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I'm looking for some cheap black boots to pull of that "techno interests me" look. Something like this, preferably under $150 http://www.margarethowell.co.uk/men-2/shoes/mhl-monkey-boot-heavy-leather-black
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P-pls senpai
buy docs, solovair or milsup
Mono docs are probably your best bet for under £150

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He says its original
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doesn't matter. even if it's original it's a piece of shit.
why? it looks great

>hur dur huaraches are bad but whatever i like is good!!! dang piece of shit


What does /fa/ think of TF2? You can pretty much play dress-up in it, and it's been my favorite game since I started playing it in 2011.

Does /fa/ even play video games? I wouldn't know, I just come here for inspo.
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I have put 297 hours into persona 4 golden 8^)
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This is the greatest game ever made. Only game I can keep coming back to play multiplayer.
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>stock HUD
>mat_phong 1
>shit tier unusual effect
>festive weapon
>head taking melee weapon

0/10 Are you even trying to be effay?

Hi /fa/

I'd like to make a tattoo, but I want something dumb and funny.

Was thinking of tattooing “TATTOO“ on my arm. Got something dumber ?
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how about a benis XD
Tattoos are for fucking degenerates and no one will take you seriously. Don't fuck up your life.
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Do this
my /lit/fu

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Do I get these Velcro shoes?

/female Velcro shoe general
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They're for diabetic people. They literally sell them at Walmart. Not that you *should* buy them there, but you certainly can. You can probably buy them wherever you might buy normal shoes (i.e. Payless, NewBallance, etc.)

My boyfriend has a pair of Velcro shoes from Walmart, and he made them work. I think they're going to get really popular soon and more expensive brands will carry them
my childhood experience with velcro was that that shit does not last, when you open and close them too much it goes to shit. it also does not seem to work when wet, anyway that was a long time ago. technology may be improved.

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room aesthetic thread

post your room, post rooms that make you feel good, post whatever
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File: 1450100640353.jpg (126KB, 818x818px)Image search: [Google]
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Instantly a cringe thread appears
Why the fuck do you need so many ticks? Sad boys died fool move on.

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Hey /fa/, I'm a 5'8 manlet, what should i wear to not look like a manlet?
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>a noose
>tfw manlet
>tfw entire drive to reproduce is dead
where were you when your lineage was kill
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>6'6 going from slim to /fit/
holy shit it sucks to be a lanklet but at least I can dunk

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>anime/japanese characters/internet fashion graphics on gildan and zazzle tees
>"x" wave
>uninspired cash ins on bigcartel
>effay "x" threads
>is "x" effay
>not being confident with your fits and constantly need approval
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I'm giving you a bump, sir.
>blatant racism
>blatant racism

implying that isnt the bread and butter of what it takes to be /fa/

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Just copped one of these faked. What should I wear it with.
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golf pants
your heart on your sleeve
How much and where?

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What is the most /fa/ fkyknit

What's the most /comfy/ flyknit
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gentle reminder that flyknits arent /fa/
gentle reminder that you can suck my nuts
post pic i'll decide.

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Hi /fa/ I come to you seeking help.
I'm going on my first date tomorrow and have no idea what to wear.
We're meeting in the city and then heading to the beach to celebrate New Years. (Guaranteed kiss at midnight ftw)
I'm Australian so it's going to be hot as fuck so too many layers will kill me.
Pic related, it's my most recent pic the only difference between then and now is I now have a shitty goatee.
Any suggestions would be really helpful!
Thanks /fa/
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Don't do anything too crazy to get her to notice, just go simple.
I would suggest you wear well-fitting jeans and a plain shirt.
If you want colours you can't go wrong with black jeans, black shoes and a white shirt.
Depends if it's a straight or a gay date
Peacock the shit out of her.

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are flip flops fah

been into flip flops lately and I'm wondering if they are /edgar/ whatya guys think.

tldr are flip flops /fa/bulous
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File: flops.jpg (10KB, 180x279px)Image search: [Google]
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totally dipendant on if you arent trying to get into slacker core or not works pretty well in this Fit IMO
File: 1439173336379.jpg (74KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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do you have any self respect
those are pool shoes
im going to assume your an aussie since no one wears flip flops in the winter
in that case you should still kill yourself
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Yeah desu aqua sandals are the GOAT

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Where can I find the red shirt on the left?
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but senpai, bernie doesnt stand a chance
Definitely no chance, but he's /fa/ as fuck

Do you believe that
Do you really

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Hey, reckon this shirt fits well?

>mfw im too big for a M but too small for a L
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What size is that?
just look for a different brand of shirt

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