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As a frugalfag who is going to invest in some pieces of outerwear from norse projects , acne , apolis wings +horns Barbour and decent sneakers , can I be /fa/ if I buy shirts and jeans (will buy selvedge) from places like j crew , uniqlo, levis gap, Gitman bros , all saints , topman and h&m? I've always been told that jackets and shoes are the most important pieces of attire
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most people wouldnt tell you to buy basics from anything but j crew uniqlo etc

if i were you id definitely pay a little more for jeans because at least for me they fit better and last longer not to mention theyre more comfortable
definitely pay at least $100 on shoes tho otherwise you're going to be throwing them away too quick
You need one jacket
So shop carefully and coordinate your outfits around it
A Norse Projects nunk is pretty much all you need for outerwear...that's coming from someone with 3k worth of outerwear, man
Seconding jeans. Uniqlo selvedge is not bad per se but i'm noticing decline in quality since last year.

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What shoes should a white guy get for <$160
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adidas campus 80s
air max 95

stay away from hyper memes like stan smiths af1s superstars etc

most important thing is find a shoe that fits your look, or just one you like
This besides Stan Smiths.

They are fine.
maybe its just the area i live in but i always see stans and they look so lifeless =/ Like theres no personality in the shoe but Idk dude if you like them grab them

What's the deal with stan smiths?
I've been thinking of copping some but everyone I've asked irl says they look like shit but that's because I've only showed pictures
Do they look good only while they are being worn?
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honest answer: when on feet, they look a bit weird from the top IMO, but it's probably just me. They're literally just white shoes: if you have slightly wide feet these are okay, otherwise I'd just save a bit of money and get some CPs/Gustin knockoffs/ Kent Wang
Do not cop they are trash that effeminate Asians wear


Post Em
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I'm in the market for a ring. Is there some kind of non wedding ring design for men that's acceptable?

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Ian Connor is God.
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what's wrong with his face? :)
Acne scars
he said the whole reason he got into fashion was because he realized he was ugly

Are thongs /fa/?
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no, theyre eggay
depends, if youre giving nah if you're taking the dick then yeah maybe

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Just copped this, how do I look familias?
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You look autistic in this pic
Like you enjoy cock
Saved to cringe folder, thanks

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What style is more /fa/ when it comes to picking up girls at nightclubs? (Idgaf about how "men" and "boys" dress)

The guys to the left are participated in a reality show so ofc they get chicks but I think you understand by the way they dress compared to shirts and sometimes blazers.
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girl here

absolutely guy on the right

actual girl here , don't listen to them , left pic guys are the most likely to be cool and not ryan gosling wannabe's
Girl here

LOL tehe

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What is your honest opinion on the YEEZY shoes?
What is your favorite?
750s? 350s? 950s?

Have you ever seen anyone in person wearing them.

They sell out all the fucking time but I have never seen anyone wearing them.
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What the fuck do the numbers mean?

750's look like they belong in Star Wars. I'd wear them.
I live in a rich suburb of LA, so naturally I see stupid kids and generic asians wearing them about once a month, in the city and in my town
I've seen a few people wear them but they never match their outfits. Usually people who wear them don't know shit about fashion and just wears them with shitty baggy jeans.

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Guys I'm balding pretty fast, give me some shaved head inspo.
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dude... balding is cured forever

someone tell him about the magic pill
just give him my email address I'll explain everything
You telling me there's people out there who don't know about the pill?

Is there any way to legit check y-3? I can't find any forum or anything. I'll post some pics below, maybe you can help me
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go on /r/repsneakers or fashionreps its probably your only hope
>inb4 reddit loser
if you dont have karma to post probably search y-3 in or y3 or something in the subs

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is getting arrested /fa/? got arrested last nite for the first time, got a dwi had a little too much to drink for New Years. thoughts?
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There are effay crimes, DUI is not one of them.
what are examples of effay crimes?
not unless you get raped in holding

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Just got an offer of $4800 for all this crap I'm selling. Should I take it?
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Yeah lad obv
if this is real ye, eventually youll be like "fuck this shit is so hard to sell, i wish id have taken the 4800"
all of this shit is lame as hell

basic branded bitch damn

lets post some /fa/ af1's
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>>>/fuccboi general/

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this is an af1 inspo thread you fruitcake.

fuck outa here

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>Hey fa
>Im trading stuff for his cdg supreme timbs, can i get a legit check
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just buy regular timbs if you want them holy fuck

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