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Post finds, etc.

Went to one today, nothing good was in my size, they had a Malboro anorak windbreaker and denim jacket both in size Large, passed on them. Saw a pair of white Bally loafers that I was tempted to try on, but there were a bunch of Mexicans standing in my way, that and I don't really have anything to go with white loafers. Kinda regretting not getting them though.
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Was only about 4 dollars or so and ended up getting it finally.
I saw a nice 3M windbreaker a few weeks back, but I passed on it like a retard
i'm not home atm but i copped a serbian military shirt from 1997 i think for like seven bucks the other day it's p raw

Post a picture with more talent than this

Pro tip: you can't.
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Who's the white guy?

I can only tell you that's what I'm usually dressed in.

Is there a science to designing t-shirts with abstract graphics?
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No science beyond the things about balance, color, proportion that you'd think about in standard graphic design. The only complication is that you have to remember that the placement graphic will be on a body and often worn with other things, so that might be a factor in how you design a graphic, too.
How important is branding if t-shirt, graphic and print quality are all good?
In today's age you can exploit social media in a great way to help your brand, depends on what kind of audience you want or if you want to be elusive.

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>tfw never been called good looking
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b-but y-you could always be called a big guy
>tfe always been called ugly.
lol i get called good looking A LOT and i aint even all that. may as well kill yourself

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/fa/ moto thread

pls post gear and inspo
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general fashion and lifestyle discussion thread, fashion bunker, seek refuge from the refuse ITT.

cool guys, 4litre horny boys, most wanted cowboys, freemasons and others welcome.

who's not welcome? i think we know at this point who isnt

cool blog i follow for patricians: http://zogboybleedalot.tumblr.com/

guide: http://pastebin.com/P7tNDB1s

old thread: >>https://warosu.org/fa/thread/S9578715
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arabcore pants

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>At party last night
>lots of ~alternative~ people
>talking with group of people
>grill in tomboy outfit
>ask where she got her bomber
>"oh, it's an op shop find" (thrift shop)
>strange, it looks like a new jacket, but oh well
>people congratulate her on a good find
>hister cred for her
>some time later
>catch a glimpse of the jacket lining
>bright orange
>suddenly recognise jacket
>call her out for actually buying it from topman
>everyone laughs at her
>see the shame in her eyes
>come to /fa/ to brag about it

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epic win haha
you can still get them from an oppy though
We Australian in here?

Is this too weird for a guy to carry a laptop or tablet in, under his shoulder?

I like the minimalism and backpacks are too plebeian.
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I personally wouldn't care but some people are stupid so if you really care about what they think then yea, you should avoid it.
you want to carry your laptop in a string handled bag because you don't want to look like a pleb.

look for one with a lid

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how do you feel about famous people browsing this board /fa/?
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stop it, nobody fucking knows who you are
well maybe if you stepped out of your moms basement
porter what's ur snapchat

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part II
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1986 Illinois science and mathematics academy
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File: large1990.jpg (298KB, 1418x1106px)
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Do you wear one? Which ones do you like? I need a new one, and I'm looking for some recommendations.
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champion for all basic hoodie needs
reigning champ is cool

aa f497 is good too
Carhartt is good for the price

Uniqlo is the same but cheaper

Boot thread. Im looking to cop some doc martens or something similar. Any suggestions?
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Great, exactly what I need. How do I boot windows from my USB??
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How do you describe these boots? I've seen plenty like them before, but I can't figure out how to search for them. What are they called?
Moc-toe boots

ITT: post summer inspo.
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what kind of summer are you living m8

anyone have summer inspo for somebody living in southern california?
I seriously have no pictures for this so I posted my most relevant

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Eternal /pale/ general

other thread wasn't chill
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w2c goose's dope jacket?
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Thanks anon. Let's keep this one chill. Some inspo: http://imgur.com/a/lJOUo
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Chill Morning

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Which head shapes would this work on?

(It's like a standard HY except in the front)
Unrelated but can anyone here ID that turtleneck?
Better photo, no hoodie

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