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2016 /fa/ Music thread

Post songs that are aesthetic in both sound and video

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My favorite thread

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How do you finance your fashion habit?
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My parents are rich
I suck a lot of dick
armed robberies and muggings

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What are some good boots?

Looking to buy some nice quality boots I can use for the next few years.

Thinking about Doc Martens 1460s because they look nice, but I don't know much about them. Are they like more dressy boots that you shouldn't be beating up? Or does it not matter? Do the 1460s work well as winter boots?
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docs aren't dressy they make the perfect beaters. yes they are good for winter. be ware they can be a pain to break in for some. also I'd recommend getting the monochrome black 1460 if you don't like the yellow stitching and pull tab.
Get Clark's desert malis instead, dr martens are tumblr tier trash
not them

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>danish 'woman'
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what are we supposed to discuss here you fucking retard
'her' 'fashion' of course

also Lean On was the best song of 2015
thats a


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recommended streetwear brand?
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hba shit is weak you can keep that
Adidas originals
>quality 10/10 made in poland

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Alright I'm reporting in from /mu/ right now and want to know what are the most effay album covers? Not specifically based on who's wearing what - although that will be included because Bjork exists - but based on aesthetic appeal.

Also general /fa/ music to listen to. Also general /fa/ musicians.

I'll start dumping my shit.

Grammar and punctuation are effay.
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Grimes - Art Angels

Also I forgot to mention OP image is Ash Koosha - Guud
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Bjork - Debut

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Is Zara effay?

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Pic related
no, is shit, please delete this
Zara clothes have potential to look very good. Work on fit + color and you'll be fly. Autists around here will immediately shun it though.

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Wich shape of head and face is more aesthetic? Long or round? Or another?
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Short mid-faces are scientifically more attractive
Blonde girl is purebreed caucasian godtier genes, brunette girl probaly had an asian grandmother or something
>no upper lips
>petoduing disgusting foreheads
>wet dog smell
>god tier genetics

My sides

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Alcowave inspo thread
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fit so dope he had to be restrained and transported away by the authorities

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Reddit here what do you think of our top 100 WAYWTs of 2015?

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literally nothing in that outfit matches
jacket is nice though
you can tell "jesseaboagye" made this list as his cringy shit is in it about 10 times
it's done on upboats bro

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>implying I don't look better than most of you
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yr girl doesnt tho.
Yeah that's fair. I've been getting her to workout lately though. To get thicc

As a soccer player it really pisses me off seeing people wear these all the time when they dont play the sport designed for it. Just wear some fucking sweats.
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lol fuck off with your shitpost. no one cares.
So I guess nobody except 1800s gold miners should be allowed to wear blue jeans?
>being this mad over sweatpants

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What are some of the most /fa/ pornstars?
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Porn is filmed from the perspective of a cuckold.

Watching another man fuck a woman is not effay.
What about solo/lesbian?
Same sex relationships are degenerate so lesbian is out of the question.

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This was a top selection in reddit /r/mfa for December 2015

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glad that more people are starting to wear high waisted trousers again

other than that, looks like something you'd see on styleforum, rather tasteful
Crine, the pattern of that button-up is cheap as shit
He pulls off old-school #menswear better than anyone else I've seen, especially all the bitter old-timers complaining about the death of classiness.

That fit isn't my favourite tho.

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I don't know shit about fashion and grooming but I stumbled upon his channel and I wanted to know what do you guys think of him? Is he a good reference for fashion/general male advice?
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Ask stupid questions in fuccboi general
you don't tell me what to do though? fuck off
He is OK and overall formaly, I've been following him for a while.. If you are over 20-25 you found your guy

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