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did i fuck up with this cut /fa/?
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You look like the guy from Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures. It might be a bit generic but it looks decent on you.
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See what I mean.
Nah you're good. You didn't fuck up but maybe opt for a longer cut.

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What haircut would suit me?
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Bowl cut
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pony tail/mullet
reverse mo-hawk

Is being a socialist /fa/?
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being well read is /fa/
holy shit is that chomsky?
I like gnome chomsky too, please notice me thanks

Any alternatives to SLP flannels without spending hundreds of dollars? Or just any good quality flannels in general?
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Patagonia flannels
They looks nice. Might take a look at a few :)


How would you dress your gf?
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only thing she'll ever need.jpg
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full rick
tfw no bf who would literally do that

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Do these pass as Palewave???
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They do, but PF Flyers have better palewave shoes than those

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okay niggers, i am actually studying fashion and business and i am in the spot where id rather

Most of my life i was strictly against buying fakes and replicas as i was tricked into buying one in young age (75euros for af1 from auction portal seemed legit - half a year of saving in my early teens - i cry to this day) and was kinda hypebeastish until i got into thriftshops (pretty good ones where i come from) and shit but now my opinion is changing bc -

as i am getting more into branding i just realized that everything is just a way to get money from people. And if i find a good replica the quality is going to be exactly the same as most of the shit is produced in the exactly same factories right?

Im not talking about copping fake designer shit , but i mean who can i actually hurt when I'm going to cop some fake nikes. (except the sweatshop kids though) Also I'm not going to buy fake cheapass looking bogos

The quality in branded shoes and stuff is pretty shitty as well - i bought triple white huas from footlocker and the fucking rubber thing managed to tear itself of in 1.5 months. really?

Also a friend of me was internshipping in some factory in vietnam and she got /bought "samples" of yeezys for some ridiculous price straight out of factory. isn't that the exact same shit??

Only valuable argument in here is that you are "stealing" money from designers and the sweatshop thing - but this doesn't concern me too much as i do not browse tumblr and don't have these foolish humanist delusions
Other argument would be the quality , but i would say that they are nearly cloning the shit - do you think the quality has improved throughout the years?
so any experiences with shit like aliexpress? which replicas/fakes to get, what should i beware and stuff? any experiences fellow fake ass niggers?

>inb4 poorfag
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**where id rather spend money for rent/food until i get stable job .

Which reps are you interested in?
some legit hua fakes would be nice, if they are as comfy as the real shoe,
also some am95
maybe tubes / y3ish but the y3s look as shit and i would kinda feel bad wearing something with z-4 on it, any advices ? actually some tubes x should look nice

New one
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Boots look nice, cardigan could be longer, jacket is to baggy imo. Very inoffensive altogether.
Everything looks cheap including you. Also go lose weight, slut.

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$500,000 net worth required to post
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He looks like a faggot
>also buying anything from Hermes
Not trying to sound like an ass, but you've got that much money why do you need brag about it on 4Chan. You should be doing something exciting!
People with $500,000 net worth don't dress like that kek, people with $50,000 net worth do.

Last one at 286

left or right?

Both docs. Left are the made in england Arthur boots, they're worn and more expensive (ripped lace and mended heel pull). the right are regular made in thailand mono 1460s but are like $25 cheaper and completely new. help me out family
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slimmer toes on the arthurs. Don't know if I like the super shiny leather though, but it's not patent
definitely the arthurs, 100% the others look too robust
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blue or brown?

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If I said "insufferable hipster girl" what would be the first items of clothing that popped into your mind?
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Same stagnant answer as 2010. Thick rimmed glasses.

If accessories don't count, printed leggings.
goodwill shopping Mac Demario following goobers. same w men
Shit thick drawed on eyebrows because they didn't win the genetic lottery, cheap round frame glasses, black jeans, either flannel or tumblr-ish printed shit, or maybe some entry level alternative band t shirt

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Hey, I remember some pictures being posted of a German guy I believe. He wore Military/Nazi stuff and it looked super effay
Could you please upload some inspiration pics or the name to his blog?
Pic unrelated btw
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You mean Koch?
I am not sure if that is him...
Do you have a link or something?
was his name hitler?

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Are designer clothes better than inexpensive clothes? Where can I find good looking and good quality clothes that don't cost 4000 dollars.

Why does gucci and hugo and armani sell jackets for 4k? What makes them better?
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I have both.

I prefer inexpensive clothes that look good.

The quality isn't nearly as nice on the cheaper stuff, obviously, but there's something reassuring about knowing that you can handle your clothing roughly with reckless abandon.

Just a personal preference, though.
if youre just talking about big name brand versions of 'basic' stuff (tshirts, shirts, jackets that you can easily get cheaper versions of) then its basically just higher quality and brand name.
You're paying for the brand name.


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jake g.jpg
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I don't ever post on this board but I'm a guy with really thick eyebrows and often get insecure about them at times. Is there a way to "wear" thick eyebrows or should I get them trimmed at all? I really know nothing.
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Theres nothing wrong with trimming up a little bit to thin them out. Just dont shape them all perfect and super thin like a girl
Google how to do it
Don't shave them, just trim and tweeze the stray ones

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Looking for shoes similar in shape to this, but dark (navy, black, etc.), could be any material. Any recommendations?
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Will be worn for going out, so almost exclusively with dark/denim jeans.
Commeme Projects.

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