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Last one had too much gay porn and gore so let's try again.
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>Last one had too much gay porn and gore

Fuck off Reddit

Why did you mention it? It's like you're asking for that to happen again.

New to /fa/ here

Am I beyond saving?

My favorite and current outfit

Hoodie's open of course
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yes, you dress like a high schooler
No, they wear cargo shorts polo shirts and baseball caps
That is US high schoolers. This one is European school outfit

I wish this shit would comeback

With low rise Jean shorts and women going commando
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I can't deny there is a certain appeal to it
looks like shit (as do you, you old loser)
i want all teenagers to go back to reddiÈ›

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Now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts on Uniqlo x Lemaire. why was it such a colossal failure compared to Balmain x H&M.
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Huge marketing for the balmain collab + celebs wearing them.
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women cape was god-tier imo
Lemaire isn't nearly as hyped as Balmain. Most people haven't heard of him/it.

/fa/ Engagement rings.

Popping the question soon. I've been looking around for one the past couple weeks. It's actually pretty fun looking for one, but I'm really indecisive.

Thinking about going traditional - white gold or rose gold ring, round diamond. There's something archaic about weddings...and presenting the ring, the whole genuflection aspect. Makes sense that the ring should be simple, timeless. IMO

Although I've found some dope modern looking ones. I need help.
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inb4 cuck remarks
I asked her son for his blessing
better off asking adv on the side too desu.

it's more about her/his taste than our taste. What do YOU think your SO would appreciate or like.

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What are some ways I can tie a bandana?

Pic related.
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by killiung yourselfff
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1. dont be a nigger
2. throw the bandana away

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Rate my crew
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Why does this annoy you that much lmao

I'm not even OP tho


Slavs meet sandniggers and an inbred Mexican

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So... are they right, /fa/?
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What if they look good on me?
guys actually wear leggings? what the fuck?
It's strange, I've only ever seen old guys downtown wear leggings. They're wearing it as normal clothes, it's not a cross-dressing thing.

If I had to guess, I would have thought it would be 20 somethings taking on the trend. I guess old guys aren't as obsessed with what strangers think of them.

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Do any decent invisible socks exist? I've tried cheap ones from Topman, Primark, Asos etc., which are all shit and don't stay on my feet.

I decided to spend a bit more and get a pair of Falke Step socks which are slightly better (have a rubber grip on the heel) but they still come off after about 20 minutes of wear.

Maybe I just have weird feet, but are there any other brands I should consider?

I might just go completely sockless and put talc in my shoes.
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>talc in my shoes

Yeah I do this for all my canvas sneakers. If you've got leather inners using a shoe tree after each wear should be enough to draw out the moisture and stop them from smelling like shit.
I've got some from Jcrew that are alright, but I'd rather just go barefoot unless the shoes are leather. I don't think it's possible to make well fitting invisible socks just because of how the foot moves.
Vans sells nice invisible socks. You should also probably tie your shoes a bit tighter so the heels don't move and make your socks fall

effay phone cases? I'll start
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>79 you ess dollars to dress your phone up like a minimalist bdsm fetishist
Would this actually protect your phone if you dropped it? There's not a lot of padding.
perfectly summed up.

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What do you call that grey piece of clothing?
Looks like a cross between a suit jacket and long sleeved t-shirt.
Anyone know where to buy them, what brand etc?
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unstructured blazer maybe

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>tfw you can't be effay if you aren't attractive
>tfw this entire board is a cool kids club
>tfw the entire world is a cool kids club
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theres always surgery
i don't have enough money to get surgery and buy expensive clothes
>this entire board is a cool kids club

have you ever been to the WAYWT?

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has anyone ever ordered off of HI FI FNK?
what was your experience? how's the quality? how much was shipping?
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poo in loo as the kids are saying these days am i right??
so india?
that would be poo in the streets my friend

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What's the consensus on Uniqlo?
>inb4 ">/fa/ >consensus"
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The most effay fast fashion brand
use the catalog you fucking faggot
boring anti-fashion and the prices are starting to get up there. the second hand designer market is getting so cheap thanks to grailed, i don't know why anyone is buying $30 button ups and $50 jeans from uniqlo anymore

are battle jackets effay? battle jacket inspo?
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no because hardcore isn't and never was effay. and goto a show for inspo you faggot poser
Grew up in the hardcore scene
Can confirm that it's not fa at all
But nobody from hardcore can fit into a "battle vest" or whatever
I've honestly never seen anybody faggy enough to try and pass off a thrash metal fit or whatever that's for
Mostly fat minorities. Good guys though

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