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How do I prevent that?
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work out, for real
without the right build, they look incredibly effeminate, so get the right build
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get a thicker/baggier one and don't button it
I have some decent muscles and they still look kinda effeminate.

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>don't have clean clothes
>wear something extremely dorky to class, whatever it's just one day
>feeling cringey just as I'm about to step outside
>get compliments/comments on fit from everyone

>going to a party
>Im feeling really lazy so I just keep my plain white shirt
>everyone compliments me on how good it looks
>some guy even tries to cash in by taking his hoodie off and says "I've got a white tee too, look!"

I don't get fashion, I either spend time and money and no one cares, or I stop giving a shit and everyone thinks it's cool
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lol this happens to me too its like people think im making a statement or something when i dont have any clean clothes i just throw on a whatever outfit
maybe because you're dressing like a normal person instead of a /fa/ggot
The outfits that are poated in inspo just make people feel weird. You might look "cool" but you look like an outsider and most normal people will think your just plain awkward for dressing like that. Unless your famous its just weird.

Go dadcore if you want compliments and want to fit in.

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old one hit 3hunna
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ill start, but i know a lot of people are gonna call me a kek, idc i like it
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stormin' out
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Do I do good?

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What does /fa/ think of Summit Ice?

Each jacket helps education about the Holocaust

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reasonably priced for a basic softshell but not very technical or fashionable imo.
it's a statement I guess
i love the look of it but not the idea behind it.
i'd like to cop it but i wouldn't like to fund education about the holocaust desu i wish they left the windbreaker business politics free senpai
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But you can promote education and look /fa/

Can you guys give me some minimalist outfit for women? Specially collar shirt under sweatshirt combos. Formal stuff in other words.
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um that woman is dressed like a whore...just saying. the high heels and bag are ridiculous
already told you you're perfect yesterday. maybe i didn't post it. I would 100% smoke weed with you in my room listening to some two hour long vaporwave/hiphop mix on youtube with lots of pillows around

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One of these
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an anime T-shirt, DS, and a Glock. Ready to defend that virginity?

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Guys it's been 3 days. She's too nice to delete the conversation. How can I save this. She's my tumblr qt dream girl.
first dump tmobile
second get gf
this is what happens when you let your 4chan autism leak

couldn't have just held it in could you

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My little /fa/iries, here's some tips on how to dress.
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here's some dresses how to trip

more tips my /fa/ggots

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That's my budget, shoot.
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What style watch do you want?
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Op you don't have to follow this list. Make your own choices.

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Post tips, stats and pics
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>be MtF trans
>be 5'9" and 135lb before
>start hormones

the last 30 pounds are hell, im telling you. going from fucking 388 to here was no problem, but another 30 feels impossible
MtF trans is a bit redundant.

wtf why does she pronounce acne this way? do all amerifats do this?

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lmao what the fuck is she trying to say
ack-knee is how i say it and im an american
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She's trying to pronounce it in a swedish accent.
The real swedish pronounciation would be closer to the "Ack" from Accountant and the "Neh" from Ned.
how do you say Yves Saint Laurent in american


I've got two basic rules of fashion in my head and I want you guys to add to it or talk shit about it.

Rule #1: every article of clothing must serve a function. Anything on your person must have practical reasons for being there, and fulfill its intended purpose. This eliminates anything like bracelets, hair dye, fedoras, clothing with no pockets, general "accessories", and anything that can constrict movement or must be maintenance moderately. Anything you wear strictly for appearance/attention invalidates an outfit.

Rule #2: bend rule #1 as much as possible, but never break it.
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>clothing with no pockets
Sasuga, fckin pleb
>Anything you wear strictly for appearance invalidates an outfit.

literally what
>don't have this stuff
>kinda use this stuff, but don't use it


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You're on some next level autism to waste your time manually spamming

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Come chat, come meme, we all meme for ice cream
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It's on Rizon m8s
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s a d c l u b

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1) a man posted this on snapchat, and whatever he bought is for him and not a girlfriend because he is very gay. but does this mean he wears women's underwear? or does vicky's secret make men's underwear? or maybe those are just like shirts he bought? what do you think?

2) what style of men's underwear is the most /fa/??
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some tommy, ralph, calvins probably most /fa/

I like wearing saxx tho cus comfort >all
i wear tommy hilfiger and i don't care that much if it's fa or not.
no timer in the top corner makes it look like you bought VS, anon ;)

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