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Inexpensive effay socks, please?

Socks general.
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bump, I need help with socks, I have no idea what colours should I be wearing and what kind of sock goes with x kind shoe or boot.
is there some infographic about shoes?
pls help ;_;

Same here. Also wondering if white socks are the devil?
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>Also wondering if white socks are the devil?


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im leaving /fa/
false alarm i'm back

Hey /fa/ I'm traveling to New York City in 2 weeks from Europe and I'm trying to find some places to buy some (cheap) new clothers, any tips? 19 y/o guy by the way.
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i think they have a payless shoes there? maybe a h&m too
Go to East 125th and flaunt how you're a tourist and how much money you have
Is that New York? Damn, so nice, man.
Also a lot of models live there.

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Do I have a receding hairline /fa/
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yes, its okay though just do like pic related
Is that even a question
Does one ring rule them all?

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Post your shaving kits.
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I dont have one, but you inspired me to get one.
What makes a good brush?

The hair. The cheaper types feel like porcupine quills stabbing your face and neck.

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why are clothes so expensive?

I can buy a camera for the price of a shirt
or a hundred tins of beans

you look at the quality spread in the market, the cost increase is disproportionate

fashion followers are being taken for a ride
>pic unreated
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you're honestly buying something because of the value, hype, and "streetcred" it has.

you're buying something expensive with an expensive brand because you want to advertise that you are the upper-class.

clothes are fucking cheap. clothes that will do their job are fucking cheap.

clothes that last long or have experimental fabric are mid-range in price.

after the practical level, you're not paying for the clothes anymore but the title that comes with owning the clothes.

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Who is the more effay figure in this picture?
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A$AP Carell
Little did Goose know he was speaking to a normcore high lord
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I've already built the fanbase, brainstormed ideas for designs, and created them. My shirts are ready to be printed out and shipped to myself, and due to the amount of colors used in the design it will cost roughly $20 a shirt to produce. Printing on AA as well, what kind of price should I be going with? I was thinking maybe $50 to produce exclusivity and to cover for the materials used.
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>it will cost roughly $20 a shirt to produce
top kek, you make it sound as if you did well.
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A lot of people are interested, so, yeah.
if you want to promote exclusivity make a design worth buying to an actual large amount of people and have limited print runs, not put a higher price tag on it

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outfit dump 7.jpg
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Post your fit, get drawn.
Other drawfriends feel free to join on in.
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Can you please, anon?
Why the oscars?
I got them for a short movie I made in high school. I won more, but I gave them to some homies that were in my group.

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Last one approaching 300
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I had no idea how autistic our president is holy shit, his wardrobe is straight out of r9k
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you think he doesn't have stylists?

the point is so that he can look like an average person - one of us, not some distant figure
Normcore god
This is worse than norm, this is like poor white redneck dad core

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Old >>10679266

>runway boners

>Geobaskets/Creepers/Ramone Boots
Go 1/2 or 1 size down from your TTS

>Ramones/Tech Runners
Either TTS or down 1/2 depending on the shape of your foot

>Elasticated Pants/Drawstring Pants
Size down

>>>TRY before you BUY<<

>Interesting instagrams (add to guys)

P.S. - if your gonna shitpost please hang around to talk about what kind of clothes you wear/enjoy.

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Has anyone ever delt with replica rick clothing in person ?
yeah, I went to zara once

Are mexican parties /fa/?
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They would be without all the dumb spics stinking it up
not really, but i'm from the inland empire. those are the only kind of partiest that go on around here.

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everyone knows that dancing is not /fa/ but how do i do it if there is no other way in that situation?
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take classes
thats not /fa/ either
Keep in mind my specialization is partner dancing, so not shit on your own:

Go get a few salsa/bachata/merengue lessons under your belt. None of those are particularly useful for most club situations outside of latin clubs, but it helps you get some of the very basics down about dancing as a dude.

That said, some more general things you should know:
- As a dude, your effort should be minimalized, not maximalized. Bias slow movements over fast ones, keep your back largely straight, and don't shift body weight too much. Confident dancers put in less effort, not more.
- Taking a few classes will teach you to lead well, but the basic rule of thumb is to move a girl by her body weight, not her arms. Don't ever wrench her arms, hands, etc.. Hand holds are precatory, not mandatory, which is why a lot of guys lead turns with their middle finger (don't do this, looks fucking retarded). Consider her center of mass to be somewhere around her hips.
- 99.9% of dips, spins, and lifts are made for manlets, meaning that technique > brute strength. Once you learn them, you can toss a girl around relatively easily without much effort. Case in point, a back bend is more or less the girl sitting on your thigh, with your arms in more of a support role.
- Hip movement - at least initially, in the non-competitive scene - is mostly initiated by a combination of bent knees and body weight changes, i.e. choreography and routine. Don't overdo it.

Latin dancing in general is a good scene because there's a huge number of women and - assuming you aren't a creep - you get good at floorcraft and general dance skills that don't come without a lot of practice.

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Apartment thread, /fa/?

Effay or not, post yours.
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empty your fucking ashies you neckbeard
>Fireplace on TV
Glad I'm not the only person that does this
>Cigarette shit on desk
>Poster that says "Madoka Magika"
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