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what are some /fa/ entry level jobs?
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Key words entry level. Good luck getting hired as a merc with no military experience.
my cousin is a merc and he's not effay at all

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How long should pants be ? Are they fine as long as they don't touch the floor?
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depends on what type of pants and how/what you're wearing them with.

they should never drag on the floor though.
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With suit pants you have the following options:

>full break
Looks a bit sloppy. Fine for that one cheap suit you wear to the bars.

>half break
The norm among most people. Never really wrong.

>quarter break
Avoid. Looks like you went for half or no break and fucked up.

>no break
The correct way. Looks weird to people who have no idea.
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If you're a bit flamboyant or are wearing a summer suit, opt for too short. This is never 'correct' though.

So what is objectively the best shoe to buy from the ADIDAS website? I have a gift card and might spend it on some ultra boosts, but the problem is that they don't have it in white. So far I like the custom sambas option, adidas top ten in black , ultraboost and white tubulars
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Los Angeles.jpg
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i like these in blue and black
cop some black/white ultra boosts
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I just ordered LA's in grey. Probably the best adidas shoes atm, maybe stan smiths also

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what core is this? How do i achieve this look
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you achive it by using cheap/bad clothes ironically and if your not as thin as a pencil then get puking
health goth
achieve by sucking cock

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Anyone know where to cop a good winter or just general coat in the UK? Need one since I my old one broke. Lasted me 2 years or so I guess. Anyone know some shops with good quality and possibly that are budget? Or any that'd be able to be patched?
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North Face
Urban Outfitters? I have this in black:


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You have 10 seconds to explain why I shouldn't cop this.

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because you let 4chan decide how you spend your money
It might not fit your HUGE BOOBS
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I myself have made the choice to achieve final form mode.

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american denim pants.jpg
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about to order pic related as well as a bunch of other stuff. anyone else here bought from them, how does everything size up?
I'm waist: 28/30 and length:32, whould i get s, m or l?

also if i'm ordering from england, what exactly do i do?
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Bumping for info also. I was going to buy those jeans but I'm stuck on the measurements. I do know that the shipping can be from £30 to £50 though.
$50 flat shipping. Takes at least on average to arrive. They're small is usually 28 unless they state otherwise, drop them an email to confirm
Will you fucking gooks stop shilling your trash clothes?

Fucking reported

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overear subway.jpg
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are over-ear headphones effay?
can anyone post any inspo containing over-ear headphones?
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They're not just un-/fa/, they're antisocial as fuck. You wanna be antisocial? Well, we're on 4chan, so I might just be proving my kindergarten teacher wrong about stupid questions right now. That's a bunch of closure.
Anyway, no, fuck you, either shamefully wear them at home or invest in nice speakers.
Forgot one thing:

that doesn't mean what you think it means

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Why do dikes dress like 13 year old male pop punk fans and child molesters.
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bear hipster.jpg
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How many dykes do you hang out with on a daily basis?
What does this have to do with fashion? Butch dykes are the most unfashionable people on the planet. The ones in my area dress like black men in the early 00's
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or Graham Elliot

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Adidas Superstar 2 Rouge.jpg
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I'm sorry for being a total scrub or fuckboy, but i live in a third world country (Brazil to be exact). We are poor and dress badly. Recently, i bought my first "good" pair of shoes. Pic Related.
Could you please suggest me some fits, cheap
ideas on how could i use these. I kindly ask for no branded stuff, just generic suggestions like "striped t-shirt", et cetera.
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lurk and try to imitate good fits with thrifted cops
Just no graphic Tee shirts and you are good to go. Stick with basics family
No idea how you are built but some slim dark SIMPLE jeans, and a well fitting button down are fine

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Can someone re-up it ?
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how much of a fag do you have to be to write all that garbage out
jesus christ
how much of a newfag do you have to be to write this ?

how do you guys keep your white shoes white?

i usually like dirtying mine up but these ultra boost look so good in all white
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Clean it as much as you can when you wear them out. You don't want to wait until it starts yellowing and browning, you want to prevent that, so usual scrubbing. Clean it as much as you can and spray a regular water and stain repellent. Re-apply that here and there, I don't know how long.

Other than that, the secret is just determination and prevention.

Denim stains are going to be the most tough thing. I had no idea how to prevent these, so I just left them and rocked them.
yeah mine are already denim stained lmao but you cant see it when i wear it when the denim obviously

ultraboosts have a nylon mesh, so be careful
but since the rest of the shoe is easy to clean, these shies might look bad ass beat up OP

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Can we get a supreme thread goin?
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Suprmeme... I like their sweaters.
Just wait for ss16
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They have some pretty /fa/ pocket knifes.

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new order.jpg
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This is /fa/'s theme song. prove me wrong
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No because it's actually True Faith
temptation is the best new order song and joy division is ass
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it's because it is about masturbation and RAF you faggots

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Barbour thread

Getting a Beaufort later today.
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Back to Reddit
good lad
Urgghh country fashion is horrendous

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