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Cav Empt Thread
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why is it so perfect and how soon until the supreme/palace/wavey garms fuccbois get here?
Anyone else miss this?

Thought I was pretty on top of releases but this thing sold out incredibly fast. Going to have to wait until their next pullover/anorak. The ones they put out are always great.

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What does /fa think of the manbun undercut?
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trendy fuck
nigga lookin slimy af
Meme-tier nowadays, literally only an idiot would have it now

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Where can I pick up some basic t shirts with longer looser cuts because AA and Uniqlo fit too tight and short im looking for around that price but higher quality
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Maybe zanderobe flintlock tee. Idk if they make a white one. I haven't looked in 2-3 years
was wondering the same thing.

I copped a bunch from 'everlane' when they used to make them but they don't anymore.

Forever 21 has extremely cheap ones. Quality is okay, good for the price, but I was looking for something a little higher quality.
I'm not specifically looking for white just any colors really also minimalistic graphics would be cool just no branding the main focus for me is the loose fit and long length

how is an effay body achieved?

dont just say cigarettes and coffee
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coffee and cigarettes
coffee and cigarettes
coffee and cigarettes

What kind of style is this? What is it called? Like how he is wearing an oversized shirt underneath it all. Let me find more pictures. It is not QUITE comfycore though, and I have seen Urban outfitters hold pieces from this style nowadays.
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Kind of this...https://instagram.com/p/yqi1yZEOZ-/
why do you need a name for it? you could call it "wearing a regular outfit with a long shirt underneath"

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she has funky eyes
File: 056039-1.jpg (45KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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this is great

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Dumping what I have
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File: IMG_9419.jpg (132KB, 660x1022px)Image search: [Google]
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nice, this is my shit
i'll post a few

File: 20130404-YRA_6116.jpg (265KB, 1068x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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What's the general consensus on thigh high/over knee leg wear? I've always been a fan of it for, but don't know what it goes best with.
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it makes my penis really hard

post a fit, so we can help you pick out what goes good with what you have
Hot as fuck, but only if it's convincingly innocent enough. If it looks slutty, forget it. The Japs seem to do it better than most, maybe look at them for inspo.
File: 1393144394242.jpg (271KB, 607x911px)Image search: [Google]
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it can be cute as fuck
skirts and short shorts work, but i've seen some trashy fits with shorts

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palewave shoes thread

share your shoes that fit the color scheme. pic related, i promise.
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are mustard colored sneakers pale?
planning on bleaching my shitty black canvas shoes then dying them this color

thanks for the inspo.
Are superstars pale?

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I'm looking for a casual black boot, are the CDB's in black leather recommended or do yall just fuck with the beeswax model?
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i think they look odd in black
tbh i would just get the desert mali if a black boots what ya seek
those look so cheap, wtf
I've had these for 3 years they wear in great and are well made for the price.

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Jack and Jones.jpg
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Hey /fa/ looking for a cheap everyday coat for spring, (sub 200), what brands/styles do you rec?

+ thoughts / pic related
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I am monitoring this thread

is this b8?
File: Tan.jpg (177KB, 900x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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jacket, coat, windbreaker, shell, idc

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unnamed (1).jpg
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Who's your favorite fashion model?
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File: Screenshot_2015-03-14-21-23-38.png (630KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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sam rollinson
saskia de brauw
rory o'hara
young kate moss

honorable mention for robbie snelders and karlie kloss


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Old one hit 300.
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File: image.jpg (38KB, 300x534px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone know where I can get these boots?
File: w2c2.jpg (37KB, 540x351px)Image search: [Google]
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File: CaINWqcx_400x400.jpg (13KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Has anyone purchased AScolour tees from Australia into the EU? How much did you have to pay for customs?

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Are masks /fa/?
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if you live in korea/japan and have to keep microdust/pollution out of your lungs, yes

saw a little kid with a bane-size mask yesterday
literally covered his entire face other than his mouth
absolutely halal
that's china not korea or japan, damn idiot

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dont know sauce.gif
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Somehow as a straight male I have inherited a big womanly butt that I never worked for and that no amount of cardio or dieting seems to get rid of. The rest of my body is average/thin.

I can't find pants that really fit me without them highlighting huge ass in the way most girls would like. It's been a struggle all my life since I became aware of it around 6th grade.

and shirts do the same. I'm constantly having to pull my shirts down so that they stop resting at the top of my butt and showing off the curve.

What can be done to fight this? what kind of clothes should I be wearing?

>pic related: almost exactly what I have
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become a trap
I have the same problem lmao
wear shirts about dick level, I find this easy to do because i'm a manlet and a size small is perfect for this
wear skinnier fitting pants as looser fits tend to get baggy hence making your ass look larger and mens skinny jeans are ideal for flattening that area

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