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so I got diagnosed with stomach cancer the other week, and I'm going to loose a lot of weight.
like a LOT or weight.

but I don't want to look like a walking skeleton if I can avoid it, so what can I do clothing wise to mask some of my weight loss, especially my legs?

>inb4 sorry you have cancer anon
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one does not simply drink a gallon of milk when on chemo
i dont think you understand what cancer is, just think what you are

Sorry Op, at leats you can pull off SLP perfectly and fuck hot skelly bitches until you die

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where to cop thread
other one approaching 300

pic unrelated
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where to find shirts shaped like this but in solid colors
i just want a white one but i have no idea how to describe this cut
i tried searching for cap sleeved tshirts but most had a bigger neck

the AA ones are only different colored sleeves and this black one
Where the fuck do I get one of these that isn't 500 goddamned dollars
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w2c evil outfit

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/fa/ movies wether it's cars, clothes, scenery, music
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Stand by me
Versus had some OK fits

not sound like a weeb but most Asian and Japanese films have some good inspo.

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Post recent cops
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pale yet?
bleach em
Just copped some white jack Purcells for £1. Anyone got inspo?

went to H&M today
how'd I do
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you did gud.
You did well with the shoes. They're handmade.
Congrats you now look like every teenager and College student in America!

I actually like the shoes tho

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template summer.jpg
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Old one @ 300. Post your S/S 15 looks
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Nice except the jacket
Yeah I usually don't have to wear a jacket (midatlantic) but I included that because it's super lightweight and incredibly waterproof

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I saw a thread like this the other day but I didn't get to save much of it.
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Huh....so...this is.....the....power....of.....#sneakerheads....
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holy....fucking sick....

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>tfw your look look is a mutt mix of other meme looks
>tfw can't fit into small always too baggy, almost no where XS
tfw you realise you wore the same outfit twice in a week

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can we get a lunarcore/poet remembrance thread? ill start by posting my favorite poet posts accompanied by some solemn narration that i hope can live up to the poignant prose.

Do you know that secret place behind the cross-section at Water street? It's a little notch, right behind the old Nynex junction box. When the trees are bare and the sky is dead you can see it. It's just a little hole in the branches, right then.
But right now, everything there is green. Nobody but us could spot it on a day like today, the sun high in the sky and the forest humming all around us. A million tiny wings beat out a single chord down in there, but wide leaves and tall grass would keep you thinking otherwise unless you knew better.

One warm night, many summers ago, I asked her how she always knew where to find it. I was hunched over on a rusty Mongoose and wondering which way we'd come. She was walking beside her bike, smoking. The stream behind us didn't seem to orient me at all, like it was snaking back into the forest whenever I turned around. The back wheel of her bike was making this circling metal whine & I would later tell myself as i drifted to sleep that yes, the forest was responding, rising in pitch and tempo.
After a minute she stopped walking and the trees fell quiet. "You have to look for the lights, dummy." The tip of her cigarette made a lazy arc.

"The lights?" I asked. She handed me the bottle then and something turned over in the stream behind us.

"It's the fireflies." She said, turning away. "They're always here, close to the stream."

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>Thousands of hides cut down in concrete walled factories under glaring spheroid lights, the meat's been gone since Iowa and we work with flesh here - long sheets stretched over framework like a gossamer wing, longstanding traditions unbroken even though they thin the leathers every year, even though they reproportion solvents and strip away at our welting.
>The important thing is a notion, the idea of those thousand strides cascading up a steep and verdant hill some miles outside of a dead Pennsylvania coal town, sleep falling on people in far-lit wooden buildings miles below as night falls and we stay here, ensconced in the cradle of a thousand green miles beneath that full grain hope hand-fashioned in a familiar place.
>And a way of life is built like this, a time and a place is anchored like this and entire armies of souls find respite in the purpose and safety of nature's seemingly inexhaustible cradle.

>Breed, hope and learn - you are all approaching something.

>among my many contributions to the internet fashion dialect was the phrase “lunarcore”, about two years ago on 4chan. I do not have a single greater regret in my life.

You fucking faggot

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Post your pallete right fucking now

extra point for sizing the color swatches to the representation in your fit
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apparently i'm sonic, fuck
What's the website, op?

around the world.mp3
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Are backpacks for manchildren?
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They're for putting things in anon
What about beyond its mechanical function?
what about it?

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How do I get a high feet arch or normal feet since mine are flat?
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How are my feet?
quiete sickening tbh, how are your toes, fingers?
they look like hands
and are quite gross
a women will never want those montrosities to brush up against her legs

for your sake i hope you're gay because that's the only chance of u gettin any action brother

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