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I've got prom soon? This is what I'm thinking. Please help
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My pants are cuffed though so the pants won't slouch over them

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download (1).jpg
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So it's almost summer and I'm gonna get some new summer shoes, show me some good summer shoes for men that are affordable
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What the fuck are those shoes you posted? It's like someone took Converse, and warped the proportions into something truly comical.

Anyway, I'm going with Superstars this summer.
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Post your shoes.

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My job requires I do my best to blend in with the general population of wherever I'm posted.

Right now I'm in Toronto, Canada and one of my coworkers helped pick out this outfit. Do I look like the average Canadian citizen? Walking around the city doing nothing of importance?

Maybe going to school? Or work? Or walking to the bank? Would anyone here pick me out in a crowd for some reason?
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I would pick you out at a narcissistic autist who made an embarrassing bulk of threads about "being told you should model."
would love to cup your testicles.
nobody would notice you in public anyway you pathetic nobody

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How autistic are you /fa/?
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Kind of autistic.
I don't wear any of those, so I guess I'm not autistic at all
New fag plz explain off white,lunar core, pale wave, supreme, palace

I'm hunting for new pair of jeans. What does /fa/ wear.

Is acne any good, what about A.P.C?
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I wear Dr. Denim Clark. Fit me perfectly since I have bigger tighs and skinny af lower legs. But they also offer other fits, for a price probably best I've own.
April77, Uniqlo, Cheap Monday, Levis, NN07
acne studios womens jeans feeling like cheap jeggings i prefer APC over them but apcs cut isn't as good as acnes skin 5

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can we have a replica general?

i know we all want replicas... so i'll ask the question we're all looking for.

w2c replica tech runners?
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why not?
those twisted laces really trigger me

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What do? Sick of looking like am autist. What can I do to fix. I have a pretty odd forehead.
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you have a receding hairline
I'm so sorry
Your face is cute but that hair is fucked. I think you might need to buzz it.

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Who is ready for summer?
These with black socks should keep my feet cool.
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Summer bump for hotfoot troubles

I don't understand why people pay so much for these. Good luck hiking in them without having to constantly take 'em off to shake out the rocks.

Even if you want something just for letting your feet air out at a campsite, might as well get a pair of knockoff crocs.
Just buy some jordans and stop being a hipster sperg.

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Post patches

patch links
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just copped this for my old bomber jacket
File: PROSE_NOBG_ID.jpg (75KB, 640x652px)Image search: [Google]
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What would a patch like this go with?
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i got this for a dollar, can i put this on my desert camo m65? they are both very, very cringe but maybe i can pull it off "ironically"

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ITT we discuss presidential primary fashion.

Trump wears almost exclusively Brioni, which kinda fits him in a variety of ways. The sizes are almost always a bit too big in every respect (some people claim this is intentional), and the ties are almost always too long. Lots of bold power colors for the tie and understated suits. He seems to avoid pinstripes, which is (in my opinion) somewhat unusual for someone who used to be chin-deep in NYC culture in the 80s. I suspect the sizing on his clothing is more of a comfort factor than anything else - he probably doesn't care that his pants are too baggy as long as he likes wearing them daily. Can't blame him there.
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Sanders dresses like a slovenly college professor who buys his shit from the mall and who makes perfunctory attempts at dressing up because he's since made tenure. His colors rarely match, everything is too baggy, and everything looks somewhat cheap (though the jacket in this photo looks like it has okay fabric, despite the fit).
ITT: you discuss presidential primary fashion
Hillary dresses like 70 year old women used to dress in the 90s, and I do not mean that she's retro.

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What kind of boots does /fa/ own?
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its the first image

Geox brand Amphibiox's

Waterproof and Breathable
love mine, theyre called Mattias's
File: Sandro_CH1176W-20_V_1.jpg (232KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
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just copped these on sale
File: harry ysl.jpg (67KB, 420x630px)Image search: [Google]
harry ysl.jpg
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I want these YSL boots really badly.

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Hey fa, im 183 cm 76kg (something around 6'0) and i really like chelsea boots, but theyll make me look taller than already i am, should i cop anyway?
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get them mayn
chelsea boots are fine
What the shit?
he is probably lanky as fuck and that is his actual issue

If you gotta wear all one brand, what would it be and why? Assume infinite budget. Don't think about reselling the clothes to buy other brands or whatever ("oh hey I could just buy a bunch of Geos and resell them for Rafs"), since then you'd just be missing the point.

I'll start.
>I'd go for pic related mainly because, while I like Rick, Julius, Yohji-type stuff with the all black everything, frankly, it's a bit TOO edgy for everyday wear, I think. Like, I can imagine myself wearing all Undercover and both looking good and looking like I'm a functioning non-goth member of society. Also, I like the "elegant/refined punk" idea that Takahashi seems to employ. I don't like the punk aesthetic much, but I do enjoy things that have come from/been influenced by punk.
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I'd say SLP but I know I'll probably regret later in my life

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Skincare thread.

Post, browse, and be vain.
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I seem to be finally getting some results from benzoyl peroxide (unless the results are actually from reducing my dairy intake), but I still have issues with stress, which always seems to cause acne.

Also when I get stressed I then get caught in a stress spiral since I know the stress could cause more acne which stresses me out further. Has anyone figured out any good methods for quickly de-stressing?
Any hobby you love to do mang
Massage, sex, laughing with friends, cold showers.

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can we get some inspo of some normcore?
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Two Winners.jpg
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mfw when i wear this same outfit today :)
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