke? Pic related is what I smoke, like the very light flavor
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Luckies. Too bad I can never find them :(
>Ultra lights
Do you also smoke cock? Waste of money buying those, practically air. Smoke some real cigs like Reds

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Imperium of man.jpg
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Thread for small and individual questions

I have no related pics edition
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Has anyone ever tried iron-on transfers?

I want some band shirts but I can't afford the international shipping, it's almost the same price as my order. My plan is to make a load of shirts until the bands tour near me so I can buy the shirts then.

Also, what do you guys think of band shirts with just the name like pic related? I don't want to go crazy with the transfers because my printer is unreliable.

I've done a couple of iron ons and it's kinda finicky.

If ur planning to do prints on dark shirts like that one then u need "dark fabric" transfer paper otherwise the white won't show up. Then u'll have to cut out ur image so it doesn't have a background cuz the dark transfer paper works like a sticker that u iron on. U'll have to go over the edges multiple times if u don't want them to peel off. Also when u wash and dry the shirt, it'll be really wrinkly but you can just re-iron the design with a piece of tracing paper over it.

The the regular "light fabric" transfer paper is easier to work with because it works like a temporary tattoo. It doesn't print white so it uses the background color (ur shirt) as white. You should cut out the background of ur image anyway because it will leave a super glossy box and u'll be able to tell it's an iron on. Also,u will have to print ur image backwards if ur printing on light fabric paper.

Both papers will leave a super glossy finish. U can remove the gloss if u iron over ur design with a peice of tracing paper over it, but it can take a few passes to completely remove it. Be careful with the light transfer design tho, it can peel off if you iron a piece of paper over it for too long.

Sorry this was so long, i just had a lot to say
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How do I fix the back of my shoe? I was thinking of hittin it with a blow drier to pop out the dent, would that work?

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fit 3.jpg
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New grid thread. Other one approaching 300. Get in here and rate.
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Grid fit copy.png
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Post pieces that are played out
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official cuck shoe next to cp
and geobaskets
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Any "dad hat" with a tiny design on the front that you can buy at Zumies

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Ayo where to cop pants

>W2c general
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Hmu, I need theeeeese!
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W2C this jacket or something similar
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And W2C this jacket or something similar

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>"surgery is stupi--"
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Who said this?
/fa/ggots who think it's deceptive and therefore unacceptable
If I wasn't so fucking poor i would already have gotten surgery. I don't understand why people are so against it, if you have the money to have top notch surgery improve your appearance significantly, why would you refuse?

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What profession is most /fa/ and why is it that of an airline pilot?
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do people on /fa/ not work?

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My bi-monthly dump of this shit to see if anyone has any more of this.

I'm trying to be fiscally smart - but I want to stay fashionable with this aesthetic I like.
How can I dress like this on a budget? Any general tips? Uniqlo has been pretty good to me when they're on a sale.
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Email me and I'll explain how you can get more yourself
strapsonstandby @ gmail.com
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name a more /fa/ music artist

- inb4 you cant
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I think tyler, frank, and rocky are all some of the most /fa/ music artists out there.
what a horrible, horrible opinion.
thanks man appreciate it.

Where in the hell can I get >>>men's<<< skinny jeans that would fit like pic related? I'm tired of wearing girl's jeans with small pockets...
I know Oliver wears custom made ones, but a peasant like me cannot afford that.
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hot topic

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WAYWT Inspo thread

post fits saved from WAYWT threads
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Another question about H&M. Are their pants as disgustingly cheap as their shirts? I got a few H&M pants and a few H&M shirts, because I thought they looked pretty good on me. But two of the shirts already shrunk down a couple sizes, and I never thought the pants were that high quality, but the more I look at them the cheaper they look and feel. I'm considering taking all of it back, it cost me about 250 dollars for practically a whole weeks wardrobe of clothes. Which at the time seemed like a really great bargain. Now I just want a couple nice shirts, and a couple nice pants, not a bunch of garbage.
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Their pants are much worse, at least for women. I've tried them on a few times and they're extremely stiff and starchy, very uncomfortable
Will they take them back of you have the price tags detached from the shirts?
Their pants are fine for me. No better or worse than any other ~$40 pants you can buy at the mall, pairs I have had lasted a few years. Then again I don't have the same problem as you with the shirts shrinking

is it ever effay to fart in public? if so, describe when it happened?
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i farted on a kids face in the subway

what happened to make it fashionable?
>if so, describe when it happened
Every time I leave the house

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