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is lil kims new look /fa/?

is it possible for a black person to become /fa/ through plastic surgery?
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Looks so bad man, why
She looked much better before this shit
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lil kim real.jpg
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at least shes not black anymore

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Do you need to skate to wear thrasher sweaters? I think the logo is cool af but I can't skate to save my life
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90% of the people who wear it don't skate anyways so go for it
you'll get made fun of by skateboarders and your autism will flare up when someone asks you to play them skate.
it's just a trend, go ahead, only losers get angry at poseurs

i do associate anyone with thrasher, dime palace, etc. with skateboarding though and associate skateboarding with children

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I don't know about you guys, but it has been getting pretty hot and sunny in my country.
Let's share some good looking summer outfits for that matter
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How many of you /fa/gs listened to the album?
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>listening to beyonce

could you be any more of a fuccboi
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas queeeeeeeen slaaaaaaaay blm
this 'mysterious dark and quirky' style has a the knife and iamamiwhoami-sh vibe
yaassssss the queen

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Where should I go to find quality pieces in nyc?
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at ny comme des garcons obvi
comme des fuccboiiiii
I also would like to know. I'm going in a month or so to see a friend. It's a 7 hour bus ride so I won't be going again soon.

So far only planning on going to save khaki and muji besides all the bookstores. Dunno where else to go though, esp in brooklyn.

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Is Yeezy /fa/?
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Only black people can pull of Yeezy. White people look pathetic trying
no, they look like a tramp.
like these colour palettes

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does a letter jacket have to cost 500 bucks? am i making a mistake in buying this one? the jacket is made from buffalo hide, ive heard that it's a good material.

here's the link to the website

also, i'm not too well versed in fashion so i'll ask you, what should i wear with this jacket?
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What's the deal with awkward autists and leather jackets
Don't get it anon, you want to stick with a more classic design for a pricey jacket.

But you don't have to buy one new. It's kind of the whole point that those expensive jackets last forever so you can get good ones second hand. What's important is you go and try it on to see how it fits and how it looks on you.

In general what to wear? Black jeans and a grey sweater or a striped tee is easy and inoffensive. Black boots ofc.
should cost a lot more for a decent one

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File: fwNLezd.jpg (127KB, 640x397px)Image search: [Google]
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French Special Forces
File: 4cH7ZeO.jpg (94KB, 610x431px)Image search: [Google]
94KB, 610x431px
Korean Special Forces
File: 8Fve9l.jpg (66KB, 640x421px)Image search: [Google]
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Roof Koreans

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How effay is your homeland? I'll start:
>brisbane, australia
>pic+filename related
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Everyone here is a 2010 tier fuccboi
Hello brisbro,
It really isn't that bad, once you've been here for a while and then travelled a bit you'll realise that the 'fashionable' cities trend hop even more than they do here which is pretty fucking terrible. Always greener on the other side.

Plus it got pretty chilly at the dawn service this morning and is windy as fuck today.

If you haven't already you should go to some of the parties thrown by Nick and Ben from Apartment or some of the gigs by Matt from the Outpost
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new york

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1MB, 1000x1500px
Because these never get enough attention on their own
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w2c everything
the sleeve roll is flawless
The dude makes his own stuff

He sells it though

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Whats your go to shit and why is it deathgrips
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My go to shit is Beegie Adair.
I've been listening to nothing but Death Grips this month. Pretty hyped for Bottomless Pit too.
R u me.

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thoughts on guys wearing nail varnish?
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do it if you like
Gayyyyyyyyyyy but cute
but do other people like it?

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Buzz PItt.jpg
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Lets get another Buzz Cut General going.

>Post Inspo
>Post Questions/Answers
>Post Current Hair

Have fun famalam
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I wish I was able to rock it, but my hair is thin as fuck and my head is deformed, so no buzz for me
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File: 1461225116127.png (2MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 750x1334px
Candid 4/20 shot of me after my buzz and cleaning up my facial hair to a light stubble to look less numale.

It's like 1 inch on top and a #3 on the sides.
Last time I posted people said I should go shorter? Maybe a #3 all around? I know my hairline is JUST-tier, but I gotta live with it

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At what point does high fashion just turn into hot topic-tier dress up play?
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are you just mad that his fit is infinitely times better than any fit you'll ever wear
no i was genuinely curious
Don't expect to have a good conversation here

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What are some good "Levi's tier" jeans that aren't Levi's?
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why not levis op
€100 in Europe.
ahh i see

no hate, do you need to spend mall tier bucks? i was in your shoes if so until; recently and I get it

theres plenty of cool ones like acne and because raws were pretty in everyone has jeans

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