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Pic unrelated
I'm into fashion/fa but I want to do my own stuff/ I'm not sure where to start
How did people on here develop their own styles
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the sticky has a lot of info on this, honestly it takes time. in the meantime don't go splurging on stuff that you might not like in a few months

just be yourself, wear the shit that YOU like (not trendy/other people like it) and a personal style will develop.

>tfw beards are going out of fashion and I have a weak chin
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if you can pull it off then keep with it
>my life is a trend
cmon scrimmy

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Hey /fa/ggots, /fit/ here. What's the next trendy haircut now that everyone and their mom has an undercut/razor faded pomp?
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90's middle part duh
100% the buzzcut, its gaining a lot of traction now, and i think itll be a huge backlash against the foppish undercuts and manbuns that took so much effort to maintain. buzz is the complete opposite direction, the pendulum is about to swing back!

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Hey guys and girls. I am going through a breast reduction soon and am going to possibly need a new wardrobe. I would love some inspiration on everything including hair cut/colour. I am planning on reinventing myself. Any tips would be awesome.
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Post pics before there gone forever
Try the sticky, everyone here is terrible for women's advice. Also check out some of Nao's fits.
My sister actually tried to get a breast reduction from our health care system, because of back problems.
Nobody cared.
Shit country, Germany.

How /fa/ is your city /fa/?

pic related. The "height of fashion" in San Francisco.
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File: Vancouver_gallery_4.jpg (1MB, 1750x881px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1750x881px

Somewhat /fa/, but filled to the top with Asian hypebeasts and very pretentious people. It's easy to have an /fa/ lifestyle here if you're rich, but impossible to live anywhere if you aren't.
>elkhart fucking indiana
everyone here is either trailer trash or a fuccboi even though there are fucking cows as soon as you leave town
>tech workers
These buffoons make me wish for Wall Street to take back the cultural spotlight. Bunch of cretins who think they're demigods for being good with computers. At least bankers are alpha and stylish.

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822KB, 1272x556px
What's your opinion on graphic tees? Are they making a comeback? When I was first on /fa/ years ago, I remember they were all scoffed off. Now, though, it seems we are going back to them being cool again, as opposed to button-ups and polos and such. Also, would you say they have an age bracket? I'm 26 and still interested in at least getting some shirts with minimal designs, obviously not the Wal-Mart shit.
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Minimal designs or very plain have always been sort of in, it's the video game ones or over designed ones that are shit.
rarely look good, make you look like a child or a walking bilboard
Did anyone else wear the Pierce the veil shirt with the Dinosaur in middle school?

File: 10007-00909-OS_01_grande.jpg (44KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Does AliExpress have any decent backpacks?

Looking for something durable and cheap
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buy a jansport then
or one of the amazonbasic bags
or an MEI bag

they're all cheap and durable
File: 10540287_av1.jpg (610KB, 1360x1836px)Image search: [Google]
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be a cute weeb bruh
File: 10540287_hi.jpg (284KB, 1360x1836px)Image search: [Google]
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Non asians only

File: brand[1].gif (6KB, 200x200px)Image search: [Google]
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what does /fa think about this brand? I really like their sweaters' neck design.
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I like their basics

only that just that

and never return
I think it's the best choice for price/performance

File: 5fd.jpg (173KB, 663x1042px)Image search: [Google]
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how's this style called?
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Chinese Faggot
cucked by the internet AKA reddit dronewear
redditor experimenting for the first time

File: image.jpg (189KB, 691x1098px)Image search: [Google]
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What -core is this?
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Given up on life core
fucked my cousin now I'm married.
"hungover but i have kids to take care of" core.

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I don't understand this forum. Do most of you ACTUALLY think you're well dressed? Most of these threads have clothing that makes you look like a homeless person and yet you spent hundreds to achieve "the look". What the fuck?

Pic related. This kid is probably from /fa/.
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most don't spend hundreds of dollars; most go the route of cheap alternatives, knowing that they're trend hopping fuccbois
>dress only in ways that I can understand
I think it's lack of attention. Like there're are "universally" good fits, but there are these goofs who buy rick and shit.

File: 1462709104907.jpg (128KB, 640x626px)Image search: [Google]
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Whats a good site to buy some neat socks? I need to get some socks in my wardrobe.

maybe similar to pic?
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Pantherella and Scott Nichols


Happy Socks

File: image.jpg (83KB, 525x800px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm thinking about getting some piercings in the cartilage of my ear. The dots on pic related represent where I want my piercings. How much would that hurt?
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>how much would that hurt
just kys pussy
File: pis.png (82KB, 162x243px)Image search: [Google]
82KB, 162x243px
What a fucking pussy; are you a fag or a girl?

I've had two like that - doesn't hurt at all. Shouldn't be a concern in the first place tho'. The second fucked up, so I had to remove them, get a piece of my ear cut off, and stitched together (pic related). Have a scar now. Stay safe kids.

File: 1454850764798.png (32KB, 451x488px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/ wallets?
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File: bmf.jpg (620KB, 2084x1542px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 46279890WW_14_rp.jpg (9KB, 428x504px)Image search: [Google]
9KB, 428x504px
I actually really like one I saw in Bottega Veneta. Is it worth spending this much on a wallet?

What are some /fa/ shoes that can be used for running/jogging but also casual use?

Pic possibly related
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File: image.jpg (15KB, 470x470px)Image search: [Google]
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ultra memes
File: image.jpg (20KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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>want comfy sneakers
>don't like sporty looks
wat do

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