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goth wizard 2.jpg
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People in the jewelwave thread were asking me about Djinn influenced stuff, so here's a thread.

I think this is gonna be big next year. I hate the idea of naming it, but I had to put something searchable in the subject. The look is similar to what people are predicting for jewelwear. Luxurious fabrics abound, muted tones, details, and some drape is where I think it's going.

Inspiration runs from genies of lore to rich damasks and sultans' robes down to mystic symbols and flourishes.

I don't have much inspo yet, so please contribute if you want/can.
are the two I posted in the other thread.
something I came to think of when I saw your pic is the original concept for I am Legend

have a bump
Pleats are clearly making a comeback and I think they work well with this look. Yohji type pants are great, both in black and dark earth and mineral tones.
Yeah, I feel that. I've always thought that close-fitting small drapes look pretty cool. I definitely see a connection with traditional middle-eastern garb, which includes desert robes and head coverings.

Here's a ridiculous picture of Adam Lambert.

I dig the color scheme and all of the intricate patterns, but obviously this is the flashy extreme.
Belted jackets work well
Yes, damn. That's... Hm. I think I'm a bit more attracted to the more toned down outfits. Shades of blue, green, grey. Maybe a bit more like tuareg /desertninja.

I think the patterns could work if they were a bit less all over the place
Hoods work well too. I like the torso silhouette here, but it's a bit goofninja as well. I'd like to see a different palette.

Yeah, that's a great photo. Subtle patterns
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This is a pretty good layering piece, especially under a simple layer. It's a linen blend that provides an interesting texture.
Yeah I agree. Hoods can totally work as long as it's not all black.
It's the dark blue stuff that gets me
It's very mystical and powerful imo

>The Tuareg are sometimes called the "Blue People" because the indigo pigment in the cloth of their traditional robes and turbans stained their skin dark blue. The traditional indigo turban is still preferred for celebrations, and generally Tuareg wear clothing and turbans in a variety of colors.
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tangentially related is the cape, which I also see making a return in a more traditional form for women and a shorter scarf-like poncho for men. A cape in a dark damask or brocade would be awesome.
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not related but
I think suede can work well. The earthy color and fine texture give natural life to an outfit.

Yeah, sandals can work. Also slip on shoes, more like house shoes.
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reminds me of this

might need more drapes and hoods and turbans though
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I think the patchwork effect can work. I see it working best in a dark indigo akin to the traditional Japanese boro technique.
Awesome pants. I love the way those cape/shirt patterns look. Would be nice to see it applied to something like in

also, we're the only 2 posters. haha
this is some elder god tier shit
Do you think I would look too try hard wearing clothes like this as your average white male?
Depends on how far you take it.
File: SR501d.jpg (115KB, 400x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Right. I think it can be pulled off with subtler details.

I have these Sruli Recht pants in a very dark green. The photo doesn't do them justice, but they have a really nice drape in the front, they're tapered beautifully, there's a great natural hatched pattern to the bamboo fabric, and they feel amazing. Even my tailor was impressed by them. The details are subtle enough that they're pretty easy to wear.
In fact, I think Recht was ahead of the game on this one. So many of his pieces are sharply darted or pleated, but with very organic lines and drapes. His colors are very unique as well, much in the way Rick Owens is known for his distinctive color shades. Everything I have of his feels so luxurious, but works in more casual fits.
Star Wars Cosplay thread?
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 18

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