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is this headphone effay? what is your headphone
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Bump. Curious which headphones are /fa/
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What is the opinion on Beats in current year?

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(or men, if you know)

What is the name for this dress? Does it, or its style, have a specific name/descriptor/common association, or is it just a 'dress'?
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It's called the basic bitch

Dont buy these unless youre some sort of baddie or instagram thot

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Is he /fa/ ?
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No cuz he's a black ape

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Was David Bowie /fa/?
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It's undeniable.
is probably the most effay person of all time
Yes. You shouldn't even have to ask this

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How does he do it?
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probably by being a good looking and somewhat talented person, how else???
it also helps he has a few famous friends and is also a little famous himself so idk
Low inhibition and money
>somewhat talented

Literally the most talented out of all Gtb/sbe

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>be poorfag me but still very effay
>dress semi-formal and very well
>go to most expensive shopping mall in my state
>enter Hugo Boss, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna
>waste salesman's time
>get out without buying anything

Who else here has ascended?
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>Hugo Boss
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>Hugo Boss
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It is luxury for me m8.

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ideal male face.jpg
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I expect some great and worthwhile debate from you literal faggots.
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because i can
You sure? Fashion is only fashionable when other people like that which has been fashioned fashionably. An unfashionable face and frame can never be fashionable - no matter the ostensibly fashionable clothing over it.

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Black Hair General
People with curly hair also welcome

Share inspo, ask questions, share advice.

Also discord link: https://discord.gg/3dU2CRH
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Am I doing good??
Marry me
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This a pic from a while back, but this is where it's at rn. I need more curls. Advice?

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hair product to use to achieve this texture? dumb q but i've only ever used hair wax in the past.
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Don't wash your hair
bumping this because I never figured out how the fuck people got their hair like this

new sleazecore thread old one is old
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shep gordon had some great looks back in the day
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this movie is great for sleazecore inspo, robert evans is legendary

How many pairs of shoes do you have? I'm at 11 which I find a little excessive, but can't find anywhere to trim back. How do you organize your collection?

Marni derbies
>dressy ish
Dr. Martens 1461
>Nicer Sneakers (need dark and light pairs)
CP Achilles White
Ozweego 1s
>Beaters (need dark and light pairs)
OG Gats
Black Lanvins
Converse Highs
>Skate Shoes
Suede Converse Lows
Margiela Side Zip
>Running shoes
fake yeezys I found at goodwill
Suicoke depas

I also have a trashed pair of old skools
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wear cps as beaters and drop the lanvins and og gats
>cream ozweego
>robot ozweego
>aged white raf stans
>pink raf stans
>biege raf stans
>visvim mocs
>visvim duck boots
>visvim canvas skagaway
>black gosha vans
>mmm gats
>paint splatter gats
>cream gats
>bunny ozweego
>hender scheme vans
>hender scheme af1's
>play converse hi small heart
>undercover vans 2x
>nubuk cream gats
>nike airmax silver
>nike spiridon
>nike x apc suede biege free
>yuketen boots
>yuketen boat shoes 2x
>og rick vans
>app suede chelsea
>og raf stans
>ganyru canvas creepers

probably forgetting a few
I'm still trying to downsize all the stupid shit I've bought over the last two years. Gotta refine my style.
at least designer shoes are really easy to sell

my closet is filled with random shit I've bought from the thrift and online

I can't bring myself to just give it all to goodwill but there's no resell value

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Why do you lazy fuckers keep letting the threads 404 without making a new thread Edition.
Last: >>12623828

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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we're tired from malnourishment
today I had a mushi cake, a cheese slice and two sparkling waters
Hello, I'm trans and I'm new here. Just want to wish good luck to everyone :)
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Good luck with your transition, friend. Don't take this the wrong way, but why are you trying to be thinspo if you're trans? I figure if you're mtf it would bring out your bone structure more and make you look less feminine, and if you're ftm you should be trying to build some muscle to look more masculine. Sorry if this question is dumb or makes you feel bad, I got the Aspergers so sometimes I can make people feel bad

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Let's face it. You look like a fool with your cricket sweater and Tweed sweater

Post some modern, not cringey prep

>Ralph Lauren
>Southern Tide
>Vineyard Vines

Stop dressing like it's the 60s
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Twed blazer*

You get the point
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File: IMG_20170715_222434.jpg (91KB, 750x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Post ur tote bags here. I need some inspo
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Purse, anon. It's called a purse. And don't use one unless you're a faggot.
This one pretty cool, but from last year I think and damn it's expensive for a tote.

Totes are pretty cool if done right, and getting it to look right is not that hard either.
You also won't need to put all your stuff in your pockets anymore, which also looks very ugly.
They're just useful overall.
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Shit photo, but i use this one, which is fairly simple and spacious.

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those cuffs give me herpes
since I'm living in the middle of fucking nowhere, know nobody my age, and don't have anything to do, probably whatever I'm going to wear to work tonight.

it's fucking depressing. I need uni to start up again soon
Are you me? What uni?

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