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W2c cosy simple and cheap hoodies?

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Try Gildan
gildan for sure, or thrift some nike ones
Amazon.com search hanes/gildan hoodie

seriously tho opinions and fits and shit whatever.
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Nothing is better thaan wearing full black and some striking purple or yellow fucking socks to bring people out of concept.
i have been thinking of making my whole wardrobe all black since i've become tired of thinking of colors and picking out things based on colors i may want vs just going all black and it being easy and fucking amazing
that's what i thought but then you get real crazy and start thinking about different tones of black n shit and textures

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what are the most /fa/ phones
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Smartphones all look the same, shit. Dumbphones are useless now. RIP cool technology.
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Just copped for $299

huh? i'm confused by this post

what do you mean RIP cool technology? aren't phones more advanced now than ever? and "dumb" phones aren't technically useless, if you're the kind of person who only needs them to make calls then they are not useless. not everyone is addicted to social media and the internet.

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Please /fa/, how can I save these impoverished children?
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get new ones
too poor, waiting on that tax return
I usually throw my shoes in the washing machine together with a lot of towels just make sure you use al low temperature 30°c and a normal amount of detergent even do this with suede

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looking for this shade of grey denim. can someone help me find a more affordable pair $200 max

obv cant afford the one in picture.
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Difference between a $200 pair and a $50 pair?
please provide link to a pair with this shade, dont just say levis. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that Levi's does not make a jean in this shade. Im not just asking for a grey pair, but this specific shade.

Im just saying I'm willing to pay more for a pair that matches this color.

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>that kid who wore shirts like this to school
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tfw the whole swag thing isn't far removed enough to do ironically
i had one of those when i was like 10
why the hell would you want to do that?

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Would this look work in real life?
What is this style called?

I wear mostly hoodies and jeans. A lot of t-shirts during summer time and am sick of it. I am looking for a smarter casual look like pic related.
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Yeah man, why not. It's not on the ridiculous side of anime/manga so I can't see why it wouldn't work. Go for it.
Ah Death Note! Fantastic manga!

But anyhow, yeah, it'd work eeeasy, that's some pretty tame anime hair. Light's is nothing fancy.
I will...but how is it called?
I think he is wearing mostly chinos, plain sweaters and shirts and some jackets. It seems absolutely basic but it's more formal than that, I can't put my finger on it.

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How to avoid pilling?
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>One cannot avoid the inexorable tide that is pilling, merely stave it off until a day when you are less prepared to face it.

Don't tumble dry, hang dry instead. Also, wash your statement pieces less often.
This can be done by layering them over basics and hanging them to air after you've worn them.
buy better quality pieces, never wash knitwear, watch for abrasion
>hang dry to avoid pilling
Are you retarded? Dont listen to this garbage advice; hang drying a knit would stretch the shit out if any knit. Best advice is to hand wash gently (soak in sink and squeeze gently). Dry in floor between two towels and step dry them. Or dry clean and ask not to be hung on a hanger.

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>SFB leather starts to tear after 3 months
>tell nike
>full refund with no fuss

Why did nobody ever tell me i could do this?
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cuz only scrubs dont know about it
Because you can figure these things out on your own
did you have to provide proof of purchase or anything like that?

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How does one be photogenic?
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wow i went to follow her on insta so fast

1.-have an attractive face

2.-Dont be ugly

that should do it
isn't it possible to be attractive and not be photogenic?

not that I would know.

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nah but for real, what do you drink to stay skeletal and good looking?
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i eat what i want that means fast food and beer are common choices , but i don't eat breakfast so that is my hack
cigarettes and coffee.

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Are trousers the best fashion trend for spring? Post comfy trousers,inspo and discuss trousers.
No jeans allowed.
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yes trousers are best, jeans are for plebs, do you even see trump wearing jeans, no, that's because he not a communist
sans the sarcasm I agree
>Trousers are to formal and out of place
>out of place
So the fucking furry/ edgy kids get a pass. I hate this flyover state

what is the brand of this pants?
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a brand i think i know but you shouldnt be concerned about.
They seem baggy jeans

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Mystery Album 127 Mystery Pua.jpg
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Anyone else think that Mystery and the other PUAs actually look pretty effay at times? Maybe i'm just being peacocked, but while it often looks cheesy and high school as hell, some them (usually Mystery) actually manage to pull off a pretty unique and well worked style. when you look at the pictures imagine a 6,5ft guy who seems popular wearing this shit, rather than an autistic dweeb
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Oh, wait. You were serious?

how does one acquire yeezys in the uk?
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eBay, Aliexpress, Tabao just to list a few

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