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Really dig Shia's style.

Can anyone help with the pants? I really like the fit. I'm 5'10 with kinda skinny legs. Doesn't have to be exact brand just looking for some that fit that way with the boots.
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They are Nike, cant remember what they are called though
they're probably just army surplus boots
are you autistic

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Post your recent cops.

Got my yoooooolius. dem stacks hnnnnggg
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Looks cool, hope you got the tops to complement it
I can't tell if your dog is embarrassed for you or because he has to be seen with you

Nice filter, faggot.
Post a normal photo so we can see how ridiculous they really look.

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01 - bQMNpfh.png
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share summer shoes and fits cause the shit's starting to get hot here
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I need inspo
>i love tanner, the janitor

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old one approaching 300

post your questions that don't deserve their own threads here (i.e, all of them)
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So I don't really get the difference between certain types of cotton. Some 'cotton' t shirts I have are really thick, and then I have some beach wear sort of stuff that is really light but is also cotton.

I want to buy some more of the lightweight stuff, how do I search specifically for this kind of light weight cotton?
Stop using Nico images, you fucking asshole. Each time I see one of your threads I get my hopes up thinking that I get to discuss her fashion sense.
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so, im starting to fall for the casual running shoe meme. recommend me some comfy black ones i can wear to work please :>

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new palewave general
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keep it chill as always, guys
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was about to make a new thread, nice
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We haven't had one of these in quite a while now.
Cyber/Lunarcore thread.
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mig rucksack.jpg
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People in the jewelwave thread were asking me about Djinn influenced stuff, so here's a thread.

I think this is gonna be big next year. I hate the idea of naming it, but I had to put something searchable in the subject. The look is similar to what people are predicting for jewelwear. Luxurious fabrics abound, muted tones, details, and some drape is where I think it's going.

Inspiration runs from genies of lore to rich damasks and sultans' robes down to mystic symbols and flourishes.

I don't have much inspo yet, so please contribute if you want/can.
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are the two I posted in the other thread.
something I came to think of when I saw your pic is the original concept for I am Legend

have a bump
Pleats are clearly making a comeback and I think they work well with this look. Yohji type pants are great, both in black and dark earth and mineral tones.

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Anymore palepink inspo?
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ima dump what i find
this doesn't need its own thread, just post in the Palewave general.

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>tfw you will never fuck effay qts cos theyre too good for you
>tfw you will only ever fuck basic bitches

who else knows this feel
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>fuckin women
have fun with aids
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>tfw too shy to go after /fa/ guys
>tfw have been alone for too long
>tfw you see basic bitches with their qt bfs and feel even worse

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pic related
been searching for shoe since august
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cop shit is dope
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are those alden? I can't quite tell cause the image quality ain't so good

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Slackercore Thread? I've been getting baked a lot recently and I just want to be comfy when I go out in public now. Any suggestions for my basic wardrobe?
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Enjoy prison.
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tfw when u have a qt3.14 asian gf
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You didn't even bother changing the filename. At least attempt to make it believable
idktf ))^:

at least I have a white gf tho!

w-well kind of... sort of...

...she'll come around
>tfw asian qt gril was glancing at me on the train home today
>tfw too beta to do anything about it

is there any legitimate proven way to get a stronger jawline or is it all just bullshit? do you just have to be born with it or is the mouth breathing stuff true?

im just wondering for all you weak jawed losers, i personally have a great jaw :)
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It's 95% genetics. The other 5% is making sure you don't breathe through your mouth even if you're asleep or push on your teeth with your tongue in resting position before the age of ~15. Braces will help a teenager's jawline a bit, but anything else requires surgery.

If you're fat then cutting will help, but if you're skinny (like me) there's nothing you can do, except maybe grow a kick-ass beard and not be a faggot.
Daily reminder that your face is ruined because of your environment

the idea
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY3bIMRKil8 [Embed]

the proper posture
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmZZfO0hXLo [Embed]

-Humans very recently have been eating a soft low volume diet, which means less use of jaw muscles and weaker jaw muscles
-Humans very recently have been weaned off breastfeeding early, so have developed improper swallowing patterns and tongue positions
-Humans very recently have had a rise in allergies, which has led to mouth-breathing and lowered tongue position
-Human bones are very malleable, force from facial muscles and the tongue alter the shape of the bones
-All of these factors combined have led to poor form and function of the face:
-- ugly, downward growth
-- a lack of horizontal growth
-- short, receding chins
-- narrow palates
-- crowded, poorly aligned teeth
-- recessed, elongated midfaces with poor cheekbones
-- less room for the tongue, leading to snoring, sleep apnoea, general breathing problems
-- etc.
The best way to try to fix these problems if you are already affected is to ensure that the teeth are together, the lips are together and the tongue is on the roof of the mouth, as well as chewing a lot of tough foods.

also for hard food just stuff like steaks and bagguettes, also definitely get FALIM gum or any other hard gum that keeps its consistency
i started doing this since the day this video got posted here, im 21 so i guess its kinda late but it wont hurt me not to do it

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Also patches and buttons general!
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Found this on the ground

Is this the perfect /phy/sique?
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chest too big forearms too small slightly more traps and shoulders needs better stomach better lats all obtainable this looks like some basic lifting heavy things to put them back down again guy

swimming climbing cycling running + twice a week lifting = supreme physique
literally autism
>swimming climbing cycling running + twice a week lifting = supreme physique
how much free time do you have, anon?

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