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Hey guys I'm in a serious need for help. I've been browsing r/street wear recently and have acquired a new taste for layering. I'm going to go on a date tomorrow and need to make sure this fit will impress her since she knows I'm into fashion.
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Just act fucking normal
Darker washed out distressed jeans senpai and switch out those fuccboi vans. If not just be confident and act normal faggot. Good luck.

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To have my mother call me.
Luz wait

Get layed

Get payed

Get layed
No more Shia laboeuf, palladiums, dr martens, H&M, adidas stan smith, nike af1, Timberland etc etc ...

anyone know what this is called?

asking out of curiosity here /fa/m
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looks pretty tech-ware
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is this autismcore ,anon desu?

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Are pocket knifes effay?
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yeah, they're a standby of the working class.
this isnt even half believable bait. try again
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Can we have a bleach hair thread? Any /fa/ have done hair bleached at home, I really need some suggestions.
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Don't bleach at home unless you want all your hair to fuckin' die

go to a salon
Hair bleach on men inspo?

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Oi mates!

This is a Euro coming to the US and A for a month. Could you recommend me decent online stores to buy stuff?

Even used gear would be fine, I'm a bit on a budget.

I like skate gear but yeah, thanks for any input.

Cheers guys.
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Shameless self bump.
One last try.
Ok one more try.

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>Post Fits
>Rate Fits
>Ask Advice
>Give Advice
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could be dope on the right person and with shaved head
W2c sandals
Chill af, good shit.

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Can we have a /fa/ bedrooms thread?
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Yeah I got some random pics
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I live in NYC and I seriously cannot take chinese ppl seriously. They are so vapid and prime example of fashion victims. Visited dsm ny today and fucking flock of chinese fuccbois with matching supreme beanies raided the store like the iphone release. Saw one faggot came to the supreme collection and try to snatch the 'not for sale' section without browsing. Fucking arguing at employee for some retarded shit. Are chinese people that conceited?
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based on my experiences, the chinese trust-fund babbies that populate big cities and universities truly are complete idiots with no social graces
they always on that alibaba shit that looks so extra

literally the worst fashion victims of all time
Money money money

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Thoughts on Ian Connor? Also general alt streetwear thread
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terrible and im embarrassed that people are calling him the king of the youth
Style wise, not horrible.
Personality wise, he's a manchild manlet that doesnt deserve his publicity.

what are the best looks on a late 20's almost 30 guy? inspo will be great
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>tfw part of the generation between fucc boi's and Dads
i feel you, I hate dad core but it seems like the only way around

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He's on th left. How would describe him and select clothing for him?
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What body type it supposed to be ?

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Good Yeezy 350 reps? Preferably some you have ordered or know are good.
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ZZTop on Aliexpress are the only 1:1s. Search ZZtop on /r/repsneakers. For any David fanboys, David is shit compared to ZZTop
yeezys are out mate. Any decent reps will cost you more than the actual price of the fucking thing at launch. For Fake shoes. Lel.

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Is it possible to dress good for gym without looking like pic related?

Share inspo.
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>Rich Piana

>not letting your dick hang lower than your balls

Stay pleb OP

the first fashion week of the new year is one week from today, so in anticipation lets have ourselves a thread dedicated to runway shows of the past.

I'll start with a few from the comme des garcons Homme + SS/16 show
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