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sup /fa/
how do 14-16yo teenagers now a days dress like?

pic just from google images.
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Watch an A$AP Gay video.
probably not
no one?

i need to fit in a group of younger people. uni dressed up isnt the best for that

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Who else is/was a retail slave? Just quit zara fuck them
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yo fuck yorkdale
It's minimum wage what else you gon do
I want to be a retail slave and make 20 an hour. Fuck I need to move out and save money for my autistic life. How the fuck do I get hired at these places? I have a year of sales experience but no former retail experience.

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10outof10techwear fit.png
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Don't start a thread for specific images and only post one.
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Old one at 295
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>postan this again
What can i do to my sk8-his to make the black suede look black again?
Try getting some suede friendly paint

Buy a new pair.

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>damn he's /fa/ edition
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>che guevara shirt
>his girlfriend

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Where can i buy hitman style clothing?

Also hitman style clothing thread, post any images you have.
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transferir (1).jpg
5KB, 300x168px

And heres the info on the first outfit for anyone interested.

Belstaff (acquired by the Swiss-American acquiring group composed of Labelux together with Harry Slatkin, the new CEO of the group) has started anew under the supervision of designer Martin Cooper, the Creative Director of the brand who has launched a balanced revolution. He started, logically, from the roots of the brand: the motorcycle world with a decidedly British mood. With the new ownership, there has been a change in style, from more sporty clothes to a more sophisticated look. What's more, even though Cooper is American, he worked for 16 years with Burberry, which is an excellent reference for showcasing the heritage of the brand while totally redefining its taste. Cooper has clearly been able to do that very well from the start: intelligently limited silhouettes are found in several classics with new styling and a focus on luxurious materials and finishes. Featured are hip-hugging slim-fit pants that reflect the biker theme but also express contemporary new elegance

dark and rich. Forest and olive green; camel and seal brown; gray and a lot of black

luxurious. Crocodile, python, cashmere, satin, and shearling

men's bags – the classic Dorchester in a man's version – in waxed cotton or exotic leather. Combat boots with tread soles
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Fight me

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Palewave general

Old Thread:
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What's the most /fa/ drug?
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love and heartbreak
Dependency is pathetic.

But ketamine.
DMT, and super top shelf cannabis only.

all other drugs are degenerate or are research chems being sold to you as [molly, coke, insert pleb drug here]

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what do you write
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every day.png
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my love.jpg
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general fashion and lifestyle discussion thread, fashion bunker, seek refuge from the refuse ITT.

cool guys, 4litre horny boys, most wanted cowboys, freemasons and others welcome.

who's not welcome? i think we know at this point who isnt

blog: http://zogboybleedalot.tumblr.com/

guide: http://pastebin.com/P7tNDB1s

old thread: https://warosu.org/fa/thread/S9578715

niggers BTFO edition

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why do u wear fits like you're unemployed and/or a retard
That's not him.
Hey I was the one who said BTFO NIGGERS in the panama thread
Great minds think alike.
I like your stuff btw. Much respect for you and what you do.
fuck off and stay in the panama thread

lets use this thread for fashion/lifestyle
it's too boring reading the /pol/ 101 meme stuff over and over again

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I bought these blue pants and I don't know what the HECK to wear them with
They make me feel like I'm wearing a paramedic or police uniform, should I just return them and get gray or something?

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I'm going shopping tomorrow and was thinking about getting some. But now thinking about it i dont really know what i'd wear em with
File: 201-OUTLIER-Futureworks-Blue.jpg (145KB, 880x999px)Image search: [Google]
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I basically impulse bought them because I'm retarded and saw that every size up to my size, 32 in blue was soldout, now I just checked their website and resonant blue is completely sold out
well shit. I've been googling pictures of dudes in blue pants and there's a pretty limited amount of stuff you can do with them. Usually just wearing business attire, collared shirts/jackets, light blue, gray or white seems to be the norm

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love this aesthetic

post inspo
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get the fuck out, pleb
File: 12.jpg (88KB, 800x700px)Image search: [Google]
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I got some stuff saved from the latest collection
Literally just got lucky after kanye picked him up.

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aesthetic t-shirts thread
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File: shirt.jpg (30KB, 500x333px)Image search: [Google]
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File: il_fullxfull.502173335_88ee.jpg (235KB, 1500x1293px)Image search: [Google]
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File: sk.jpg (96KB, 666x666px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I achieve this look, /fa/? Brands? Variations?

Post your inso.

Also, who thinks kentaro sakaguchi is a total qt?
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How would one even describe the characteristics of japanese fashion? I see people posting japanese inspo and the styles I've seen are eclectic and differ greatly. Is it a lot of blues and new balances?
just be laid back. you're trying way to hard to put a label on it all...... look at his pieces, all standards on their own but them together with confidence and apathy and you have yourself "japanese fashion"

really its not hard.
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navy and/or beige, comfy.

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Palewave is over. Now it's all about jewel tones. Jump on the jewelwave.
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ave a fuckin giggle mate
this only works if its autumn

Palewave only works if it's summer.

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