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Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend thread?

For me, gf: Tall at least 5'9" (I'm 6'5"), into fashion, intelligent, well spoken, likes exploring new things, thrill seeking, adventurous, can be comfortable with (one of the most important things in a relationship).
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blue/green/grey eyes
into fashion
enjoys literature, cinema, travelling
not a SJW

I'm really into green eyes over anything else, apparently pure green eyes are the rarest.
not in arab countries man, i see them a lot and they're disgusting

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Are witchy nails /fa/ ??

nails inspo
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Trimmed nails are the best imo.

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after losing some weight i've been considering getting my nose done to make it more proportionate to my face
has anyone had it done?
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not even worth it, if you are a man focus on getting money, and social status they have much bigger impact on your life

if you are a woman sure it could be worth it
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i am, my nose is really the only thing i cant stand about myself

prob not possible but i'd love to have a nose similar to bjorks
If you're a man a bigger nose will be seen as masculine, don't do it.
If you're a woman a bigger nose will be seen as exotic/unique, don't do it.

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this technique of wearing a graphic tee under a distressed flannel (or other distressed top)

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this would look terrible in any other pose

Could see this taking off. If you zoom in you'll notice it's all one piece though. Ain't two layers. Dude straight up did some kind of Reverse patch technique from underneath. You can see the threads.

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Is it possible to get the scuffs off my common memes?
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Cirage blanc (i dont know the English name its french jist translate it)
Anyway they look better like that
I like them when they're beat up but the scuffs detract too much from the color imo. Thanks I'll look it up.
Oh also I used these and it didn't work, worked nice for the other shit tho.

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most effay skateboard decks?
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poser, deck graphics don't matter, it'll be shredded up after 2 sessions...

Don't waste your money on a skateboard just cause you watched Cherry one
Quasi decks are better
/fa was born in 1996

most of them don't recognize blank VHS tape logos

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>Has money
>Decide to look for brands
>Brand is too expensive

When does it ends ? Everything is either so fucking expensive or too cheap.
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Haven has end of season sale
There it's over
Go on grailed and buy from re-sellers or used shit.

I really can't believe people still buy shit full price from retailers
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Sweatshirt goes from 1000 dollars to 700.

I live in Yurop so it's more complicated, I bought a J Crew shirt there for 20 dolls (These shirts actually costs hundreds on their site) and I don't know when I'll receive it.

What should I do ? Buy several clothes from cheap/basic brands like H&M, Zara,... or save for one better piece of clothing ?
My wardrobe is "normal" but I would like to get more /fa/

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streamer is charliewinsmore

he dresses nice and has really good hair and the twitch chat is always filled with people asking about his clothing/hair and he never reveals his secrets lmao
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-_- cmon now
Pls be b8

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A'ight, so I think that it's time for a new coat but I can't decide. Pic is related, you can also suggest anything else.
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Prices and brands please
i wish i could fuck a girl while kissing her feet at the same time
bottom left

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Need a new watch /fa/
Post nice minimalist watches
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Here's mine. Place I got it from. Really nice watches. Kinda looks like the one you've posted there
Forgot link sorry
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My current fav

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Honest question. I asked the lady who cuts my hair if she thought I was balding. She told me that I just have naturally thin fine hair.

Am I balding? Or is this just in my head?


Father has a slight recession around temples but nothing noteworthy

Father's father and great grandfather full head of hair even in old age

mother's father has full head of hair.

I don't know whether it's just because I am a hypochondriac of sorts or if my hair really might be prematurely thinning. What do you think?
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Start eating healthier and take Biotin. You're probably going to keep what you've got since your genetics are fine.
Thank you! I do know that baldness does run on my father's mother's side. I am going to be honest, I have never heard of biotin, is it available at most supplement shops or stores in general?
look llike there is some miniaturisation ?
go to a derm and just take nizoral shampoo+minoxidil desu i freaked out the first time i though i was balding i did go to a derm and it was telogen effluvium .

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Was Malvo effay?
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not really
He was rocking FW13 nut suede Wyatts in most of the episodes.

He was a god.
Can't think of any element about him which made him uneffay desu familia

Opinions on anoraks? Thinking of getting one when it isn't -20C everyday. Post some good anorak jackets or fits.
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Anoraks are played out, it's all about the overcoat now
post good anoraks

or overcoats

I have a thing for the way SAD/ISA/CAG/DEVGRU dress when doing low pro activities or on close protection detail. I don't know much about fashion but I like the aesthetic. The mixture of dadcore and the epitome of violence is fascinating.
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File: _38238207_guard300ap.jpg (9KB, 315x180px)Image search: [Google]
9KB, 315x180px

File: Khaki_coat.jpg (395KB, 1843x2764px)Image search: [Google]
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Post any and all
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