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Is band merch /fa/?
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it's like almost anything. it can be if it's a part of a considered outfit.
but if you're gonna wear it with bootcut jeans and nike runners then nah.

electric wizard are great though.
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if ur gonna wear metal band t's u gotta grow ur hair out and wear acid washed denim + motorcycle boots
in my opinion its fine as long as it fits with whatever you've got on, provided it isn't a "just copped this from Hot Topic" level of washed out pre-fab beatles shirt, but taste is subjective. I conclude that they're the least worst graphic tees

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He's some dude with a fashion label apparently.
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He looks autistic, so he's very effay
He seems to be doing good
holy shit these late teens to early 20s upper middle class asian/white guys who are "into fashion" should seriously fuck off and hang themselves. this faggot has no proper knowledge of fashion design and moreso general design. after all, what would you expect from someone who studied under virgil?

streetwear is the worst thing thats happened to fashion

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How /fa/ is your wallet ?
pic is mine
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It this the hat of the decade?
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If he loses people are going to feel stupid for buying that hat
man I'd love to have that hat but I my friends are really liberal and I live in an uber liberal city that I would be shunned so hard :^(
It will be the epitome of post-irony and post-post-irony after he loses. I can imagine everyone from hipsters like the guy in the OP to Young Republicans wearing the hat.

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Did anyone go from being an unironic /r9k/ poster to an actual human being because of /fa/ and/or /fit/?
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No I just come here to shitpost since /r9k/ is full cuck shit
i have no idea what the fuck kind of board r9k even is or what goes down because i'm not a fucking loser
>browses 4 chan
>thinks he's not a loser

you should create a reddit account, friendo.

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Moved out from Berlin to Florida and I'm fucking dying /fa/m.
I have to buy a new wardrobe with summer clothes. Effay sandals, shorts and t-shirts appreciated.
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ic3peak are great
I know, right. Post some summer inspo though.
Help me out /fa/milia

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So this is what my sneaker collection looks like. What do I need and what do I need to get rid of?
Am I hopeless?
>Shoe collection thread
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Top 2 are pretty nasty but bottom two are nice
w2c reeboks
Don't listen to this nigger. They're all fine. Bottom is the weakest link though.

i want a white sneaker

you guys like stan smiths or nah should i get something else
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File: IMG_2053.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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get nigo stans
>not R
kys senpai

File: 2016-04-28 12.37.17.jpg (2MB, 3264x1836px)Image search: [Google]
2016-04-28 12.37.17.jpg
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>Son, did you really bought this faggy ("marica" in spanish) tshirt!? When last week you asked me for money, I expected you to buy clothes from good brands like Massimo Dutti or Polo Ralph Lauren. This tshirt makes you really really faggy

My mom have just called me fag because I fell for Commes Des Garçons /fa/ meme

Also my little sister made fun of me because
>lol brother with that heart in your tshirt you look like a faggot! jaajajjajajajaja

>pic related
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>, I expected you to buy clothes from good brands like Massimo Dutti or Polo Ralph Lauren

family of memes

Does your family go full Rick Owens/gothninja?

It would be nice to see them
File: 1457429672501.jpg (487KB, 993x1032px)Image search: [Google]
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>he's so insecure he cares about being called a fag
also lmao your mom pays for your clothes?

underage bait confirmed

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It's not about which taste the best it's about which taste the least shitty...also post where your from and the nickname people have for cigarettes
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i smoke these regulalrly and for special occassions i smoke djarum blacks
my friends call them either smokes or cigs but others in the area call them boges as well
Never seen these before I'll have to check em out...menthol not usually my thing butt fuck it
camel blue

File: ylT6pPG.1.jpg (391KB, 1600x1087px)Image search: [Google]
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Sweden 2016 Olympics outfits. Thoughts?

Wondering why second from left is wearing a dress.
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>Ripped off GATs design
>Immigrants competing
File: keksimus maximus.png (248KB, 596x628px)Image search: [Google]
keksimus maximus.png
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Only 1 native Swedish in the team.

First off those thighs are immaculate.

are the shoes h&m as well? if so they did a great job on them

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can a car be effay?
if so lets get some inspo
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File: yes.jpg (333KB, 2000x1145px)Image search: [Google]
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love the Lancia...nice choice
come to think of it...

File: lviz.jpg (824KB, 2088x3102px)Image search: [Google]
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Which Levis do you wear?
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>skinny looks baggier than slim and straight cuts
dude what
559s cause my legs are getting bigger, very comfortable not baggy but the leg opening is bit too big. 501s used to be my shit but the crotch seams always fray and split I have no idea why.
510, I'm a skeleton so it looks good on me.

File: sakaguchi.jpg (411KB, 1280x1804px)Image search: [Google]
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Going to visit Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan for my trip this summer so I was wondering what are some good stores/brands to look out for when visiting.
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File: 1460736346329.jpg (156KB, 500x731px)Image search: [Google]
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holy shit me too

planning on hitting the tricky ricky store, maybe dover street market, and probably a mainline yohji store (as well as y-3)

what are some other cool tokyo stores, i'd love to see some n(n) or julius but idk where to look really (less high fashiony animecore harajuku recommendations are appreciated too)

basically where is the japanese totokaelo
I suggest a google map. if you can make the trip to Osaka, it's more where I go (senpai nearby). I mostly know second hand stores (I only buy Yohji desu). From memory:
Modscape (Shibuya and Shinjuku)
Bring (Shibuya and Shinjuku)
Lunette De Jura (Eyewear but that's where I got my pq eyewear)
The Parking Ginza (haven't been but pool aoyama was cool)
21 21 Design Sight (museum but Issey related)
Re Quality
Brand Collect
Ragtag (multiple locations)

of course check out Aoyama for flag ships, ura-hara and the like.

Don't know any kyoto stores cept OBJ Kyoto but it's a beautiful place you'll love it anyway.

sorry couldn't be more help only know the best places to cop yohji.
Beams recently opened a new store thats 8 stories or something absurd

File: jb4cFcw.jpg (272KB, 900x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Post hats and hat inspo
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barber fucked my shit up. i need a hat was thinking of copping pic related its $8
Any good hat websites?
Is this effay?

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