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what are your hobbies /fa/gs aside fashion...
/out/ X /k/ here trying to into /p/
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I like to bait on /mu/, that board is awful. I like to play synthesizers. I like to walk my dog. I like to paint.
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/o/, /out/, /diy/, & /p/
I want to get into /k/ but I don't know that much
I would love to own a korg but all I have are fl vsts
I like to compose music as well, though I like to mix up acoustic instruments and synths.

Other hobbies: video games (both playing and coding), writing

ITT we go to r/teenfa and bring something good back
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ITT: We realise 16 year olds have better fashion sence than half of /fa/
half of /fa/ is 16
thats a good fit tho

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Lets have a Graphic T-Shirt thread

Show us your favourites
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I got this last week.
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is runescape /fa/?

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post /fa/ caps, preferably unstructured and not hype
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daily reminder that if enjoy and/or own the work of these """"designers"""", then you should off yourself immediately
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>calling artists hacks
post your work?
okay thanks pigfuck
how many times you gonna spam this thread

2/10 bait made me reply

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Is my friend a meme?
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>all that camo and the supreme lanyard
Holy shit, anon
if he's your friend then tell him to spend his fucking money better
Friend replies: Kill yourselves /fa/ggots

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not happening (anytime soon)
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already happening
can't cling to skinny jeans forever
No, we need to wear skinny little girl jeans to make our butts look good for Tyrone

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Questions that don't deserve their own thread. Ask away /fa/ggots.

Just copped these sambas. What to wear with them?
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stone wash jeans and a nice wear m8
There's already a fuccboi general, OP
How much was your total OP? Did they give you an estimate delivery day?

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Manlet fashion advice
>tfw 5'4" xs is still too big
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5'3" and small fits me fine.

Hell sometimes I even get medium sweaters because the small feels tight.
The small always feels too tight and the medium is always too long. SIGHHHHH
I can deal with a slight loose fit as I vibe with that comfy feel.

Generally though if the material looks like it can shrink, then get the medium and shrink wash it. If the material looks like it will stretch out over time then get the small and wear it for while or even sleep in it.

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Why is it now a trend here in the UK for men to roll the bottom of their pants up and wear short socks? It fucking baffles me. Nobody wants to see your hairy ankles every time they look down, you look like a fucking metrosexual homeless man that can't afford socks. What's even worse is that a lot of people do it with spray on jeans. Why?
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What jeans are those?
those arent rolled up
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it's a numale thing

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What's /fa/ opinion about leather jackets?

Also, leather inspo
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only works if you're very fit or slp skinny imo
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"Haha, Rick Owens, who is that?! I just picked up a load of sick stuff from Zara, the girls at Brad's frat party were loving it so I must have been looking pretty fresh ;), you should have come, bro! I love that new sweater you're wearing. marjela did you say? Anyway, Hop in! Let's go to the mall and speak to some girls, it'll be a nice break from all that silly skincare stuff you do.
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Sure. Why are you even talking to me old man? I couldn't care less.
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>american car
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>tfw no chad bff

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Let's get a new cringe thread going!
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Dude would look fine with better hair/body.

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who got /effaydad/ here?
>always thought as a kid my dad dressed embarrassing
>got into fashion through my mom who was a designer at Whyred and H&M
>realise my dad actually unironically wears full rick to work
>he also has a shit ton of dior, YSL and other expensive brands
>have a shit ton of old Dior jeans he gave me from the 90s and early 2000s I have no idea what to do

life is strange lads
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What are these made out of that warrants a $400 price tag? Honest question not poorfag complaining
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Recent Qasa's have turned into such shit that I don't even care if I own anything Y-3

Especially when the entire silhouette/sole design has been mass ripped off by other corporations for plebs to wear
elaborate? i like them enough to plan on buying a pair but i won't if they really are just overpriced shit
the sole gets worn down after a few wears, ive heard that the neoprene keeps your feet pretty warm, which can be a turn off for some. they are well memed but decent shoes. definitely not worth 400 shekels

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