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hey /fa/ how do I survive with a shoe size that most brands don't make? (not talking about vans or converse)
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bump ;(
Idk friend I'm shoe size 6.5 US I just came here to say I'm sorry for u also free bump
Was literally just thinking about this. But rather, "How do you make size 13 shoes not look like clown shoes"

keep it easy
keep it cheesy
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am i buggin or do these look a bit big on me?

more pics to follow
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prepare for clownshoes jokes
also a little bit of goback2reddit

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Is this haircut /fa/? I'd like to try something like this because I'm losing my hair...
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honestly it's a pretty good idea to go for something like that if you're balding, can grow a beard a bit, and have a masculine face
let's see ur ugly mug and decide
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Is this enough?
Yeh, buzz it

>chillwave, mgmt, foster the people, adventure time 2009-2012

>grimes, mac demacro, yung lean, vaporwave, deathgrips, gookshit 2012-2015


what is now
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I would unironically be hyped if that ubermensch-looking art got back into style.

Secretly want to buy and frame this for my bathroom but figure it might be a bit stupid-looking.

The history of IBM itself it pretty amazing, so I'd be stoked.
>Shoegaze 2016
Yeah, no buddy. Shoegaze hasn't been going anywhere for a while.

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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Previous thread: http://boards.4chan.org/fa/thread/10900661/thinspo#top

FAQ/glossary/links: http://hastebin.com/raw/qanedewaki

How many pounds/kg/stones/moonrocks have you lost since the new year? / Your stats? / How many do you plan to lose in the next 3 months?

Both male and female thinspo welcome.
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>Your BMR is: 3000 Calories/Day
>Your TDEE is: 3450 Calories/Day
Is it humanly possible for me to become skinny fast?
Absolutely, within reason.

I started at 216-lbs and dropped to 163-lbs as of this morning. My original TDEE was someplace around where you are at, so I decided to do -1000kcal deficit and it was pretty manageable without getting too hungry. That's 2-lbs per week, so by the end of the month you are down 8-lbs.

-1000kcal deficit was fine for me until I got to like 185-lbs, then I started getting pretty hungry dropping that fast so I switched to a -750kcal deficit which kept the loss still fast, but, able to give me some little snacks.

Once I got to 175, or maybe a bit lower, I switched to -500kcal deficit for one pound per week. I've been doing that all the way to 163-lbs where I am now. I sometimes get hungry but overall this rate is managable for me. I may slow it a bit as I get closer toward by goal if I get hungry too often.

The thing is as you drop you'll require less and less food so you get hungry less often. It's just important to re assess your appetite and goals every 5-lbs or so. Also listen to your calorie plan and not your eyes, because I was so used to seeing big portions it felt like I wasn't eating much but I was getting full nevertehless. There is a bit of a visual change on your plate when you drop a bunch of weight that takes some getting used to. If I ate my old quantities I'd be sick but they still seem like the normal amount. Eat slow, there is lots of lag between feeling full and being full. Like 15 minutes or something. So stop eating a bit before you feel full.
The plate trick is the hardest part for me since I live with my family that is very traditional. Basically, in my culture we all eat in one big bowl of food. :/
Me demanding my mother give me my food in my own plate is unthinkable. I'd move out but that too is complicated in this culture.
My mother actually gets upset if I don't eat a lot and assumes I didn't like her food or I ate out.

Thanks for the very assuring comment, though.

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Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.20.29.png
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how come no ones talking about this? Grailed just got jewish on us, guys.
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I read it in 1 minute. Look at the part before the bolded part
yeah sorry. to sum it up, theyre going from charging nothing, to charging 6% plus paypal fees? like god damn.

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hey, /fa/
what should i do with my hair?
trying to grow it out atm. any hairstyles that you think would suit me or something?
sidenote: i dress like shit (not in a good way)
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File: WIN_20160204_180101.jpg (155KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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i usually just brush it behind my ears for comfort, but it looks pretty bad desu
>pic obviously related
shameless self-bump
delete this and post in hair general

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If you leave shoelaces like this you are indeed a massive flaming faggot
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better than having them this fucking tight
tfw slim feet that require laces to be nearly as tight as possible
>he doesn't exclusively wear velcro

how pleb do you have to be?

Why are normies all wearing red shoes with all their outfits?
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wait, autists do not??
goddamn ye got fat
Bunch of whiggers

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What's the pitchfork of fashion?
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Whatever you wear.

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Post inspiration pics, need them tomorrow. Bonus if no messed up front
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Would this look even remotely good on someone who doesn't have a nice jawline? You have to look germanic to pull this off imho
Imo especially if the blend is not that extreme it is a lot more forgiving than the normal 'high' undercut everyone has.
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Super Fashion.jpg
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I'm going to be a superhero when I grow up.

What should I wear?

>Worst superhero outfits
>Best superhero outfits

See pic related for god tier
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File: 109274-144503-ozymandias.jpg (15KB, 183x406px)Image search: [Google]
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Technically a villain or anti-villain or whatever, but still the illest.
looks like a typical yt, sorry white ppl can't be the illest
File: madvillain-x-kidrobot.jpg (42KB, 455x341px)Image search: [Google]
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wrong pic m8

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Can anyone explain shoe sizes to me? Regularly I wear size 45 euro or US size 11 but whenever I try to convert my foot size (28.4 cm) using some scales,it turns out I should wear size 9 and a half. Pic related.
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Converse run small.

Feetlets, when will they learn?
since we are on the subject
i wear 44 allstars and i wan to buy some vans online and im too bored to go and try them on.
what number should i get compared to the 44 allstars pham?
Is 28.4 cm foot small?

I want to be fashionable but I also want to be myself. the problem is I don't know what 'myself' is. what is /fa/'s philosophy on clothing? if I wear what I want to wear and people say it isn't fashionable, I no longer want to wear it, but if I wear what is fashionable, I realise that it doesn't suit the style I'm going for. I'm so confused.

pic unrelated
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what style are you going for
If you're confused about your style and you're quick to wear things that define "yourself", chances are you already look like shit, no offense.

If you want to imitate a style or improve your current look, lurk and use inspo to get to where you want to be. Above all else, clothes that fit will look and feel better than expensive brands or edgy concepts.

Where do you want to end up? Who do you want to look like?
I usually wear skinny jeans, and a button up shirt, long sleeved and rolled up, untucked. my clothes are fashionable enough in terms of the place I live, but it just isnt me. are there any places I can go for good inspiration that you know of?

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