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Daily reminder that
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true desu senpai
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y not both
I'm tall, I'm handsome, and I'm fit. Why would I want to wear shit clothes when I can be fashionable?

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I'm trying to think of casual t shirts that would look good with these, so far white hanes work best with black/blue/grey jeans- any other ideas?

>inb4 bad shews
I like them.

Thanks for any and all responses.
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I'm sorry for your loss.
i like them too

i think they are very versatile you can wear them with any kind of pant / sweater / jacket color combination
thanks mate

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where do you get your ties from? how much does the material matter (the tie will go above a shirt, so i won't really feel it)?

the cheapest i see ties for are $15-$25 at most retail stores (even higher at luxury stores).

was thinking of buying cheap ties online, regular ties made from polyester or silk, and cotton knit ties, for $3-$5 each. which is a significant discount than what i'd pay normally. worth it?
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Its fucking 3-5 dollars buy one and see for yourself what the fuck is there to lose
3-5 dollars
I'll give you 5 dollars
but you should just spend 85 dollars on a past season Brioni tie and wear that one until you die
cuz that's all you need, really

are band shirts /fa/?
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Only if they are underground and not well known, or the band is your friends

t. Anon

that depends
Some are, but those all look like shit

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sign me the fuck up.jpg
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reddit likes us guys!
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don't be mean to mfa OP
why would they like this shithole

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What's the best substitute for Yeezy boost 350 tan for those of us who didn't use bots?
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these in another color.
name is nike lunar flyknit chukka

thought I had that in file name
Managed to get 3 pairs without bot. Blaming bots is just weak. Buy the cream ultra boost coming in 2016.

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I just spent $700 on my first leather jacket and I'm loving it so far. I am in the Air Force and was wondering what you guys thought about putting patches on these jackets? I've got one Air Force patch and one from the band "D.R.I.

Good idea or bad?
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Don't deface your jacket with patches, it will fuck up the leather permanently. If you want something you can put patches on you should look into a denim jacket.
Denim is gross..
seconding this

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Buy Sell Trade
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Size 44 Guidi 988 Backzips for sale.

All offers to [email protected]

Here is an album with pictures
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Selling a Palace Firebird TT Jacket size S

This piece is flame in my opinion however with Palace it can either go two routes: 1. make it big and heavily demanded like Supreme and increase price or 2. go like Stussy/Diamond supply and absolutely lose market value

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Hey /fa/ I was a turbo autist a few years ago but I'm slowly getting into shape and dressing less disgustingly. Can anyone help me out with shoes? I really don't know what to get, black sneaks are good for the winter right? I just need something decent and cheap (<$100 maybe 150) that will last me for a year or two.

Signed a beta robot trying to find a gf

Pic possibly related I know these are popular
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Won't hold up a year, you'll need a few pairs whatsoever so you can rotate if you want your shoes to hold up/not stink.
If you're looking for something that's /fa/ and durable during the winter, you should be looking at boots. I don't know what your winter experience is like, but Converse would be ruined after 5 months over where I am. Plus, there's no weather resistance .
Shoe thread?

I'm in a similar situation, also slowly getting into shape and dressing better. Looking to get a pair of sneakers for S/S, but I'm not sure which kind. I've been considering both Adidas Tubular and Nike Roshe.

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I'm basically at where i need to be physique wise, and have most of the basics and key pieces, but a little more would be nice

>ITT dark colour palettes, I.E deep reds like maroon and burgundy, as well as blacks and greys and whatnot. and preferably slimmer models; other than that anything that fits under this genre works, from crust punk all the way up to slp,

discussion and inspo are both welcome

i'll start by dumping what i have
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street wear/ punk
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i fucking love the stacks on these jeans

>What is this jacket?
>What are his boots? (Posted below)
>Where could I get them?
The boots are so damn strong looking. They seem to be leather on top and bottom.
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Here's some better pictures. It looks like a brown car coat.
From the rear.
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Here's his boots. They just seem more well built than any of then ones I've seen. There doesn't seem to be any rubber on the bottoms either.

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Which tie would go with this shirt?
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I'm not a regular at /fa/, but I wear ties at formal events.
But thats seersucker no?

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>he does not own any SLP
girls laughing.jpg
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black jeans that are smaller than other black jeans
jeans that have holes in them (how novel, how very much not played-out)
chelsea boots/jodphurs
plain black leather jackets
conventional plaid flannel shirts in a slim cut

These are all perfectly fine items of clothes but... in no world are they especially novel, exciting or expressive. They're capital-N Nice. They're Good Clothes. They're perfectly okay.
The outfit described is the height of conformity right now and is practically a costume (in much the same way as being a 2014 faux-lumberjack or 2013 skinny-suit guy). It's vague pretense at being something special feels really weak. Hedi does (has he ever?) anything to challenge this, content to bang out the same looks and same clothes over and over again. He's extremely good at making money, decent (ish) at styling and terrible at creativity. It's especially tragic because of how genius Yves was. Yves Saint Laurent used to be, in its heyday, a brand known for pushing the boundaries of fashion and challenging the way we relate to clothes. It had genuine artistic vision. I can't say the same about Hedi.
This is especially apparent in his womenswear shows which are truly awful and clearly an afterthought. He'll sell bags and jeans to them regardless, why bother create interesting new clothes.
His designs are literal, the brand's vision shallow and contrived and the clothes unexceptional in any metric. It's regurgitation of the same ideas over and over, mining the same over-done references and contributing nothing new. Luxury basics for the masses.
>I own SLP
>t-thanks y-you too

Just kill me
only fah way to go on about compliments desu family

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Moving to Vancouver from Toronto in a week.
What are some effay spots, bars, and shops?

I also heard they don't listen to trap and bangers.
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Vancouvers kinda cool. Although the emerging numbers of Asian fuccbois and their grandmas from Hong Kong are eh.

Most of Down Town is effay, specifically gas town, where the best stores are Roden Gray, Neighbor, and Haven.

Overall, most people here are nice but often pretentious. People listen to all sorts of music here, and their is a hip hop scene, all though all local rappers are awful.
Love El Furn Warehouse in toronto.
Is it a fun place out west too?
I moved to Vancouver from London. It's a pretty small place. It's nice though, lots of good beer if you like that, especially in gastown

What's a next level fashion trend that hasn't blown up yet. I wanna stand out in my local music scene
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buisness high class
People will start to wear bags of liquid over thier body.

Its called post-solid core. It'll be the next big thing, trust me.
someone post the plant-core thing, with the plants in the backpack

that was fucking sick

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