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What goes great with these?
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obligatory "nothing ;)"
My dick.
denim shorts, an anime t shirt, and some hair dye

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boy better know
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I want that xhromeo look.
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Cop or not, it's whiter irl, I plan to wear it with skinnier jeans. Uniqlo x lemaire

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I'm growing tired of the low rise skinny jeans like levi 510s I've been wearing. I'd like to hop aboard the higher-rise, looser fit that people seem to be gravitating towards. Where can I cop decent jeans with this fit? Are APC petit new standards good for this? Post jeans and jean fit inspo
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Levis 501 would fit that look. You could also check out the 522 as well.
508s are kinda good, i just hate that pre crinkle press FUCK
I have /pale/ weekday jeans in friday fit and they fit similarly to what you described. Although they are quite skinny

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Is it possible to be effay in a place where the daily temperature is around 30ºC (86ºF)?
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Yes? It's worse when it's 100° all summer.
in hot places being /fa/ is basically just being /fit/. dudes and chicks can wear whatever, as long as they are /fit/ and wear as minimal/tight clothing they will look good.

its good cause when girls are mirin u know for sure its not just cause of your clothes.

but also if youre fat youll look pretty shit in anything.
it gets to 120 where i live
man the fuck up

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how would you guys wear this?
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On my feet
would you wear em the same as stans?

i just got a pair of stans (my first ever btw) but i dont really like how theyre kinda boxy. are these a slimmer/better fit?
with jeans or some black pants.

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w2c fa beach towels
pic unrelated
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Barbour actually makes a really dank towel.
Thanks, I'll check it out.

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Recent cop thread

Pic related, Fred Perry sports top. Fucking love it
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so siked just copped
took me a while to notice these windrunners were back in stock
fuckin link pls

I want to do a tekashi69 /crust trap aesthetic but less gross/more fa
It'd also be heavily influenced by kaneda from akira/kohh
So what pieces/ staples should I cop for that
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tricky ricky the dicky owens
common projects
hood by air
visvim shoes
retro high top sneakers, high waisted faded black slim jeans, bright color short puffy jackets, tucked in t-shirts/tank tops

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what does fa think about carhartt?
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burn it
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dickies keane dfsghgh.jpg
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>im a rick owens cuck
It's a really good brand.
Though I'm /diy/, /k/, and /out/. So my opinion on what's effay is lacking substance

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geaten king faggot dugas.jpg
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is homosexuality /fa/ ???
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/fa/ is a noble ideal above sexuality, hetero, homo, or otherwsie
but arent most faggots fa?
homosexuality is a sin and should be treated as such. Faggots will burn

Old one at 300- Daniel wellington edition
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Watches are for beta nu male cucks with no sense of style. Back to mfa
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some TOMMY
File: $_32.jpg (73KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Lol no class bud, come back when you learn to dress

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Post pics of
>Daniel wellingtons
Please keep non wellington watches in the watch General
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Nato band Daniel wellington for versatility
Comparison of nato bands and leather on rose gold Daniel wellington
Where to buy Daniel wellington?

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What is wrong with this fit?
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doesnt make sense
that guy has a weak af chin and jawline too probably

fucking mouth breather

pedo mustache ain't helping either

hair is too messy, needs to be better cropped

File: J3wCU9B[1].jpg (577KB, 2048x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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which fit is best in this case? tucked in or left untucked? if you had to pick your poison, /fa/.

also discuss whether to tuck in sweaters or not
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Not tucked better. Right doesn't even look bad imo
Never seen a sweater tucked in before desu. I think if you're 6ft+ and quite skinny you could pull it off.
The guy in the pic is clearly 6ft+ and p skinny if you look at the upper left picture, yet it doesn't look very good.

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quality, slim fit henleys. What are the best brands in regards to the fit and quality? Thanks.
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If you're not muscular / wide shoulders forget about them at once.

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