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Hello all
What is the best Oxford, wingtip toe, brown color I can get for less than 200 USD.
(11.5 D)
Must be leather outsole.

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allen edmonds on ebay
These are the only Allen Edmons on Ebay under 200, 11.5 D, and they are not Wingtip :(

How soon do you need them? AE shoes tend to go on sale for great prices.

You could also consider meermin, but the ordering/shipping process is lengthy, and if you live in the U.S. you'll have to pay an import duty.

why do you all dress like edgy mad at the popular kids teenagers?

>in b4 reddit
>in b4 fedora
>in b4 whatever other irrelevant in 2016 meme
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I think you're confused, ths isn't MFA
W2c pants?
whats wrong with chelseas n jeans

Is it considered autistic to try to keep white shoes as clean as possible?

I bought a pair of pic related shoes and don't really get them dirty, and when they do get a little dirty I clean them off as soon as I can.

When i wear them people will sometimes comment about my white shoes. Not necessarily compliments, just saying how white they are

Am I doing it wrong?
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theyre kinda cheap desu

i wouldnt care too much

dont go around walking in mud tho
what does them being cheap matter?
> wearing white shoes

The fuck is wrong with you, son?

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What type of haircut should I get
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u look like if eggman morphed into jesus
and he wore glasses
my fucking sides
get a manbun

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The Acne Studios face is really nice imo. Minimal, recognisable and slightly humorous/playful, +almost nobody irl knows that it is branding
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I actually like Acne thb, but we are a minority on this board OP
acne was talked about a lot before idk why it stopped
they released the feminist shit and everyone started hating them

still a kek for acne tho
did anyone get their parka?

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If y'all were forced to wear one outfit for the next ten years, what would it be?
>pic related, its mine
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>from an editorial
>not even original enough to put together his own shit
Jesus Christ that looks fucking terrible.
What if you go somewhere hot, or you have to go to a formal event, or you have to do some sort of physical labor.

£20, What do you think?
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cmon anon this isnt even /fa/ related

yes 20 pounds is cheap for a merkur future
delete thread and post it in fuccboi or recent cops or something
i dont want to give you this attitude anon
Not any Merker, It's the Futur, I've heard people found it too heavy and didn't like how much the blade was exposed
>implying shaving isn't /fa/
another /mfa/ special

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What do you think of black nail polish?
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matte black only for guys
this is if you care about not being taken for fag.

I do both plain black and multicolor and the black is definitely almost accepted here besides some strange looks.

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l fit.jpg
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hey guys,
what's something that you would think would work for a less traditional wedding look? still mostly reasonable, so nothing too off the wall, but generally with a little bit of edge.
maybe slightly edgy formal look inspo?
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Anything that you and your future wife find reasonable.
i mean, ultimately yes, but it's nice to see what comes to mind with this prompt and always good to see some inspo
shoes make it way too casual imo

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So who copped the most /fa/ J to drop this year

Brokebois need not apply
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Why didn't you post the Shattered Backboards?

i would of copped the maroons but i just bought some slp boots so im a brokeboi
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ITT: items or fits that utilise branding/logos in a way that actually adds to the design or look.

I'll start with the CP meme numbers.
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i suppose cav empt

if ur into that sort of thing/are a kek
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The hollister bird
branding is shit-tier

The only pieces of clothing I own with branding are running shoes and a goretex hard-shell. And CP meme numbers if you're counting those.

Which wallet do you use?

I'm in the market. I want to get something card-holder style, no fold, just a pocket or two to hold cards, with an extra half-pocket or clip or strap for holding a small amount of cash. And maybe RFID protection.

Everything I find is damned ugly though.
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File: ridge.jpg (80KB, 800x532px)Image search: [Google]
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Ridge, got it from massdrop
> no ragrats
File: Y0182P-SGX_BLK_OS_A.jpg (319KB, 1535x1086px)Image search: [Google]
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i use the alligator version of this

it has a slit down the middle so i can carry cash in there
kind of expensive tho mine was a little over $700 after tax and the normal leather is $340 before tax
File: lrmiddle2_large.jpg (85KB, 480x296px)Image search: [Google]
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>little over $700 after tax
>normal leather is $340 before tax

What the fuck! That brand markup is insane.

I use MostRad from Kickstarter, got 2 of them, but the quality of the leather and build is so good that i haven't even take the other one from the box.

35$ for a new version.

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are weekenders effay?
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>mfa: the watch
like stan smiths, cgb, undercut
Wear them the wrong way up like in the ad

where can i find these glasses?

or something very similar
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Warby Parker

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I'm going to buy new shoes soon to replace these worn out ones.
What type of shoes would you recommend for casual wear?
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Maybe something like these?
CDG x Converse
maybe qasas

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