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Dark souls the only /fa/ video game cause it's made by japs and goes over the video game norms and shit.
Post your character cause I know all of you fags play video games but pretend you don't.
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>that shit texture resolution
>lack of AA
>shitty dynamic lighting
>no shadows

what the fuck anon this is the most un-/fa/ shit i have ever seen
nice chainmail layering
Sorry /fa/m

If I play a video games, I only play online chess, Magic the Gathering Online, or Skyrim.

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living room.jpg
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What are some good /fa/ approved rugs? I have hardwood floors and I need a rug.
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Floral patterns are usually good on hardwood. Don't buy a solid color rug, they look like shit.
But leaving the hardwood floor bare is the most /fa/ option of them all.

I'd go

Bare hardwood > hardwood with a few rugs > tile > carpet > linoleum
>not decorating with the hides of animals you killed

Worn-out Persians are good too.

File: WLMZabC.jpg (143KB, 540x720px)Image search: [Google]
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>it's the new thing bois
just kidding everyone has been wearing this for a while now.
post those sick earth tones
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File: vintagejacket.jpg (83KB, 570x791px)Image search: [Google]
83KB, 570x791px
do kill yourself any time
File: earth-tones-menswear.jpg (82KB, 800x327px)Image search: [Google]
82KB, 800x327px

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Why is /fit/ so goddamn retarded compared to /fa/?


Like holy fuck how gay and retarded can you be?
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Usually nerdy kids on high school
File: me.png (234KB, 348x348px)Image search: [Google]
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rate me
File: 1440482361426.jpg (174KB, 1533x961px)Image search: [Google]
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hey guys, /n/ here, now that its getting cold where im living, im using base layer clothing and summer clothes over those, this is my look (colors change obviously, i have 3 cargo pants, like 12 t shirts and 2 base layers) everytime i go somewhere in my bike (almost everytime). what does /fa/ thinks of my style
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full rick
cool layering ugly colors tho
whats that on your neck?

File: N0kGR9pm.jpg (7KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone have any experience with Everlane? Was thinking about getting some stuff there but haven't really seen any opinions on them here.
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I have the old canvas snap backpack I bought off grailed for $25, and two of their t-shirts. I'm really happy with both. The two shirts I have fit very well, and are good quality for $20ish. The backpack has been going strong for a year of my use. I have no clue how long the previous owner had it but it's just now developing a small hole in the bottom. Their selection is limited and basic but that's the point. Good quality, minimal designs for relatively low $. If you care about manufacturing policies and shit that's an extra bonus
File: 1379163914226.png (56KB, 442x442px)Image search: [Google]
56KB, 442x442px
They got some traction on /fa/ when they opened. Mostly from this backpack. I've only ever worn their tees, and I like them. Fit is longer and slimmer than average, but not to an extreme. Colour selection was fantastic, and they were relatively inexpensive. I remember some people saying good things about their sweatshirts.
Thanks for the responses guys, most likely gonna cop something for me and gf

will it make your hair look better or worse?

i have thinning hair and no one can really notice it because it's not reached that stage yet where i have many bald spots but i can definitely see it in the mirror

will getting a buzzcut make it apparent that i have thinning hair?

>pic not related
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if it will make you good looking entirely depends on the way your head is built
so if you want to do it
giev us pics of head

i'm not asking about whether the shape of my head suits a buzzcut, i'm more concerned with how my hair will look if i get a buzzcut, will it look somewhat normal or will people be able to see that it's thinning
uh, its prob easier to see since you dont have long hair to comb over a bald spot or w/e. just shave it bald and grow a big beard or something

File: rate.jpg (548KB, 1416x1696px)Image search: [Google]
548KB, 1416x1696px
rate this /fa/
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left is ok. right is bad
Pale was 2015 m8
I like it. w2c shorts?

File: commoncucks.jpg (241KB, 960x640px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: shoes you would wear to watch your gf getting dominated by a bull

pic related

the king of all cuckoldry sneakers
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File: cucks2.jpg (3KB, 225x225px)Image search: [Google]
3KB, 225x225px
any white sneakers famalia
Why are white posters the most obsessed with cuckoldry?

File: 1461270786046.png (846KB, 2000x1500px)Image search: [Google]
846KB, 2000x1500px
what the fuck happened

people are dressing like absolute fucking shit and you're just letting it happen /fa/
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its because of all the roasting and not enough inspo
partly i suppose, but the inspo that is posted is disgusting

right when shia and kanye appeared /r/streetwear blew up, i think /fa/ took the overflow

This is now a general inspo thread
File: 1443649181674.jpg (304KB, 1276x1920px)Image search: [Google]
304KB, 1276x1920px

File: Milo.jpg (6KB, 250x150px)Image search: [Google]
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How is this haircut called?
I think it looks pretty great exept for the dye part.
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the Dangerous Faggot
Please guys Im actually serious and I think I would try it out.

I mean we can shitpost later when the work is done

File: image.jpg (205KB, 644x408px)Image search: [Google]
205KB, 644x408px
What do you think of men who shave their body/ leg hair, /fa/?
Is it gay? I tend to shave my legs/ upper body just to keep the hair there thin/ tidy-looking.
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taking dicks in your ass is gay, not shaving your legs
what about fingers?
Shit's comfy.

What are those shoes bruvs?
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like two Hitlers on your feet
I have them in black so I happened to recognize that view of them from the top. They're Puma X Alife trinomic. I don't know the exact model or color way but that search will put you in the right direction guaranteed

File: 1461216489393.png (524KB, 559x519px)Image search: [Google]
524KB, 559x519px
Is this a good look?
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it is actually good haha
oh sam..
Effay af senpai
File: sam hyde48287.png (844KB, 1241x806px)Image search: [Google]
sam hyde48287.png
844KB, 1241x806px

File: image.jpg (93KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
93KB, 600x450px
Anyone else feel that dressing bad looks better then dressing good?
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"what did he mean by this"
that's actually a pretty cool fit

this is the kind of person giving us fashion advice

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