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General style thread ?
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lets go heres template OP
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>tfw Shia Labeouf is the epitome of manliness
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He used to look like such a faggot, when did he start looking so good?
I imagine most shia posting is done by shia himself.
shia is /fa/ as fuck and is also out performing alot of actors recently. dudes time is finally coming

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Get in here /fa/ggots. What "uncommon" tasks or problems do you have to put up with to look effay that you think no-one else has to go through?
>tfw everytime i go to the salon, they have to straighten my hair before cutting it and smells up the room
>i have to a naturally duck stance and i have to force myself to stand and walk upright
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I have this cowlick from hell on the left side of my hair. It made my hair look like shit when it was long in 7th grade, it looked like shit when I turned into an emofag, and now that I wear my hair short, it doesn't fucking stay up when I put product in and it looks off because it grows so weird.

It fucking pisses me off to no extent.
when i finally cut my hair short-ish senior year, I'd get a hair antenna if someone so much as walked past me in the hallways.
I used to have terrible acne like almost 6 years ago but I went on accutane and tretinoin and now my face is model tier but I still get self concious when someone is staring at me for too long cause the mental scars are still there.

sounds gay af but fuck you buddy that shit was so traumatizing for me

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marina pretty.jpg
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Who are the most /fa/shionable /mu/sicians?
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taylor swift

i'd marry her in a heartbeat

and not just for her money
tfw no pretty busty gf
But is she /fa/?
no she isn't

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When do you think buzz/bald will be /fa/ among girls?
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hopefully never you closet homo
I personally draw the line at pixie.

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There's a lot of threads for male clothing, but rarely any for females.
So, anons, what clothes for us are /fa/?
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None, females aren't effay
Fagtron 2000
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not that.

Try /r/femalefashionadvice, the only thing people push here is heroin chic.

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you heard it right, this is a patrician only chat thread, discuss helmut, ccp, vintage raf, yohji etc. people with the knowledge, people who own the pieces, people who be killen it ya mean?

discerning and curious plebs allowed for question time ONLY, this is fashion bunker, the last bastion of actual fashion discussion on /fa/

discuss secondhand shopping
recent purchases
efukt 3d
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ha my niggas at it again look at dis das it mane fo real
transitioning from a pure yyph wardrobe to a yohji/og helmut/early raf mix

Thinking about how I can mix the yyph and helmut pieces in a good way

going to buy a couple nice hl outwear pieces in the next month or so looking to drop 1-2k on them
Noticed you said vintage raf, got something against current raf? I'm being serious please don't give me a troll answer I'd like to ACTUALLY discuss fashion

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So these are my beater boots, but how can I give these boring pair of boots a fashion umpf?

I have the CDB Beeswax colorway
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I have two pictures of people wearing CDBs in my inspiration folder. :~(
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Bumping with a cute dog :~)

mickey mouse in rick owens fw 2004
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rick owens fw 2004 would be fake gucci

did i say too much?!
is this kh1 or kh2

sora was /fa/ as fuck
Sora wore a onesie.

It was just a belt.

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What cologne/perfume does /fa/ use?
Bonus points if you make your own perfume.
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I've come to the conclusion that M/Mink is the Byredo equivalent to TF Azure Lime.

... As in... shit.
can someone post the guides? I just won a couple hundy on horse racing and want to treat myself to something. I might just get some more terre d'hermes because it is dope, but want to branch out.
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Upcoming rotation for spring is as follows:
Guerlain L'Homme L'Eau Boisee
YSL L'Homme
Carolina Herrera 212 Men
Lanvin L'Homme

What else should I check out? Thinking about Gucci Pour Homme II, Prada Luna Rossa & Lalique Encre Noire Sport

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Refreshed the catalog and no backpack general. This is unacceptable /effay
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Never thought you could make a Isar look bad, bit this guy managed to do it. Fucking fat cunt
It's because the backpack is stuffed full.... And the guys outfit is really normal, but the backpack is like the opposite

Weird contrast

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What's the most /fa/ type of gril to have on your arm?

old thread 3hunna
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/fa/ skinny white bitches. preferably ones that look like Freja
Reeee if you're out there would you please sit on my face
depressed women who have nothing to live for
and are well spoken

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>be 19 year old girl
>wardrobe of imitations of things I lust after
>suddenly inherit lots of money
>going to spend $10k on a new wardrobe

How do I old money/heritage/preppy, where do I shop, I'm so excited but this is so surreal, I've never bought nice things before
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not sure if you could even buy her necklace with $10k lol
You're a fucking moron, spending 10k money on clothes without being financially secure. better invest it you fucking mongol

I repeat


Buy a whole new wardrobe. Your tastes are bound to change in the future. Get some nice quality basics. Start with an interesting piece or two. Save your money.

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since the old one got deleted because some trips spammed it with pointles shit i'll have to start a new one:

what do you consider requirements ( and adventages) to be(come) a model?
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how can what is posted be pointless, when the whole thread is pointless

you either ARE or you AREN'T

no amount of rationalisation and nitpicking will change that
this thread needs no further discussion, everything that needs to be said could be said in one post anyway

furthermore l2google
delete thred u pleb
either you're a model or you arent
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angry trips reporting in

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