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ITT: Post /fa/ pics of Johnny Depp

How the fuck does this guy make fedoras work?
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by wearing squareish ones with wide brims that work well with his face shape
by being good looking
also hes a pirate

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Just getting into streetwear and /fa/. But i feel like i don't know where to begin with my wardrobe. Any tips on what my first buys should be as a total scrub?
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Get yourself a:

-White t shirt
-Black t shirt
-Grey t shirt
-2 pairs of jeans (one light wash, other regular)
-1 grey hoodie
-1 pair of chino pants
-1 flannel blue or red
-2 sweatshirts one in grey other in black
-1 bomber jacket
-pair of Vans Old Skool blacks
-pair of Stan Smiths

here's your basic wardrobe. go nuts and discover your style from here.
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>i've only just started lurking /fa/ too

Thanks man. Had no idea what to get and have basically just been browsing grailed and whenever i find a nice shirt or hoodie i've just realised that it won't fit any of my other clothes

Are these meme shoes?
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Where I live nobody wears them, no comparison to memes like stans.

I just dont know any good fits :(((
No one wearing them is a good thing. Even the black people don't
Its only a meme if everybody wears it.

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hey guys. getting glasses today. I figured I'd get something simple an unobtrusive, I just need them for seeing the blackboard in class

I have a small face with strong features. I bodybuild. I look young.

I dress simply. Usually form fitting jeans, slacks, and button up shirts or tanks.

given my small face, I figured slimmer glasses would be a good choice. don't know what would go with my clothes, though.

pic related is my first instinct. please give suggestions.
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If you're thinking about getting metal frames I would look into getting ones that are specifically designed to be lightweight, otherwise regular ones might not be very comfortable. The weight and rigidity of normal ones might not bother you but it gave me a headache after a while. Also nonmetal plastic(?) frames are the most comfy imo but maybe not the most fashionable.
I'll never need to wear them for long periods. I don't have terrible eyesight, so it's not a concern. thanks for the suggestion.

recommended frame shapes? I like bookish and religious girls. I could care less what anyone else thinks of me
please don't buy cheap rectangular glasses
everyone and their mother wears these now, not even sure why. there's no aesthetic appeal. literally anything else would look better. seriously. i can't think of one other shape that looks as bad as those, except maybe skinny ovals. it doesn't even matter what you get as long as they aren't rectangular.

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When are short shorts for men gonna become acceptable streetwear again? They're comfy as fuck
I know they're popping up again in military circles but how much time until it's more widespread?
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Never, the era of manliness is over, you can thank females and social media for that
The exact moment some show/movie or anything from the media starts forcing them into us.
>comfy and easy to wear

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Second this. They have alot of really good, but expensive stuff.

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if someone like tess holiday can become a model can i [5'2" skinny girl with pretty face] become one??
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No. She is a model as a result of current social media trends. So brands are cashing in on the "body conscious" trend and #feminism rocks stuff.

If you're just an average short girl you don't offer clients any sort of message or angle to sell product
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yes hello girl you can send me your modelling pics and i will send them to my superiors in the modelling agencies
S-Sean Bonnette?

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WAYWT: Heterosexual male edition.
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This whole i'm back guys thing that you'er trying to do is pretty embarrassing TBQH
I agree.
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1MB, 1972x1228px

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Do you guys like the slacker/90s high school kid look? Flannel, ripped jeans, band shirt, etc?
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people here usually do

its boring, un-inventive and played out though
if you're under 18
yes if you are actually tasteful with it; buying ripped jeans, converses and a nirvana t shirt at the mall is definitely not effay though

Anyone know when in february the collection will be released?
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idk but the brown metallic ones look good as fuck
might be my first pair of stans
Do you even understand how much time and effort that goes into designing those stans?

He's not just taking a premade pair and poking a bunch of holes in them to form an R
>Ozweego 3


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Wet wannabe Prince Charming.png
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Can you (or rather, should you) wear french cuffs casually?

I'm talking no jacket, but with khakis or slacks. Is it acceptable evening wear? Office wear? Fedora wear?

Can anyone pull them off with jeans? Should one even try?
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>Can you (or rather, should you) wear french cuffs casually?
no don't do it they should only be worn with jacket. They are required for proper formal wear ie black/white tie. they can be worn with suits which is a more casual option and probably sport coat/ blazer outfits. But a jacket is required.
no don't do it.
This godforsaken board may say it a good Idea to do it but please don't.
It is not something to be worn casually under any circumstance

t. french
>Can you (or rather, should you) wear french cuffs casually?
yes as long as they're not white - but imo a non-turnback version with just a single layer of fabric would be better

>I'm talking no jacket, but with khakis or slacks. Is it acceptable evening wear? Office wear? Fedora wear?
you might be able to squeeze by as office or evening wear, but not without a jacket - silk knots or non-dressy cufflinks help a lot

>Can anyone pull them off with jeans? Should one even try?
just fucking don't

Hey /fa/ I'm not the most effay guy but I recently got into high top shoes, just found that hiding the laces is always a pain because they look ugly out, decided to cop a pair of these, (still on order), what do you guys think?
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just get raf velcros like what all of us did
They look like some crude mix of Qasas ,Geos and duck boots.

File: 161232M181003_1.jpg (172KB, 600x1412px)Image search: [Google]
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Really looking to buy these, was wondering if Sssense has end of seasons sales often? I am not in any rush, I just hate paying full price on anything.
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why are blacks so ugly

thats fine, i doubt this one went on sale as theres plenty left. Any other time it may go on sale?

Does anyone know if bombers generally go on sale? Dont really want to buy used, would want to get either the down stuffed one or a leather

File: 1454519938043[1].jpg (13KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm looking for a fucking gorgeous laptop bag for work.

Know any brands? What do you guys use?
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none of the /fa/gs here have office jobs that requires one OP
low-end price: Nava design
mid-price: cote&ciel
High-price: bao bao by issey miyake
May not be your style tho
bao bao is overpriced as all hell

buy a visvim e-cat

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Anyone know when this hat restocks ?

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Also if u want hat thread
Should I grab a Greek fishermans hat or Fiddlers cap?

I kinda like the way they look, but looking at images of people wearing them makes me worry that I'm going to look like a fag instead of being able to pull it off.
Babylon rarely, if ever, restocks, you'll probably just have to wait for the hat to drop in a different colorway.

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