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How did you guys not tell me about these?
Definitely loving the pink high-tops.

4/20 was 2 days ago.
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because vans are considered highschool tier (i'm not saying they're bad but that's how fa works)
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Understood. Just thought these were Palewave-esqe. Seeing as many people are into these.
What material are those?

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The New Balance 990's are the next Stan Smiths.
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way off base. not going to happen retard.
Reeboks were hyped in Japan last year
They're already out. Nikes are coming back
Long story short Reebok ventilators will get a lot of hype starting this summer, guaranteed
And if Rihanna puts out another pair of pumas Adidas and Nike will be put on the back burner for a few months, emerging brand wise
I agree, Reeboks are going to start getting really popular soon. Especially with women because of Kylie and Rihanna.

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xanderwave 2.0.png
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how do i achieve this aesthetic?
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jus dont even try my man. you'll end up embarrasing yourself.
>implying it's not more embarrassing to try & succeed


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I don't know about you guys but the Nazis were fashionable as fuck.
Also Military thread
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face shape.png
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My face shape is pretty much this.
How can I make it look cuter and not so... long, I guess?

(this is not of me, but I look very much like this with my current hair)
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>How can I make it look cuter and not so... long, I guess?

get a shorter haircut? that girl from deadpool has a buzzcut and her head looks like an egg, if thats your thing...

anyway the girl you posted doesnt even have a long face, she looks cute
If that's what you look like then it looks fine
really? no 5-head? no older lady/mom face?
Because thats all I see. Not to say she is ugly, but she looks old-ish, and that's the same problem I'm having.

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can we have a boots thread?
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Sure I want these Red Wings
Also these 875's but in the traditional copper colour.
I know I'm pleb tier but are Chippewas worth the price? If not can someone recomend a 6" preferably with a thin sole? Good brands that aren't super mainstream that I may not know about?

File: bandage-2-m.jpg (166KB, 390x511px)Image search: [Google]
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Where might I find fabric similar to this?

Or what kind of terms should I use to describe it when searching?

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With almost absolute certainty, I can tell you that it's digitally printed fabric, not unlike what you can find on spoonflower
Next time don't start a thread for a question like this
Even with the iridescence?
The what? It's a herringbone pattern in a Technicolor colorway

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I like collared shirts but find button up ones with sleeves rolled up look strange with shorts. Are there casual or short sleeve collared shirts that aren't polos? Most polos I find are either sport polos with bright reflective colors, or look like a typical polo+khaki work combo.
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have you seriously never seen a short sleeve button up in your life
File: fredperry.jpg (127KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Short sleeve shirts exist mate.
Most are okay, but you'll look childish with them, or 'a brit lad on a night out.'

Most polos are good mate. Twin tipped polos are best.
Thanks man. I always thought short sleeve button ups looked strange, but it's good to have confirmation.

That polo looks good. You say that's twin tipped What does that mean? And do you know what other shirts would look good with khaki shorts?

I'm buying cheap glasses for my girlfriend. What should I go for? Thinking something like pic related right now
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What does her shirt say?
>Buying your girlfriend 'problem glasses'

You wouldn't happen to be a balding, beaded manlet would you?

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mandatory for you to have a pair pretty much. you can find them like 50% of the time at thrift stores for like 10 dollars.

they are really versatile and completely worth the investment
saw a pair today actually, they are revolting.
File: tumblr_o3oj0h4KmW1qeco2do1_1280.jpg (502KB, 1280x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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they are pretty plain shoes.

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (737KB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
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They put him in animecore, christ
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File: 89ogjly[1].png (310KB, 481x904px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c early 20th century south chinese gangster fit
>that mini fucking fedora

File: image.jpg (282KB, 928x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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last one 3 hundo

Comfy, linen, loose clothing thread
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File: image.jpg (56KB, 555x660px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't understand.

/fa/ says trench coats are for "fedora tippers", but they're literally the most stylish coat their is.

Explain this.
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You have to dress like an adult to wear a trench coat. People dress like edge children here.
It's really hard to pull them off, apparently. I'm 19 right now going to an American university, and I know there's no way in hell I'll be able to wear one right now without looking like a tipper. My style just hasn't developed to that point. I'll buy my Burberry someday, but now is just not the time.
You can pull off a single-breasted trench at hip length on a rainy day. Ones as long or only slightly longer than your typical winter jacket won't look out of place.

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Can we get a new Instagram thread goin? I'm tired of just looking at OliverDoor all fuckin day.

Post your effay insta accounts please
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fuck off with your no followers insta account faggot
File: Screenshot_2016-04-21-17-18-53.png (1MB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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I fucking hate this guy
File: a faget.jpg (163KB, 540x632px)Image search: [Google]
a faget.jpg
163KB, 540x632px

LOL thought i was the only one

File: IMG_3535.jpg (162KB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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why am I ugly?
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becuase you go to mcmaster, and have faggot glasses, wearing earbuds out of hoodie like this is highschool, forehead too big, faggot hairstyle
Dude I bought the same Age and Emme glasses back in 2014, they're lensless. Plus why the fuck would you wear Age and Emme glasses, especially lensless ones?
You look like brown Clark Kent

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